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thx for the help, gonna note that down
last question for now: any tipps on cards/special or however the fuck this game works with the restriction i had in mind?

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>caring about a game that isn't even out yet.

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Axefag here axe feels like shit. maybe billhook spoiled me too much

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>reddit mafia


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i got 2 summer TWOs with less
too bad i was trying to get the fucking 4*s

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i always build near start, not worth walking far away and losing everything

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Dude is getting rich by taking advantage of good-natured Dragon Quest fans! Get him!

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It's new and probably designed with normal-ish successor class design philosophies. That's unironically all it needs to get like 15% play rate right off the bat even if it sucks dick
>why tf people try new thing????

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Should I use it on Merlin or save?

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Demotivation is more motivating.

>> No.262805681 [View]

>90 meme tickets
>1 maid
>2 fran
>1 jk
>1 marie
>0 nero
>0 raicow
Fuck this shit

>> No.262805679 [View]

the 100 dollar one i think?

>> No.262805680 [View]

>faker on karma
jesus christ never ever again

>> No.262805678 [View]

>close combat mass produced plane
Hornet for sure.

>> No.262805676 [View]

I like to build comfy houses in snowy plains and Dwarven Castles large mountains
None of which are usually offered at spawn

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I love Kylie!

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>oh wow haha he's so based I wanna suck his duck *dab* POG zoom zoom and liking him is totally different from liking all those other e-fags

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>i am going to play a faith build, how can you tell?

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Raping you girl~<3

>> No.262805673 [View]

I really want to see Shizuka-sword that is folded over 1000 times.

>> No.262805669 [View]

his only offense is shutdown by dodge roll and dodge attacks, not good.

>> No.262805670 [View]

ill ignore physics in my fanfiction and write a mary sue

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Because the script this time is OG vs LGD in the grand finals again but with LGD winning

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