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Suck my fully functional cock, mutt.
You're confusing me with your gay ass broke faggot father.
Not my fault you're too retarded to enjoy your body like the pros.
Hey, next time when, IF you fuck a girl, give me a call and I'll give you a few pointers.

Literally same reply. ^^^^^

Just keep at it, hands free orgasms are the absolute best.
Try wearing a tight shirt next time you do it.

>Germ central

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There are thousands of amazing indie and old classic games you can play on an absolute toaster.
I literally pity you if this garbage game is your only form of entertainment.


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I am superior to you in every possible conceivable and inconceivable way.
So I guess the name, not trip, stays, you cute little retarded tranny.

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>can't withstand some bm

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This post screams "made by newfag" because it doesn't name anyone directly.
Example, he names states "every single tranny" then adds "neekofaggot".
Neekofaggot is one of the trannies, the only reason he's named is that's the only name the faggot who made it knew.
>spams schizo because it's the meme of the month in /lolg/ and he's desperately trying to fit in.
>Posting a fucking screencap of pastebin links like someones going to manually type that shit out especially since it's case sensitive
Very sad mongoloid image.

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>The faggot who always seeths about the random doujin is a newfag who can't even get on exhnetai
Lad you best be baiting
>Reddit spacing
Oh no no no no no no HAHAHAHHAHAHA

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Please stop, bro.

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