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dont let work suck your energy
suck the energy from your work!

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>he doesn't like RNG
Nigga why are you even playing this game then?
RNG is the reason this game works. It's the constant difference in each game based on what you do. At most people get pissed cause some work that RNG to do shit like shojin pyke while they have no means of fighitng it.
But Riot is saying they're gonna try to make every monster mob give at least 1 items, so now it should be you facing that shojin pyke with some completed item of your own. Finding a champ that can use whatever item you get is part of the challenge.

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I like to go all in with a comp. So far I've won with the max boost of
>Void - twice

So I'm missing:
>Blademaster (got close)
>Gunslinger (got close)

Which one should I try to go all the way with next?
I didn't list Guardian, Dragon, Exile, Robot cause they're such small groups. Also don't consider full Pirates really a thing besides getting you money to be able to facilitate more shit.

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>dogshit drawing is watermarked

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>tfw you q-e and they die from that alone
>nobody is heralding you as a queen of bullshit so you'll get to roam free for a good while before nerfs come

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>adding people to talk shit
why do children do this?

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k senpai, keep projecting

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>Facing an opponent that starts off kicking your ass
>Slowly grow and learn from them
>Start to outpace them
>Literally feel yourself evolving and unlocking the potential of your champ
>Destroying them in a 1v1 to end the game
Holy fuck that felt so fucking good.

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With this rework, I feel like we NEED a wrestler Morde skin now to go with the Mundo, Gnar and Volibear ones.

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*charms u*

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Someone give me a quick rundown on how we got to this point.

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So which house did the various waifufags in these threads end up picking?

Is Lissfag still a thing? Is he Council? PLANS WITHIN PLANS and all?

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i'm not watching him but this is the reason I don't like watching him. I dont know if he is being serious or not (people tell me he isn't) but every time I watch him he bitches up a storm.

I heard the Kog/poppy one was really good but I refuse to buy it in case they actually make a decent skin on a champ I actually play for gemstones.

>he doesnt flex on poorfags with his fat stacks.
seriously though I hope it gets some changes cause it currently looks like shit.

I use all of her skins except blood moon really, and even then I still use blood moon.

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>Morgana became troubled by their distrust of new arrivals. Knowing what it was to be a refugee, she wandered the wilds, talking to wayward mages and others cast out for the dangers they might bring.
>Morgana increasingly found herself pleading the case of those who wanted to atone for their crimes.
>Through all of this, she still refuses to abandon those who would seek her aid. Bitter, betrayed, she bides her time in the kingdom’s shadows, knowing with certainty that Kayle’s light will someday return to Runeterra, and all will face her judgment.
>As magic begins to rise again, Morgana sees that dawn is nearly upon them.

Can we PLEASE get drawfags or writefags on shit about Morgana taking in and nurturing Lux after she finds out about her being a mage?
My dick needs it.

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I hope the cat side isn't as terrifying as Dog Fizz.
Also, I hope we get some cute catgirl or dog girl skins out of it. REVIVE THE KITTY KAT LINE

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Post more lux plz

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>tryndameres that know what they are doing

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>I love pale skin
Good fucking taste
Veigar/Nasus' farming adventure

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Is Bwipo that most overhyped garbage ever? Everyone is pointing towards Caps leaving but lets not forget Soaz being thrown out for the man who got made into a bitch in the worlds.

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*ganks u*

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*charms u*

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>Sejuani buffs prior to a new Sejuani Skin.
What a great start of the year.

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>the only 100% evil girl is eve and she isn't in my type
well guess i can't be picky

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