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Witcher training is all about choosing the right oil for the right occasion. And knowing how to throw an opponent.

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Maybe that'll help you spot your own mistakes, all by yourself!

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Sonia is inherently awful.

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Not zombie girls, girls vs zombies or in that setting really.

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When you're that low, pretty much the only thing you can do is wait for logistics and wait for it to passively go up or if you're that impatient you can always buy it with gems but I wouldn't recommend that

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How do I increase the generated sector size+system count?

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Nice ERP channel in your discord, nonce

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n-no bro he's BASED
i bet you're super cringe bro

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Don't do it! It's almost bigger than you!

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lolibaba butt...

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Haven't picked it yet. Was going to choose Miccy because I misread her weapon's effect and thought it was the same as Gunntrha's. Might still get her since all the others are still pretty much worthless and ground orders seems fun. That or I'll get SS4 for my waifu.

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Is Brodia an autism

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Most of her photos either don't show the hips or are angled, there are a few where you can actually see how fucking massive her shoulders are compared to her hips

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>tanks the main defining feature in any meta don't have a strong presence
Maybe you're just bad?

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Not Sonia

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Stop posting your rolls you fucking faggots you are making me feel miserable

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If you can't overcap skills that means you can probably get enough free points to get capstones in 2 trees then.

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Just think of shota Monopoly man as Ouma, but dressed to hunt large animals.
Hope to see a video of you eating stuff someday

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Do I RP as a cute catslut to be fucked by stinky anons or do I RP as a normal self insert for the slim chance of meeting a mentally ill girl

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Fave is a PNS.

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