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play teamfight tactics

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hell yeah man! niche playerbases RULE!!
i say, we help out the niche playerbase of yasuo mains by fixing the windwall bug. who's with me!?

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and your support picked something like thresh so you can make the enemy caitlyn lux feed like a bitch
adc is unironically yasuo's best role. however, he does suck hard if you lose support rng

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only a pansy would cast windwall after the enemy uses their ability. real alpha chad males preemptively cast windwall in order to make the enemy lux/ahri main cry over the fact that their autistic adhd minds couldn't even fathom the idea of having any basic form of restraint.
riot can nerf and break yasuo/zed/akali/whatever as much as you like. you'll still never beat a good one.

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please have mercy on my soul, mrs. 1.0 ap ratio on ult with 18 seconds cd.

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uh guys, i don't see too many people complaining about yasuo here.
this isn't good. the more people complain about yasuo, the better state the meta is in right now.

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dude you can totally assrape xerath with yasuo, even while overdosing on opioids. it's braindead easy.
just waveclear forever. eventually he runs out of mana and can NEVER roam. ofcourse, their jungle can camp you, but that would free up tons of pressure for your team.
i always play yasuo as a global taunt. the enemy team spends so many rotations trying to stop me, they have literally nothing to deal with my team. shit's great.

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>mordekaiser exists
>yuumi exists
>lux exists
>janna exists
>soraka exists
>sivir exists
>sejuani exists
>shen exists
>tahm kench exists
>ahri exists
>teammates would rather ban pic related than any of the above
stop wasting your bans on yasuo, retards. maybe your winrates would increase if you didn't npc ban a mediocre champion.

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yasuo is not op and has counterplay change my mind
shield is only good for laning phase. it's useless afterwards
double crit is strong but he's melee so it's balanced
literally telegraphed knockup. literally dodge the skill shot you know he's gonna shoot out.
mage players complain about windwall but forget that a lot of champions have spell shield yet no one gives a fuck. if you lose your entire combo to windwall uninstall because then you're just a shitter sperg..
adc players also don't have a right to complain since not being able to MOVE AROUND THE WALL means you suck at positioning.
it only works on units. if you fight yasuo with a large wave that's your fault for being an idiot
oh look another ability tank babbies hate since they can't just jerk off with their cheap items while afk 1v9ing if yasuo has the armor pen. what a shame.

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