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hi guys how do I open this ball thing to get the treasure inside?

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I wish that was me. I can't wait anymore give me those fucking decks.

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He is a scrub.jpg

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Edelgard or Hubert, why the hell would you not go for the people you can't romance outside of their route?

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A dumb waifufag keeps making early threads with his SHIT waifu.

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Lmao, being a lucklet sucks >>262805219
And getting useless jets is even worse

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who is this bitch

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Why are night elf males so ugly.

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No shit

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The people that made Sonic 2 were Japanese living in america. Tails' character designer was Japanese. The team that made Sonic 2 wrote the Japanese canon version of the story, not the western version. The Japanese version is also mentioned again in Sonic Adventure.

You don't get to decide. The Japanese canon was always the canon version, not the American version. The american version has always been a load of garbage that never mattered in the long-run.

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If Aoi's SSR doesn't show her tummy I might complain about it but ultimately I wouldn't care that much.

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Eador Masters of the Broken World is a turn-based game, similar to HoMM III, but only from afar On this screen, you can see my town.

Why would I change from the language of love to the language of a fallen empire who lost all their colonies and tried to bluff with a brexit before trying to save face pathetically?

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I used to hate Ran but now I want to secretly fuck her.

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Kuroky is a muslim
miracle is a muslim (jordanian/half polish)
w33ha is a muslim
gh is christian

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I cant believe bartz stole my wife...

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fucking zoology mages

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>this fucking essay about looking back on the past year and what they plan on doing moving forward
>trails is on indefinite hiatus despite all this work being done to PvP and not a word on factions returning

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TSM fans are cancer

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>swap to it

There is a way to bypass this and fire instantly after swapping by switching then sprint+aim+fire at the same time. It's a bit tricky but eventually it becomes muscle memory and you're able to do it in a pinch. very very helpful

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It is son. But i long for multiple NPR's and HUGE empires without slowdowns tho ;(

>>have pages of scribbled notes on where resources are supposed to be sent, what my research plans are, and what systems are supposed to be doing because the in-game management UI is nonexistent
I would love for Aurora to have some notepad shit to write up dead commanders, destroyed ships, obsolete classes etc.
You can kinda use normal windows notepad but its not the same ;/

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LMAO stole someone's memelin

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I love E-102 gamma

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