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I actually like Ezreal's VO. And nothing for Jhin?

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He's going to be a heavy mage/bruiser counter and that's why Riot's letting mages and bruisers overtake the game right now, and all at the cost of gutting/nerfing every other role in the process.

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>RDR2 literally winning everything because the VGAs are still rigged AF

I guess I'll go back to watching All-Stars for the rewards.

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I don't know, but I'm starting to get real sick of it.
It's not the trans stuff specifically; these threads feel more and more like they belong in /soc/ with each and every passing day.

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>actually playing ranked throughout the majority of season 8

Why? That's just masochism, anon. I can't really blame so many people backing out of ranked this year; the game was just all-around fucking awful to play until recently.

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Hey I just won a hundred bucks wouldja look at that

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>HotS is extremely punishing to new players, hence why the game is nowhere as popular as competitors.
I never picked up HotS because it seemed casual as fuck with no upper skill limit and zero incentive to actually get gud. The only reason people are starting to pick it up now is becuase rito doesnt know how to stop adding content and bug fix and DotA is dying so slowly that I dont want to risk getting good at it just to learn that the servers are going to shut down that year.

HotS is to Mobas what SmashBros is to Fighting Games, fun and highly talked about but at the same time severely casualized and made to appeal to the fanboys of a large multi-billion dollar company. The theoretical upper limit of getting good at this game is only so high.

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>League players choose chaos 2 times in the same amount of years
>Ionian champions are giving more and more into their own feelings of defiance in the wake of the Noxian Traditian, spurning traditions and fighting back against what ails them as opposed to fighting for balance
>/lolg/ is too stupid to know that their actions are about to have consequences in the lore, turning league into an state of eternal edge where games are decided at first blood because kiddies cant take games that require a little nuance to win
Some day in the future there are going to be more and more people that will warn you about what giving into your inner edge means for the state of league but for now let me tell you that there is still time to stop this, you just have to listen.

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Give me reasons to like the new aatrox

What does he say about the problems that Riot is clearly attempting to address?

What kind of meta would we the new Aatrox be pick/ban in?

Is he one of the signs that Riot is getting better at making champions that are "edgy" but have enough personality for players to get over it, like they somehow managed with Kayne?

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>have bad game
>tell /lolg/
>be called a shitter
>tilt a little more
>have bad game

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>Wasn't it always that they were an ancient race that got corrupted fighting of the Void and had to be sealed away?

No, just this >>219193351

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Thats a really bad idea. Thats like paying $20 dollars for a champ in your case. $20 for a champ you don't even like playing. In the end its really just up to you.

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Have you considered the thought that you probably have a shit personality that makes you hard to be around and makes people want to avoid you?

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So did Clown9 kill the sneaky trap meme by all but declaring it bad luck for playoffs?

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She saw me get cream corned in a round of league
I hope she doesnt think im bad at videogames or something

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Can someone recap why NEACE is leaving his main source of income? Has he finally realized that his capacity to be tilted into another fucking dimension and relatively tiny champion pool means that he will never make it to be a pro, or has his cult of personality that his twitch followers share starting to show cracks of doubt in the All-Mighty Trynd-main?

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>faggots have gf's to hide their gayness from society
>having a girlfriend that fuck other guys is what makes a guy a cuckold

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>Using flash to tower dive at Lvl 3 with half health
Was your plan to win or something? Even my half lobotomized brain doesnt think of doing that silly shit, goofball

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>Illaoi: Hit your E, Win a Free Lane!

Remind me again how riot thinks this shit is balanced?

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Tundra. Great quality for the cheap price, too. Best bang for your buck.
People also say Hyena thanks to to particle effects and VO work, but IMO the mohawk for it looks ridiculous, like sparkledog furry shit levels of ridiculous. If it weren't for the mohawk and maybe the wonky goggles, it'd probably be the best.

Grey also looks great but good luck ever getting that skin.

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Bloodmoon Jhin was on sale a while ago right after i had gotten paid

Its like riot fucking knows when you are most likely to throw your money at them

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We really need a legit jungler at this point, so my bets are on Vi or Evelynn for the role.
Mabye Irelia since we'll get her rework by then, meaning she's viable for new skins.
After that, I expect Trist to get a skin to complete the Yordle girl trio.
And if SG Ahri's quotes are anything to go by, then the token male's probably going to be Rakan, with Xayah being the second SG ADC skin for next year.

Yuugiri - Prison Cave of Savages

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>Burch meme still in effect

Yes he's a terrible writer and it was a mistake for Riot to hire him, but he wasn't responsible for Varus's new lore. Or lso we know, at least.

In fact Graham McNeill was responsible for writing the comic. Not sure about the bio and the short story, but he DID write the comic. AKA one of the few 'good' writers on Riot's lore team. Or so everyone thought.

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Thread seems kinda slow right now. So how is everyones morning going?

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high noon > blood moon > skt

where does project rank?

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