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DrBorisG: So because this keeps being reoccuring fun about quarterly for me
DrBorisG: we should kinda publicly raise how much warning you need to run a stream
DrBorisG: Divegrass should come first and I dont mind at all telling people to move out of the way, but I think there needs to be some warning. For that matter 'adjacent to divegrass' like F4CC needs the same thing
DrBorisG: because I'm eyeballing Pybro about to do his typical shit where we make up a calender and literally one day before the cup he's like 'oh hey I need the last 90 minutes before the cup starts lol'
DrBorisG: I think Bear suggested some good guidelines for this somewhere, let me find it
DescendingBeanLast Wednesday at 1:25 PM
but something like "minimum 48 hours before the start of the event if you want to book 1 or 2 days of divegrass, minimum week if you want to book more" could be useful
DrBorisG: On an official level, we let people know when the cup will be like a month and a half out. I don't think it's too big an ask to get like a day or two of notice when you need a weekend, or a week if you need a lot of days cleared
DrBorisG: Though we can talk about what counts as 'giving notice' too

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lb, yasuo, swain, ?, thresh

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I just finished my first playthrough with the Threaded cane and the game in general felt way too easy outside of a couple DLC bosses and dungeons. What's a gimmicky early to get weapon that could make the game a bit more enjoyable and different for a replay? I was thinking of doing a STR focused character but I'm not sure if hitting stuff slower would change the game much.

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>katalina, s.sandal, m.theresa
the age of water sword is upon us

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Much like the Shaloin Monk, the PIRATE CHARACTER can switch stances. From the basic stance to the "Walk the Plank" stance. In his basic stance he has simple 2 hit combos. with wide arcing swings and overheads. In his secondary stance he switches to the fencing stance, with quick pokes and flickers of his sword with longer range but can only hit one target.

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>shamans nothing special except for ganking
>a 400ms unreactable bash that can potentially confirm 50 damage + Heal the Shaman is nothing special.
Why are Viking players so fucking delusional.

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What's the point of renounce darkness

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Edel is so thirsty for byleth dick. No wonder she went full retardo

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Nah Arc doesn't like Aoko because she attempted to initiate the Boy H program on Shiki.

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>Byleth's ending with Lorenz
>they have a son who looks exactly like him
I thought that was pretty funny.

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the tutorial sucks ass cakes.

I need a strong fleet for my survey missions cuz I get but fucked by remnants and pirates.

Any advice for how to not suck at combat?

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Watch yer back

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But anon, Ferdie's ending is not so good with Byleth. I'm trying to remember Hubert as well but I can't right now. And I'm only half gay which means I am not.

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it will be 100% of the time. the type of loser to run a loot council guild is the same type of loser who moderates an anonymous monkey soup recipe forum for fee

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based retardbro

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Nice ty, gonna throw up some other losers

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It’s a coping mechanism. All the games don’t really even connect to each other aside from a few to each other and on top of that they connect very loosely.

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You really won't be getting a Servant worth more instant-ascending any time soon. Only Skadi is worth more.

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10 tickets and one 10roll

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Kill yourself discuck

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Returning to the round on the same character should be harder, not easier.

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>DogGreaNItoCritAutos tax evader element
>needing saving

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