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did you even look at the filename

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Arcade sticks are gonna be obsolete in like 3 years once people realize that the crossup is better than adderall, forcing the developers to make """streamlined""" move inputs since everyone is cheating anyway.

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if you've existed for even a week then cliques exist

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ok thanks anon

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Her face reminds me of the "You can't learn Japanese" girl.

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pretty sure NPQA is another np with buffs and crits

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>Very Cute
I honestly would feel uncomfortable around those guys.

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2nd head from the right is the warlock

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Oldfags are used to waiting a long time for a shitty english translation just so they can understand what's going on.
/fgog/'s entire comprehension of the content they experience is dictated 100% by reddit. The translations are from reddit. The guides are from reddit. The summaries are from reddit. There's no big collective fan translation effort on mirrormoon or in the threads like the good old days. No perpetual OC engine generating new in-jokes as we collectively come to understand more of the story and characters together. Some ESL shit on reddit tells them what to think and that's what they think. The End. It gets copypasted all over the thread and they just all pretend to not know where it came from because they're too young to understand why we piss on them for browsing reddit. It's just all they know.

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Liquid has to 2-0 tnc and lgd has to 2-0 alliance right?

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WELL GO CLEAR THEM THEN. If you want to beat the level you put effort into things that help you do that . Thats how games work. You cant just come whine to gfg while not doing anything towards your goals.

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They are indeed precious.
Thankfully skins are always there so you don't need to worry about missing out on them.
I approach getting them as long term collector goals.

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How would they buff her Ougi at 5*? My bets on +30% TA for party

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LB yasuo swain kat, thresh

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it's kaisa

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t. someone that doesn't play adc's

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HiFi Days was a very unique scenario that'll never happen again no matter how many lolis you put on a CD.

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>LGD win first 2 games of the final
>OG goes off script
>Takes three in a row

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Good. I don't need my cock to get fucked by her!

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How come Rance fucked her in loli form?

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Still gonna buy it multiple times

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>make cute flat chested girl
>call it a boy

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