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>go to watch lolgcs
>eerie silence no meme music BGM, not even summoners rift ambiance sound.
>the constant "BEEP BOOP..... BEEP BOOP" of someones messaging system or some sort of obnoxious background program
>like 4 people casting for some godforsaken reason talking over each other. more like a casual discord than a professional soloCast or analyst+ color cast
>clear bia's coming from casters as they keep talking about how "totally shit xD"their discord tranny bf's instead of the gameplay in general
>ingame graphic settings seem to be on medium/low
>cant hear champion sounds or ingame sounds just pure awkward silence when nobody is talking
>everyone's mic at different levels.

My hype for this tournament died almost instantaneously.
I knew it would be amateurish but this is actually just outright terrible jesus fucking christ. I wanted to support this I really did but this is just unwatchable.

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>turn over in sleep
>open eyes
>see those headlights staring right back at you unblinking not even 3 feet away

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>Enemy goes first , plays a mana and Drop mist herald
>turn 2 curious obsession
>Essence Scatter
>Syncopate and another curios obsession ;)
>Wizards retort


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>a brd and mch with bounties gang up on a whm
>whm sits 100% hp the entire time
XDD so fun!!!!!

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you ever seen that episode of Drawn together where they finally figure out why Clara cant have sex?

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>3 waves pulling up to my tower
>jungler decides NOW is the perfect time to gank forcing me to choose between MAYBE getting 300g or guaranteeing the 600g worth of lasthits I have under turret

youd be surprised how often this happens.
90% of the time I just leave them to die 1v1 then of course they start question mark pinging me.

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this is what happens when you literally remove crit from the game.
ranged marksmen become non-existent and everyone flocks to the next best 1v5 champs (Vlad,Yasuo,Irelia,Yi ect)

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y are the most braindead tanks also the strongest?

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a "support" assassin

(SEE: Support means overtuned numbers across the board due to being designed to work a fraction of normal income)

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