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PS4 room?

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are you the guy with the "TWO MUSASHI?" as the message?

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Trials of the -Nine- is indefinite. Osiris is on the table.

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Despite the microtransactions, I like ctr nitro fueled better than team sonic racing. I like tiny tiger and geary the robot. I hate big the cat and omochao. I am waiting for microtransactions on nintendo switch. I hate how sega did not let us play as sticks, chaos zero, cream, babylon rogues, aiai, ulala, NIGHTS, amigo, reala, and billy hatcher.

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That's all racing games

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What is wrong with being infatuated with a fictional character? Or is it the polygamy?

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It doesn't matter where they were making the game, what matters is that they made the Japanese version, not the American version.

They made the JAPANESE version of the story and game WHILE LIVING IN AMERICA.

Then a completely separate localization team re-wrote the story when distributing it in America.

Then that canon DIED when SonicAdventure was released, proving the JAPANESE version canon.

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unless you go into high danger systems i dont see how you can get buttfucked by remnants, and even in high risk you can just sneak around and steal all the research station shit
do the single missions from the menu and learn how not to suck

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holy goosebumps

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You say that like you're trying to discredit the poll, but SNK pretty much granted it legitimacy by directly mentioning it in the Mina announcement video.

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see a little bit into the meta future
>shoot sentient with kitgun
>sentient immune to your kitguns damage
>hit it once with paracesis to remove the resistance
>shoot it with kit again

your content for the future will literally be

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Currently playing Red Dead Redemption 2.. how did they manage to make this game run on my stock PS4? What kind of engineer wizards work at Rockstar? Really impressive what they managed to squeeze out of this shitty console hardware

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>Most of the names there are clearly Japanese
>The people that made Sonic 2 were Japanese living in america

working for an american company, in america, yes

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Leblanc, Yasuo, Talon, Kai'sa, Thresh

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progress is progress

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That’s going too far.

Me too.

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Have you prepared for your end?

I have!

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>Fuck it I'll do a single 10 summon
I'm worried that I used up all of my luck now.

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>ranked match in silver
>one guy is d/c
>one guy is just afk so it takes forever for their turn
>the other guy has the flow
Worst fucking game.

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im up for banning these shitters desu, this just makes the server less popular

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Speak English retard.

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>feint balor
>parry dodge attack or chase the roll with spinny move

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