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>The people that made Sonic 2 were Japanese living in america
working for an american company, yes

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i dunno, i only ever used ship/wep pack like you and Underworld
the pirate ships are great and add much needed variety in pirate atlas spam, the cabal are kinda annoying, but can tun them off in notepad

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What is the point? They will eventually be made admins just like all the other shitters on the server.

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washed up

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Ashe‘s support with Catherine after their paralogue expands on that.
Cristophe planned to assassinate Rhea under Order of the western church.
The reason they executed him for supposed involvement in the tragedy was to not cause a panic.

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I believe putting a leash on antags in any way is detrimental to the overall server experience. Everyone knows that getting perma removed from a round is terrible and it sucks, but I’d take it anyday over admins breathing down your neck and bwoinking antags if they step out of bounds. Like for example lings on YOG get bwoinked if they kill someone who wasn’t their target and the admin tells the ling “why didn’t you use a dna sting to extract the dna? HUH!?”
Singuloosing, perma removal and silent depopulators are just a side effect we have to deal with for the price of absolute antag freedom, if we limit what they can and can not do we’re getting closer to admin hand holding territory akin to HRP serbs. Not saying hrp are terrible, but just the admin limiting tators is a bad aspect of it.

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Agreed, Rin is best girl.
Lilly is nice, too
They're all great girls though while Shizune is the least great, she's still someone's waifu

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The whole "forced sterilization of non-aryans by Angela Ziegler leading to the collapse of OW" was one of the story lines from the OW comic that was cancelled

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>Misread "duet" as "diet"
I better go ttu beddo now.

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lmao dude just shoot them in mid-air

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I put an arrow through the beast’s head before I was held up, so yeah.
No, only pathetic virgins would do that. I took the role of a humble exotic hunter who supplies what the wealthy in Saint Denis demand, but the bandits didn’t care.

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Name: Not telling
Single: Yes

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>by americans
I literally linked you the credits. Most of the names there are clearly Japanese.

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I don't see why you wouldn't if you want to be credible.

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so liitle? Lord Kroak with his desecration spells id imagine would wreck havoc. even un upgraded one well placed one could destroy half an army. plus you can use 3 with no cd. I'll do some testing later in my play through to see how it goes. Does having my army in reserve affect the battle at all if i only send the two of them forward?

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i think it means you get it for free and don't have to put a point into it. don't think it'll stack.

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>N-n-no, please don't use good weapons
>The only fun weapons are bad, I p-p-promise

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Shit guild ran by filthy trannies who kick out any actual nazis

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Or you can just say he hates the church for executing his son, and sided with people who shared his feelings

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This, Iowa and Yamato will be revealed via the ending episode on the AL anime

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>hologram posting will be back on Monday

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Theres nothing wrong with that, its just not something from content that matters.

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