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This stuff is why discord is better. At least if people have nothing gamedev-related to post, they post in #autism and you don't have to see it.

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Dat ass!

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unironically plays a female character dumb

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you disgust me

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>Lili is taller than me

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>having to channel in order to heal

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>tfw no one has to take notes and lab my character for 2 hours to beat the shit out of me.

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Damn, no honor amongst Jivers...

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>Valk was actually pretty good
Sure she was.

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>wasting mana on damage
>current day and age

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I know /owg/babbies say Doomfist sucks ie. Dumbfist, Throwfist, etc.
but I sometimes find him difficult and annoying to deal with, especially as a healer.
also his "HNNNNNGG HMMMMM AAAAHHHHHH"'s are obnoxious.
wat do?

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>semiramis' first art art attack is just a mixture of king reddit's teleport and carmilla's claw stab animations
What in the name of

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>should I get eu3 or eu4?

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>no reverse cowgirl

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>/fgog/ makes threads for /alter/ shitposting them
>instead of reporting it they actually go there and accept the bullying

How beta can you be?

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Literal austists. No I’m not kidding, a group called fox-die (fags) still has the hoard stockpiled. They learned the best method from the PS4 clans/players on creating blockades. The nuke is so low since they snatch up any new nuke or the anti-nuke squad snatch it up. We are at a standstill, and I asked them to just be done with the game so we all can just go home. There response was verbatim, “no bitch, I like my PF points, and this is fun”.
>tfw dismantled near 100 nukes
>still not enough

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Why the fuck a doll transforms into a giant vagina with teeth?
Shit, it even has a clit!

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EU4 is the best, most popular, and most challenging GSG.

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So u bought only main game and non of DLC? And DLC u just buy for free on torrents, cause game allow this way of adding DLC?

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>Finals again
>match won't start
>still get second place after waiting 4 minutes and it opening menus or touching buttons
I want to strangle the dev teams coders and Ubisoft CEO

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Now that is something I disagree strongly with you anon. I hope you have an ok day now

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