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>not even cropping the pure SEA-facebook page footer out of the image
Shame on you

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Suomi-posters really do never say anything of value

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Is there a config somewhere that shortens the amount of time it takes jobs and traders to refresh? Everything taking 2-3 days to refresh in Dead Air makes me incredibly flaccid

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>mfw I just realized most of /mhg/ is sporting free evade window +2
Spoiled brats

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I have never played PoE in my life before but I played a few hundred hours D3.
How is the state of the game right now, is it worth a try for newfriends?

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Not even Chinks wanna live in Siberia

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For some reason the Duty guards don't let me pass to their leader.

I was in Yantar, did the emission mission, went back to the bar, barkeeper tells me that the Duty leader has a mission for me, yet I can't get past them without getting into a firefight. Did I miss something?

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Are confidence and arrogance the most important things to becoming a good mid?

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>Quit the game for 2 months
What did I miss, lads?

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Thanks fishy
except for OkamiCinema theyre all realy good
I'll prob. tweak Senpai or Malkovich later to my liking
the cat is happy again!

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>its not even a meta. its just the logical conclusion to playing the game
It is actually. You and a vast majority of players are using the easiest and most effective setup, that makes it the meta. Stacking red is literally the meta.
>why stack anything else when its useless?
Not useless, just not optimal. Which leads back to the "stop being a meta riding shitter" part Defense and Skill do need a lot of work though I will totally agree that Offense outperforms them to a stupid degree
>why stack yellow when you have to stack cdr AND sp Then go find skill mods that do barely anything (oh boy 22% turret damage!!!)
Because you can still make a usable build for certain skills, they really fucked skills in general but people still want alternatives to just making glass cannons
>why stack blue when going for 220k-250k armor like most 'armor' builds and patience is still squish as fuck and takes longer to clear
Conceptually the blue stack talents are neat but like skills are completely fucked, I agree with you that they're wet tissue tier but there are people who want to just eat bullets without a care rather than play peak-a-boo with enemies and someday Massive might unholster their head from their ass to fix it
>why stack anything but red when you can just kill everything fast enough to not be threatened?
Because it gets boring, your first post was literally you not even wanting to play because you're tired of running a red stack but to stuck on being optimal to play any other kind of builds.

Fuck if you're so hung up on being Optimal just turn off the game, it instantly kills all enemies in the game so you win! Good Job!

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>Industries of Titan
It will be playable at Pax East and will come out in 2020 you DUMB BITCH

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fucking do it
queue up
enjoy blizzards new content

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I have a very important announcement for every female elezen present today.
I implore you, for the love of everything sacred in this world, please /pet me and say "ara ara" that is all, tahnk you.

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what troops should I be using to take castles in AD 1257? i can't find anything about troop trees except incomplete forum posts from 2012 that don't reflect the current version. using 1.13, currently a merc for the balts. i just want to get a bunch of fiefs.
t. newfriend that played regular warband a lot

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>dungeon is about to start
>"my first time healing btw^^"
what is the right move here?

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I'm working on a WebGL engine that can load Thief1, Thief2 and Thief3 assets. Currently have lightgem working although I'm undecided whether I should use the already existing baked lightning or go full dynamic mode.

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shit thread, jesus, how much fake fucking interest needs to be generated by samefagging. face that the fucking thread was already dead 5 hours ago, not beating a dead horse

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Just made it to green ranks in tekken bros

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>Never joined the /mhg squad when they had the chance
>never joins the squad lobby if they are in the squad
>Never added the people from the squad to their friends list
>never post looking for other xbone players
>but will post to complain
We are here, but it's not worth posting every time we hop on to play like the attention seeking discordlets of PS4. If you really want to play with us post a room or ask for people to play with in the thread.

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>dont play belph
>half of the cards in the deck wont work
You take the bad matchups in the face like a pro and move on. Only a retard would try to half ass it.

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Don't worry guys
Things can only get better from now on.

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Enchant was a mistake
Sword gets too much value out of these flexible single cards. Duel literally turns into 2 cards, Dragon Knights at 8pp is basically 2 cards in one.

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