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I repeat my question because I'd like to know how you anons deal with this busted loot system

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>get paid for boosting a guy for hc argus
>join argus hc group in the lfg finder
>kill argus

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Didn't know that, thanks.

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>mfw a Call of Doody or Battlefield game set during the Six Day War

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I am entering a tournament that has a 3 deck 90 cards rule and I don't want to be a faggot that just makes YET ANOTHER reno deck.

I want something fun. So I was wondering if anyone ever saw something that can work decently.

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>already have Aurora
>one from code doesn't give you the ship's worth in gold, just credits

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>rank 12 to rank 15 with handlock yesterday
>winstreaking from 15 to 10 with hunter today
god i love this meta

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