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I've played two /vg/ vs /vg/s before and I don't see the appeal. Every single person in those games is a complete and utter meme-spewing faggot for some reason. I mean these are the sorts of people straight from 9gag and reddit, if not worse. They are totally unfunny, and not even in the ironic sense either. And the cringe, holy shit. If you can imagine the cancerous comment section on a Filthy Frank video that's pretty much what the chat log looks like. I thought I was pretty young here at 20 years old, but I can't help but think that most people in this general must be 15 at most.

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>this mediocre artist gets paid over $1100 per month for uploading once a week
How the fuck? Is there still time to hop on the artist bandwagon or has the lewd artwork bubble already popped? I can draw, have a digital tablet, and am looking to make some quick cash.

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To all of you complaining that the lore was gutted and bitching about how the actual League of Legends was removed: It never made sense in the first place. Why would a Demacian and Noxian be fighting together on the same team? Or why would a Demacian be fighting another Demacian on the opposing team? These are questions that cannot be answered because it is inherently illogical. It's better that they just removed justifying a story for a MOBA and focus instead on the lore of individual nations to flesh out the actual world.

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