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Why do faggots have to ruin everything?

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>See for yourself
yeah, i see almost dead generals outside of the gacha ones, and even those are almost dead, thanks for proving my point
keep bumping the thread though since it may die!

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Oh...i didn't know that.
Are you sure i won't get meta'd to death?

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isn't that considered "griefing roleplayers?"

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Of course it's one of the better ones

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This. Smuggle, exploit war and relieve raided planets by bringing them supplies and food, complete contracts from the bar and fulfill orders from the intel menu for factions.

Making money "normally" is impossible due to tariffs and i don't remember if tariff reduction based on relations is part of a mod or not either so it may always be stuck at 30%

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Male Byleth - Edel
Fem Byleth - Hubie

All of Edelgards growth went to her tits.

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We would see an influx of art with her wearing an Adidas tracksuit while chugging vodka.

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Fuck off bors

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Stop replying to me low elo

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Not him but I've seen Hard AI get USF on tracks it's not available on

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no, i didn't say i hate swifty. he's an iconic part of wow's history. i said he's hard to watch, and he is.

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I was pretty torn when writing that, i was pretty sure that they either have a completely copy pasted contract, or total fucking sham. Seems like i went with the wrong one

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>mixed review
>top review all thumbs down

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Oh, you meant "retarded shill" edition

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You have good taste, never listen to butthurt nozoshits and umiturds.

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I love my waifu's friends

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If you divide it up to blocks this way: 34m 34p 999p 46s 899s chunchun then it's 6 blocks and you can easily see that 46s is the weakest. you cut from 6 to keep sanshoku potential. this way you can harness the power of chun, too. So the solution is 6s. Kobago says: if you get good enough to divide it up like this, he won't have anything more to teach you.

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Don't you know? That's __Me__

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You’d be angry if you were paired with Dumbsex too.

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The answer is obviously Edelgard

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thanks, newfriend

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