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>spend a shit ton of cartel coins to get a fucking Ewok who wont shut the fuck up but she is an excellent tank and heals at the same time.
>Treek gets turned into just another companion and now is useless just like HK
>Z00M is the best healer in game by far and will keep your party up no problem no matter what the damage.
>Lets turn that into just another companion that sucks

EA loves to fuck you raw'

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>rengar jungle 4 games in a row
>picks rengar into its own counterpicks
>each a different player, all play identical
>they don't understand how to route at all
>Flash used if attacked, even if it does nothing
>get challenged in jungle because of route, spams ping but provides nothing
>rushes tiamat, focuses only on jungle farm until at least level 11
>only involved in objectives when he makes a call for dragon while it's clearly warded
>only carries ward trinket, never wards
>if enemy unit 1/3rd hp or lower away, press R and go for kill, even if it means killsteal on guaranteed ignite target while dying

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you know those voices in your head? Now imagine lots of them.

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>start with Enatic Open as a duke
>create and usurp several duke and count titles
>all of them are Enatic Open from the start
>usurp Kingdom title
>law switches to Agnatic Open at every ducal title and kingdom one

Reeeeeeeeeee, im going to kill someone ffs...

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>he actually plays Shitoria 2
>not only that but he also plays as mudslimes


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>defending rob zombie level ultratrash Nu Maletel

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>testing CK2
>commander has 122 martial ( cheated )
>defending with terrain advantage
>attackers still win because it was 2.3K attackers vs 1.8k defenders

Ck2 military system is such a fucking joke its not even funny anymore...

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help, my new legendary carpenter is stuck and is appearing prone after creating his artifact in a fey mood
I've tried in order
>assigning him to an active training militia
>reassigning his job roles
>demoing the workshop he was stuck in
>caving part of the cavern next to him, knocking him to the side and down a ramp, breaking his first digit on his right hand
>making him a broker and requesting him to go to trade with the filthy elves at the depot
he won't even do his job or pickup equipment. his health log says he was brought to rest at the hospital two months ago; I don't recollect him ever being in the hospital.
I've reassigned a hospital around him, but even though it is routable, the chief medical dwarf will not diagnose or treat him, WTF?

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>up against doctor
>he camps every survivor he gets
>only one left
>he’s camping meg after hard tunneling her for the rest of the round
>finish gen
>he had NOED and could have ended me if he wanted too
>doesn’t say anything and leaves

What was the motivation

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>He shoots american tanks in the turret
>Which is strengthened specifically because they knew that it would be the part most likely to be shot at
>They literally defined half a century of their doctrine around this principle
Holy shit. I just can't believe it. You might be the least intelligent person I have ever had the misfortune of being in proximity to.

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>randomly click on a DaS3 stream
>he's SL194
>and getting arena fights

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>general mapping

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Don't you guys get tired and bored of being so shallow and racist all the time?
Zandalari voices sound pretty ok to me.
Day in and out just constant edgy post. If you're going to be racist at least fucking try to make it a good post.

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I'm not an spiteful, hateful, edgy Anon here but what's wrong with the Zandalari voices and why are people getting upset over the Rick and Morty reference joke? Blizzard has done it before and Rick and Morty is fun as fuck.

Why are you people so fucking upset?

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>10 cards in hand
>summon doomguard
>discards my jaraxxus and bloodreaver guldan

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>play repaer
>use the too easy or was that all voice lines after every kill
>get reported

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>when you want to dorf but you can't dorf

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