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>play Nu-Panth
>he's fucking awful
his kit is a fucking mess and that E feels fucking awful to use

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>well drawn vermin
>blast sprite is literal mspaint circletool

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>highschool loner chode character

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no wonder assassins bully every single mage shitter

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mashing an ogcd for everything, fighting your mp bar more than you fight enemies and wet tissue defenses with zero upsides are the core issues with drk, not our animations lad

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>weaver aghs blinks

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>gladiator and vigilante mods on sentinel weapons count for their set bonus on your normal weapons

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It's pretty fun experimenting with all the weapons. Trick weapons are probably my favorite mechanic FROM has devised in a souls game, other than powerstancing.
Another thing with BB's trick weapons is that, even if you distilled the combat to a spam strat, each weapon will abuse a different move.

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Wait a sec, does nimble affect flying speed too?

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First revive is free, then the rest are locked.
You can unlock the next one be achieving a deathblow on the boss, moving it to the next phase.

If you use bite down or the hidden tooth instead of taking the last hit you can die without locking the next revive. Jizu statues also replenish them.
So basically if you can get away and kill yourself you wont lock your next revive out in the boss fight. Then if you are desperate you can also use statures to give yourself another revive.

I honestly never use either because you either win or you loose. Complicating matters only leads to hesitation.

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>champions he grinds up brap violently while they get turned into mincemeat
>all of that goes to his sniffer

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>1m yen prize for first place in the illustration contest

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the entire premise of your post only works if you arbitrarily decide to define "the actual game" as "a small subsection of the actual game as it is played" so that you can get mad about having to play the rest of the actual game.

This is like complaining that chess is shit because "the actual game" is one where only pawns and the knight can move.

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>never leaves base
>controls lane creeps/jungle camps and gets different powers depending on the type of controlled unit
how would you make this work

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>One of the most important developments in human history
>Mankind peers into the heavens and charts the stars
>Gives us a sense of scale, a sense of purpose
>Inspires writers and artists for centuries
>Civilization VI
>Unlocks a single wonder that has nothing to do with astronomy or stars

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>mfw I witness what started it all
I swear, one small thing has to happen and shit hits the fan if you even slightly rustle the wrong person.

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Almost as full retard as Nintendo, almost.
>Pokemon, Red = good, Blue = bad
>Fire Emblem, Red = bad, Blue = good

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is this real?

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literally this exact script was played out verbatim over mics in a game I was in two months ago, you idiots are retarded anyone who falls for you idiots are retarded and I hope you get thrown in a gulag.

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>game is out of date! find the update in the app store!
>no update in the store
Now just wait a second

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>belfast is actually trying to lure me with a RTX

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