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>ancient player in one team
>immortal in other
was matchmaking trying to balance rigwarl factor?

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>lvl 3 red pot riven ignite all in
>then just buy brutalizer into brutalizer item and repeat

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lvl 3 red pot ignite riven all in, now THAT was a toplane meta

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>play a 1-2 ranked games
>then crack open a cold one and play a couple tft before sleep
based riot saving the game for boomer wagies like me

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>tfw haven't played in years and need to look up abilities of new furry shit

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>M5, now that was a team

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what adcs are meta right now? what do I build on them? haven't played league for like 5 years, gonna try couple games while waiting for TFT

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>enemy is laughing and joking over all chat, being smug all the time as they are winning early game
>they eventually start losing ground and get less cocky, all chat is becoming empty
>they finally realize they lost and stay silent for the rest of the game and say nothing in post game chat

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starts playing

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>Figuring out a bug that let me control infinite demons as a warlock, I was strolling around with over a hundred of them.
>Had an incident in Blackrock mountain where I had infinite life, I just wouldn't take damage, pop was fun that day
>raid id's and race conditions on early launch, one time zoned into an alliance raid id in onyxias cavern and had a pvp fight

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both are good eatin

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for me? its the 06'-09 stang'

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>another map to connect to the map

like id have a main overworld map that has the main citys and then a smaller map for those cities maps

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Fact: TTK is perfectly fine, only shitters complain

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Some sips to drink please

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I reclassed from arch/scout/rogue to musketeer, what else synergizes with the musket?

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le epic gamer meme image

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>that 30-year-old boomer who still remembers muling things in between accounts by dropping it in some hidden corner of the rogue encampment and hoping that battle.net won't delete your lobby for no reason
*sips* Yep, diablo 2. Now THAT was a game. Sure don't make em like that anymore.

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>paying attention to anything chav says
yeah nah

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>thinking i know what the fuck you're talking about when there's no context

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31 here, reaching from the shadows to present this (You)

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>being sentimentally attached to a video game distributing corporation
yup, that's underage

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Aaah now Karazhan..now that was good instance dungeon...

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