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Depends on the enemy.
For max bashing against brainless noobs I play full ap.

For full dmg I buy ludens + mejais + rabadons after that the game is almost always over.
You can 2shot the enemy bot lane after building ludens usually.

If there is a fed enemy that deals phy. dmg I buy a Seeker's Armguard and stack that and buy the codex for cdr, I usually never finish zhonyas though as it is not good for malp I think, I just use armguard for the double scaling.

Runes: electrocute, sudden impact, eyeball, ultimate hunter + coup de grace, triumph

You are extremely squishy though and should focus on 2 shoting the squishies or hitting all 5 enemies in the teamfight if your team is not completely retarded.
Also focusing on the same enemy 3-4 times to tilt him is a very very good strategy and you can literally watch him lose all fun and spirit.

Take all that with a grain of salt cuz I'm a casual LoL player that never got higher than gold, this worked for bashing noobs but like I said doesn't work against good players.

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