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truly the drill to pierce the heavens

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Whenever I get a chance to check on /feg/ there always seems to be a Bernadetta OP. Did I miss something while I was gone?

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What is up with people their inability to give Sonia a good modern design. This looks absolutely awful.

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remember when HPM brushed off a historical genocide as "population exchanges" when pressed on why it's not in the game?
i remember

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Literally any sight that DOESNT decrease stability/steady rounds/tap the trigger/pretty much anything/stability mw
Dont listen to >>262805501, fucker doesnt know shit.

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You don't need to post progress every time you tweak a small thing.

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Only if you promise to let our napping friends out.

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yes i will be rolling a gnome rogue on grobbulus and constantly look for erpers and fags so i can interrupt their erp while ganking the shit out of retard horde players how could you tell?

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if the thing that's keeping you from applying is *loot council* in the sea of red flags that is that post, then I really don't know what to tell you

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Absolutely fucking BASED
Where my runelite+ niggas at

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I liked how some Switch owners complained about not getting Royal but just vanilla yet in the end they ended up getting nothing.

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Sonic is fat! FAT! I know BMI isn't really accurate but still

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Balance is overrated.

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My FC house is too smol for meetups and Very Cute is not interested in hosting I guess.

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Just cause he says Jesus Christ doesn't mean he's christian. Many Muslims say it cause its edgy

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Damn you vildred

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The people that made Sonic 2 were Japanese living in america. Tails' character designer was Japanese. The team that made Sonic 2 wrote the Japanese canon version of the story, not the western version. The Japanese version is also mentioned again in Sonic Adventure.

You don't get to decide. The Japanese canon was always the canon version, not the American version. The american version has always been a load of garbage that never mattered in the long-run.

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>lifesteal minions? better leave them be, muh bombs bombs bombs!
>why metal lady no draw bomb?
>*sniff sniff* whoopsie, i think my diaper full, better afk
and then he did brawl + omega assembly
in that order

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the only people who makes highlander "seem" good are autists who probably accumulated a total of 120+ reps in sheer autism of playing only HL, but any character can be "good" in the hands of an autist that has played nothing but one character for 700+ hours.
HL in general, statistically and from his moveset is pretty fucking terrible

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>He doesn't like Petra

I do not have understanding

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The "waiting for it to be released on steam" edition.

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