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The fucking killcap shit is bugged af.
Cait was on my team, I was fighting an enemy Ashe and Thresh who killed me. But it said Cait killed me?
And when Ashe/Thresh died it said Zed killed them but Zed was afking top killing Irelia over and over.

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need good lol-related reaction images
please dump some to me

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Holy shit I need to do this!

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Guys, we need to talk about how cool Zed is

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>I'm pretty sure they did that in a misguided attempt to give Syndra a power boost. Why they went with a coma, I don't know.

I doubt it.
Both Syndra and Zed's new lore basically destroyed any chance of a romantic relationship happening for them, let alone a loose alliance. Riot's not stalling or holding off on the idea of such a thing happening between the two by giving them some kind of near-impossible hate-to-love romance trope or a weird one-sided romance like they are for Kat&Garen or Ezreal&Lux in their new lore. Instead, they've pretty much 100% killed this fan ship from happening in the new canon lore because nu-lore Zed will do anything in his power to protect Ionia while nu-lore Syndra will do anything in her power to destroy it. A few of Rioter's writers even confirmed this, saying that their potential as a couple spawned from pure fan wank just because they happened to be listed in each others' alliance section of their old bios. Plus Syndra is pretty young in her new lore IIRC; still in her 20's I think. It's just not happening.

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Zed poster, is zed worth learning for a second mid main or what

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ITT: overdue memorial for the syndra surfer
Syndra surfer was autistic to an asinine degree and should never have been born. However, he did spearhead a successful revolution against the insufferable numale asol mains and for that, I am eternally grateful for his pitiful existence.

P.S. Now that Syndra is a free woman she will forever be the wife of Zed. It's basically canon.

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Who are the best mages when it comes to wave clearing & securing farm, especially in early game?

With ADC's being so useless right now, I want to see if I can just take a waveclear mage down there and insta-win the lane.

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>was at silver 4 last week with 27 MR
>get literal forced rigged game loss streak
>literally nothing but losses
>EVERY single fucking match I'm put with the team with the worse win rate in general
>afkers, inters, people picking stupid shit like Lux top or a support that doesn't use vision
>MMR is now at fucking 18
>now bordering on demoting to bronze 2
Tell me how this shit isn't rigged for some people to make them lose and grind out their games. Because looking at the game stats, I'm 100% sure it is unless if you're at some kind of smurfing level. Literally every game I was getting the team with the significantly shittier win rate. Literally every. single. game.

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I would play Yasuo a lot more if he didn't have such a bad rep and a broken-ass passive.
I genuinely like the character and I think his kit is fun, but he's just too cancer for me to play without losing what little dignity I have left in the process. Plus I felt like shit whenever I had a bad game on him and feed, moreso than other champs by a long shot.

>More girls play Zed because they find him sexier apparently.

Unironically true for most of them. I have M7 on him but I think I prefer playing him over Yasuo because his W makes him much more prone to making quick escapes if you fuck up. Yasuo, not so much.

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It's the most exciting and upredictable one, that's for sure.

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Riot fucked the meta so hard that Koreans and Chinese can't compute OR compete well.

They need western teams to perform well this year in order to boost the game's dying player count in the west.

I want to say that the gap is closing but the truth is that Riot and Tencent are the ones with the cards under their sleeves and it's clear they're getting tired of Koreans winning it every year.

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