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>Riot intends to shift Shaco back to an early game rape machine
oh boy

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the most broken part of Fiora is actually her AS slow on Riposte but dont tell anyone

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I actually love playing in Diamond games.

Its fun to play with people on the same level of skill if not better than me compared to the usual melee range mouthbreathing marksmen I get paired with.I actually get to apply myself and it gets so tense.

you should enjoy getting matched with players a caliber above you because it means you get to see the apex species in action and maybe learn a thing or two. Its also your big wake up call as why you DO belong in the elo that you are at.

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how about this

all dashless immoblie champions should be hyper carries >Ashe,Kog,Varus,Jhin,Xayah,Twitch and Jinx

all dash mongering "muh mechanics" mobile champions should be semi-carries and thus vulnerable to outscaling >Lucian,Vayne,Kalista and Ezreal

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>block a dark samus player
>queue into a samus using the black skin
>block them
>queue into a mii gunner with the samus outfit
i had a lol

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Azir, but it's not the same like it is with Dota. The way you control pets is super fucking bad, not because they couldn't make it work. But because they don't trust the playerbase to be good enough to use it.

Shaco's a second recommend if you find Azir too strange and alien, but he's very dumbed down from a hero like Meepo as well

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desu thats a fair assessment.

Assassins are inherently unfair in most games and arent fun to play against.

dota has like 4 Assassin characters (Riki,PA,Nyx and Bounty Hunter)

LoL has like fucking 20 faggy burst batteries because Riot are a bunch of retards who want to give their kiddy playerbase candy for dinner everyday instead of making them eat their meat and veggies.

Assassins being in every comp is part of why LoL is so dogshit nowadays.

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quick tesg i need some FUN builds, but heres the catch
no mods

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Ivern failed because

1. he was a SUPPORT jungler not a carry jungler. If soloQ teaches you anything its that the mentality of most players is "I have to deal lots of damage so I can carry myself". This is why every pub match of Dota2 has like 4 cores and no support. Support is the most unpopular role in the game and Ivern was exactly that (it doesnt help that nobody caught on to how retarded high his damage was albeit it was hidden. E Spam+ passive autos added up really fast).
2. Iverns kit isnt that flashy or exciting which is another thing the casual lolbab has been trained to like. irelia,Akali,Riven,Lee,Zed and vayne are the champions of choice over somebody less flashy but still as effective (like Annie or Brand) . Ivern has nothing flashy in his kit. Its very methodical and slow paced. theres no crazy burst or sick combo's. Its basically just Janna gameplay but from the jungle.

Ivern actually isnt a bad champ and Riot shouldnt abandon the idea of champs like that because he went over bad. Zac was really popular in his hayday and nobody was complaining that they got to play Flubber over XxDEATHNINJAxX666.

that was hella old League.
I dont even know if I was playing at that time. My oldest memory of this game was

>read about the game in PC magizine or something
>download it and lock in Mundo (Vladimir was the newest champ or something)
>go play normal and feed my ass off to a nocturne or something and get raged at
>dont play the game again for like 2 months
>check it out later because a looking for a F2P game to chill out with my IRL friend
>this time get into league for real because its ultra fun
>Skype and League everyday after school since then

I have Judgment Kayle but I never got to try GP when his Morale denied. Im guessing it was from Beta right?

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How does it make you feel that no matter what changes happen this season, Shaco will be left alone through its entirety and remain exactly the same all the way through season 9?

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I just made this. Hope you Shaco mains shitpost lots with it.

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