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What is the most Wu Tang Champion?

I was to take enemy toplaners to the Gravel Pit.

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>Carry a 50 minute game so fucking hard enemy jungler starts asking me about my ELO and threatens to report me for smurfing
>In gold fucking 1
>Im not even a smurf
Jesus christ, this community

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>Now seasons 3, that was when league reached its peak. When manaless heroes had 40% CDR with two items and everyone had 6000hp from warmogs
>*sips monster*
Yeah they dont make em like these anymore

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It's just the two sprites overlapped with 50% transparancy.
You're a moron.

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Vanishing Dye

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>that guy who shits merfolk or tokens but doesnt attack until he can do exactly 20 damage

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is the undertale fanbase made up of puritans and moms now? I never got this much shit for posting smut on tumblr

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>tank has a macro for the countdown
>plays a different sound effect every second
>ends with giant ascii art and sound effects when it reaches 0

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>tfw uninstalled
finally free, this will be my last (blog) post on this general
cya belf tranny, greater pyroblast and thread turns shit when eu comes online posters. I'll miss you guys

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>pick a low tier for my first match with a FG randy
>they also picked a low tier
>have a fun fight
>they immediately whip out Bayo/ZSS/etc.

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>everything must cater to me and be to my specifications
Oh so youre going to fund organize and run evo? Alright man sounds good

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>Chloe was seeing as valueless as she said "There's so many more people in Arcadia Bay who should live... way more than me..."
>Chloe also said she is trusting on Max in whatever decision she makes
>tfw bayfags sees these as "begging for death" rather than the girl's major character development which was showing us that how she has a big heart to sacrifice herself for everyone just to take all responsibilities from Max even if she scares.

i bet your ancestry were insisting on Earth is flat despite all evidences.

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>mediocre blockstring/mixup (hit)
Hit's just as about strings and mixups as he is about neutral. His flaw is his low is very slow, but he's got solid strings full of frame traps, and with his 5S he's actually better-equipped to deal with whatever the opponent does in that gap than most characters. His left-right game is very strong, stronger than most single-low characters, and if he tricks you into crouching for any reason he can blow your ass up. I think he needs his low to start up like 10 frames faster to be less gimmicky but you chose a bad example. Black is actually a better example because every single one of his blockstring enders is a gimmick that needs to be covered by an assist to be safe if read/reacted to. Black is way too neutral/assist-dependent for a character who primarily provides utility, which is why SS Goku is on the rise relative to him.

Also, Hit can just fucking 2H Super Dash or Vanish on reaction from most distances, and he literally has 5S and j.S to deal with them from closer distances, which is something other characters lack (besides the DP characters). Maybe if you played the game you'd understand it better.

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>spoiled rich Slytherin

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Spoken like a true poonani

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God fucking damn.

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>watch a Bloodborne playthrough on Youtube
>death counter in the corner of the screen

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>finally got around to finishing three whole vns that had only one route left recently
hold be back niggas hold me back i'm going ham

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>SL problems

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