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>Switch, the Croatian tranny mutt - euro
>Fagstorm, the Polish tranny - euro
>Mario the Italian Scatfag aka Nononthesnake aka Sydracuck - euro
>Killedbydog the schizo tranny chaser - euro
>Doj the Veigarsissy - euro
>"Princess" Nitedew aka Snowflake Sam the cutter - euro
>"Princess" Ely aka the Swedish Mudslime apologist - euro

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Why do people keep falseflagging as them?

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And yet "she" won't even do that much...

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Have you noticed how it's always 3 "different' people replying to you? Always 3.

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Why is it that every obnoxious ethnicity can be referred to by weird laughs?

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>100Thieves is also sponsored and bought by a rich white dude
Why is him being white relevant?

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also isnt player trading disabled or some shit

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>people saying they've been permabanned for one or two instances of faggot, other toxicity, nigger, etc etc
>been a toxic cunt since season 1
>also paid hundreds of dollars for skins over the years
>still havent seen a ban longer than 2 weeks

is this the true pay to win?

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>always counterpicked teemo into gnar
>always won
>your retarded ape build

Maybe you should play against ranked teemos

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>hard to play

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>garen in the lead up until there were issues with the mission system
>darius ever since

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>missions bug up
>darius suddenly in the lead once the 'bug' is fixed

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>the other dominant attackspeed/rageblade ADC
>not viable

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>the counter to attack speed carries are things like thornmail, randuins, frozen heart
>master yis attack speed cant be slowed
>with E and conquerer he does more than 50% true damage anyway regardless of armor
>almost all stuns are skillshots now so he can dodge them all

so where's the counterplay?

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Except the fact that none of the best Vladimirs in the world build it. Check lolanalytics.

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D-...Delete him?

Why is this so hard?

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Why do people sperg out about Akali but not Khazix? At least Akali gets invisible AFTER she engaged, so you can at least see her coming and prepare accordingly. Khazix gets invisible BEFORE he engages so you only get to see he him after she one-shot you. And Akali's shroud is limited, you know at least the area she has to be so you can aim your skillshots, and it's not as easy for her to get away unpunishedly. Khaziz can easily reset his invisibility and get away.

Also Akali is literally only a problem to literal low elo shitters, while Khazix is viable even at challenger.

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mfw that game is fucking trash and hardly any better/improved over the first which was also an unpolished shit-show

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Called someone a whiny bitch and told them to just ff if they are gonna whine(they were autofilled support)

Got chat muted for 10 days and now cant play ranked.
So guys what do you do for 10 days?

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>The warrior gene played its part in our prehistoric pasts, but it has no long-term fundamental uses in the modern world

>remove the aggressivess from a society
>society becomes a herd of passive sheep
>society gets conquered and destroyed by another society that retained its aggressiveness

Literally Europe today.

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What is even the point of league voice? Most premades were already using discord.

They are only giving advantage to lazy retards who can't play alone.

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Well, first of all you should never listen to /lolg/, so it has to be the other two.

Yeah I feel the same way about it's characters and lore, tbqh. A lot of the lore and character-related content released within the last 2 years has been bad, but when its good, it's good.

Honestly at this point I just want Riot to get to work on those upcoming League-related game projects, because while the MOBA's time might be running short, I do think the IP has the potential to go places. MOBAs are becoming the next new ded fad after MMOs either way. If Riot's smart, then they could release a few League-related spinoffs before it's too late, and hope that one of them catches on from there.

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From left-to-right: the first three on the top row and the last two on the bottom row look good.

I like the commando theme for the first one on the bottom row, but I'm not really feeling the on some of the color choices; it'd look great if the suit's light/flow effects weren't blue and if it had some camo textures or something like that.

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>Hash says top sucks because of broken champions
>my laners feed these broken champions

Formulating thoughts, friend

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