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It works into people you outrange and is surprisingly effective.

Fleetfoot work also still works on Jhin especially since primarily you're using that fourth shot for the enemy laner.

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You really should play jhin

>highest ceiling adc
>tons of damage
>Good CC
>Cool as fuck
>10/10 voice acting

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Rioters have commented that his father did run a dojo in Ionia before Wuju teachings became the new hip thing.

In fact it was Master Yi's wuju dojo in particular that drove Jhin's father and family to close shop, forcing them into bankruptcy/poverty.

>jhin picking is 100% trolling

Tell me why I keep stomping with him as long as I get a support that actually remotely synergizes with his playstyle, then?

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ahhh i want to play jhin with you feelsbad having no good supports ever otherwise

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>lethality is still good
>jhin is still fine building whatever he wants to
all is well and perfect in the world
fuck this gay meta

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serious question
how do you feel you have most of a gen at their knees for you
also give general info about you while also staying as anonymous as possible
thx for answering and for helping with my thesis

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hey friend i'll flex with you. add bäd on NA.

i kind of want to stay in gold because i queue with friends. but if you really really want we can rank up since i almost have another account at 30 so i can queue with friends on that one.

there is some solo lane jhin in diamond who builds zz'rot first. jhin is mostly execute damage so he still does quite a bit of damage when you play correctly, even with no damage items.

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it's like art for psychos
or for people who get off on those things

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people are not mad about cute girls
they're mad about the early threads
people just need to wait for the limit

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He really is.

Those snares and ult shots were on point; makes up for the deaths he had.

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