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Riot cancelled a black Zac chroma because the colur fucked up the shadows or something
So i dont think they will relase a black girl anytime soon

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Why? braids are nothing special compared to long hair

Unless its braids containing voluminous amount of hair,that's instant boner for me

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Y-you too

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What's wrong with anally fucking a woman?

tfw you never were attracted to jinx until jinxanon and her thicc ass came around
Now I feel like I'm chasing the dragon forever and always
That was so long ago...

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>No thin, pale Jinxie gf

Why even live ?

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Autofilled supports are cancer that's destroying ranked.

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>hopefully we get a skin for her with her hair down

also technically mafia has her hair down

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big tits fill your hands

flat chest fills your soul

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I wanna cuddle Jinx

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My guess is that it would be a bitch to balance. It would have many purposes and be a very flexible ult but also it would give her such a crazy amount of power and global presence. Don't care though I'm still 110% down for it.

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>team is losing
>support rushes ardent censor
>i play soraka
>immediately build redemption
>enemy janna rushed ardent censor
>win game by landslide
>jgler says im the first support he's seen not rush censor
why do people rush sensor again? I didn't get the memo

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Jinx is cute and cuddly and best 2x4

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have a cute jinx to make up things better

watch me

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You fucking philistines

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>People think Flyquest has a chance because of Hai's shotcalling
He's washed up. That's why he's not on a real team like c9 anymore.
>Only draws shitty worst girl
laughing at your life.

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I don't really care which thread you guys use.

Also I don't actually waifu jinx. Too impure.

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Yes, its a "talk about waifus or get the fuck out" general

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Why not use the full image? She's has more than a pretty face.

Take care may good fortune help!

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Same to you

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The world needs more women like you Like me, except im not a woman

A girl offered me money to fuck her guy friend. I gladly sucked his dick without getting paid for it

ERPd with a Zed player too

>Not wearing hats

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This guy again.
Thank you for posting free stuff, but please don't lewd post my waifu again.

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Don't say such hurtful things

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be good with...

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