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After playing a bunch of games today I made it into my series for diamond 1; The game didn't last long, but I was vs nasus so it felt nice compared to the usual flash ignite / ghost darius or tryndamere.

When im vs Nasus I think the most important thing lvl's 1-3 is last hitting at the lowest possible HP you can, and making sure that none of the minions are hitting you at any point (unless you are harassing, which then you should make sure to go into the bush and reset them as fast as you can).

Nasus wants to be in a sweet spot close to the turret vs Shen where he can get invisible jungle pressure, and by last hitting the minions at the lowest possible HP, you can avoid this for a long period of time.

After the wave builds up, you should be lvl 3 and he'll be lvl 2 when the wave makes it to his turret. I killed this Nasus by having him auto me once, which made all of the minions begin to hit him. Then I Q auto attacked and shadow dashed away from the turret as a turret shot was flying in the air to avoid the dmg, and then walked back in for the kill with 1 Q auto, and flashed to live.

Nothing else really eventful happened the whole game and it was over pretty fast.

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