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They hate what they can't be; and that's us.
Real question is, what do you wanna do when we meet up?
I live in the place between Sydney and Melbourne.

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You play Sivir so I'd say to prioritise helping your team with your ult, but Sivir is also really strong at just pushing waves. So when a wave crashes you should try to instaburn it with Q+W and that will free you up to look around the map and see if you can make any plays nearby. If you can then haul ass to wherever you need to be, if you can't then go do something else useful like a jungle camp maybe until the next minion wave shows up.
>being gold means I can't tell someone something simple to improve

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>sausage aka cock = god tier
That's hella gay anon.

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Good thing that person they're posting is not me at all and I'm not a tranny.
Jesus dude fucking stop it you've made your point already cunt.

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I’m not backpedaling though? You were first trying to say that I have issues with how my parents raised me, which I said I didn’t. Then you start talking about how I’m mentally ill which I agreed with. How is that backpedaling? Since I’m so dumb you’ll have to talk me through your throught process...
Have another!

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Watching other people play League is objectively better than playing it yourself. You don’t have to stress over playing well when you’re watching it, and you can be just about as invested in the outcome as a normal game!

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I wish someone paid me to spread the love ,joy and ecstasy of Neeko!

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