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sounds like that shitty will smith movie about orc cops

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Aggro warrior is better.

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I love bloomers.

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Oh no the gubment can see me reading LiS smut

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>ignatz didn't grow

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I was doing well but i got into an argument with some peeps

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Fuck yes, 120 SQ and I got an extra Herc.

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I don't pilot any ship tb h, my pc a shit and the input lag between maneuvering/firing is making it a huge bother. I just order my fleet and overlook as they figure it out themselves.

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Pain Maker

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shoot it until it dies

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Here's my idea for a reboot:

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>Noooow, SURELY her growths are shit to compensate
>50 50 25 40 55 30 30 20 25

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Beginner here, do you guys play with the tcg or the ocg banlist?

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just because Miracle is Arabic doesnt make him Muslim

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/wowg/ is laughing at us again bros...

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20 days!!!!!
to iceborne!!!!!

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It feels like shit cause its shit. You don't really have a strong presence and you need to rely on your fucktarded team to do anything. Good luck trying to get at least 3 other retards to follow up with you. If they don't you might as well just sit in spawn cause you will have the same impact.
It's the most important role but nobody wants to play it, more work than fun.

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Why does the Hard Mode AI literally fucking cheat?

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we're build from the ground up so no cliques exist.

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What else should I play in the vampire tribal deck?

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arrogant has-been gets served their just desserts

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Why wouldn't I make it to court

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So I cleared the starchart, made a bunch of prime shit, top tier weapons, rivens, etc. Max rep with fortuna, cetus, quills, etc.

3 months and I'm done. There is literally no content I can't stream through easily.

How does anyone keep playing this? It's just a collectathon and I just got MR12. Do you just enjoy the pointless gear grind?

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any idea how it will look? whats the art style

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