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Poro ranching edition!

OT: >>229437837

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Best girl.
Best smile.
Best wife.

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>tfw no qt petite gf

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Best battle buddy

Best protector

Best attitude

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And she's ALL MINE!

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I love Zoe
I want to do nice things with her

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what can i pick to get from p2 to d5 that doesnt require me to use my brain?

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healslut support

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which one specifically

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nami and soraka, but mostly nami

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janna, obviously

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>tfw kledfag and kennenfag made a suicide pact to be together with their husbandos

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Literally any jungler.

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>playing against rengar top as Vlad
Feels good to have my laning space reduced to a tiny corridor near a wall

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I wanna hold Lulu VERY tightly in my arms and NEVER let go!

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Post em.
Poppy is my favourite cheese support to have as vayne
>enemy healslut puts herself against a wall while trying to poke
>gets rammed into a wall and splattered into non-existence

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I want to go swimming in Lulu.

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That's TOO BAD, because AS YOU KNOW, Lulu chose to be swimming WITH ME every single day until the end of times!

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I just played reworked Akali for the first time and I have to say that this is by far the most broken champion Riot has ever created (more than Yasuo or Zoe).

I'm freaking tower-diving this 0/0/0 Darius (that rushed a spirit visage and mercs) like if he was nothing, goddamn I feel dirty after playing this shit

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The real question is can a champion with broken mechanic ever be truly balanced? Even Zoe got her drowsy puddle nuked

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xth for my wife Syndra!

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I think only if you can remove a burst (which rito never gonna do). Like if you rebalance ALL the damage and some shit like Yasou, Zed, Akali actually need to land more crap to kill you and give you a real window to fight its gonna sorta fix them

I was vs Fizz last game. How you supposed to stay vs this as a squish? He jumps if you try to land anything and oneshot you. If you are wait until he jump he gonna kill you before in 0.50 sec.

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i wish i was a girl

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what would you do as a girl?

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how do you play against teemo

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Fuck off Armok

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irelias stun is so fucking frustrating to hit fuck me

>> No.229484545

dont pick tryndamere, jax, or garen and buy a sweeper
there, you win the game

>> No.229484549

Let him shove until lvl 3 then call jg and all-in. Repeat until he's 0/3 and then enjoy free lane.

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Cant wait

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If you guys are gonna be fucking gay at least post the image that describes how taking dick feels.

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ain't hard:
increase the time she needs to go back into stealth after dealing damage while in the shroud (I couldn't even complete an autoattack on her as Braum to apply passive)
Remove her fucking heal on her Q so she can at least be poked out of lane (Pre-rework Akali had stupid sustain too but AT LEAST she needed to autoattack)
Slightly reduce the speed of her E dash (the one to her mark, not the backflip). Even all balance concerns aside, it looks stupid.

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>Starting last patch, it now takes me way longer to load into game
>Starting this patch, the client now eats up a disgusting amount of my CPU
Riot really wants me to stop playing their game.

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Shit, I thought that was just me

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>lane against malzahar as fizz
>want to kill myself
i just don't get what was I supposed to do? that guy was retarded and i'd shove 2 waves to his tower but he presses one button and his wave is crashing at my tower before I can come back after recalling
forced to rush qss too
I can't play my favorite champion anymore I hate this so much
he's so fucking weak

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Dear insert deity here, Rito needs to nerf her to the fucking ground. Akali as she is makes release Zoe, silence LB and silence Kass seem tame.

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>fizz player

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DT Heimerdinger is really cute.

Until you realize he's stealing these dragons from their mothers.

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what am I in for if I come back to play AD now
I last played them/the game in 2015
is it still the same thing?

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kaisa is cute!

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Pretty sure he's just taking care of orphaned dragons who's parents have been killed by the dragon slayers or enslaved by Dragon Master Swain.

He's their mom now.

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>hear my server finally got draft pick normals which is the only thing I was interested in playing
>reinstall and go to play during prime time
>autofill perma enabled
what's the fuckin point

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autofill is permanently enabled in every region

>> No.229485760

no they replaced every ad with a new and improved vayne/kogmaw hybrid that can build any item she wants. you'll see her every game

>> No.229485814

All you have to do to avoid being autofilled is, if you get into champ select and someone dodges, NEVER accept the next queue, even if it pops instantly. You're almost guaranteed to get autofilled that way.
I always go Jungle primary mid secondary and I've never been autofilled in normal draft. Never.

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dumb slut
needs nerfs

>> No.229486071

after her new skin

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i spent 90% of my time hoping for a match up that doesn't make me want to uninstall
why are most matchups in the game so annoying to deal with or outrights unfair?

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God he's so pure

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are Garen and Lux... you know...?

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>tfw best boi is in the gutter
when will riot buf my husbando

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because you are bad

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I named My account after this post. I Love you

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never fuck jayce and jayce players

>> No.229487159

its not like he has no outplay
he can only hit his EQ on you if its blank range
this shit is so easy to dodge
and if you deny him kills for like 10 minutes he will be worse than useless
maybe you are just a shitter
did you ever considered that option anon

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Swim in Zoe, swimming in Zoe and Kayn swim in Zoe

I get Banned a lot thus the multiple accounts

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Siblings? Yeah!

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this is how I know you're silver, try getting to an elo where people can actually play him correctly and then go fuck yourself after he fucks you in lane

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>Twitch is still the only furry twink in the game

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my mistake i mean QE

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Non-void insect champ when??

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post top two rows

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I still don't understand how giving a champion stealth that is immune towers is a good idea. CertainlyT can eat shit

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League keyholders chart
>release once a week
Ashe, Sivir, Tristana, Nidalee, Riven, Shyvanna, Quinn, Jinx, Taliyah, Cassiopeia, Illaoi, Karma, Lulu, Miss Fortune, Sejuani, Soraka, Zoe, Sona
>once a month
Morgana, Katarina, Lux, Irelia, Caitlyn, Leona, Nami, Camille(+ ball shocker), Kaisa, Diana, Janna, Vayne
Annie, Poppy, LeBlanc, Fiora, Syndra, Elise, Ahri, Anivia, Vi, Lissandra, Kalista, Kindred, Kayle, Orianna,
>permanent with spikes
Evelynn, Akali, Zyra, Xayah

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what do you have against void fucker

>> No.229487795

what about the men

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My last match played was in 2017

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>monster champ ever again after riot decided nobody likes monsters but only anime girls
If any of the monsters in league has been updated in 8 fucking years and were actually meta people would like them but no we get shit like cosplaying bird people

>> No.229487916

>Lucian/Thresh every games again
This is the meta you want, this is the meta you deserve.

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They are not insects.These are crustaceans and arachnids!


They are fake insects. I wany a real insect champ like a shitbug Rammus skin.

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Terminal cancer
Good taste
typical adc cuck

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you are a nigger why are you proud of it

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>want more cool monsters
>get kai'sa instead
>skarner, fiddlesticks, vel'koz or xerath haven't gotten a skin in two years
i don't even know why i bother with that game anymore

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>warwick, jax, nocturne, xin
>calling anything cancer

>> No.229488063

jokes on you I haven't been an ADC player since 2015

>> No.229488085

what delusional tard did i end up in q with that thinks thresh is a meaningful ban in silver?

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I wanna have a tea party with Lulu!

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ask for ganks if hes pushing, he has no answers to outplay ganks and his first 3 levels are extremely weak to all ins. his actually an extremely exploitable laner level 1-5 because his kit is basically useless outside of farming unless you let him space aids you for free

>> No.229488121

How long did Doublelift brother go in jail for killing their parents?

>> No.229488147

How are they cancer? They don't get one full item and leap on you for 3/4th your health bar while being unkillable 1v1 like Jax.

>> No.229488178
Quoted By: >>229488245

>flashing mastery
reddit tier

>> No.229488212

Last season it was Jayce season, can he please not be meta at least for this season?

>> No.229488227

I was worried about the udyr because I had no vision of him and when I did he was sitting at my bush while my khazix was power farming
yeah I know you shouldn't blame your team or the jungler and all but udyr made it really hard to commit to an all in and he got to push for free
also i'm not used to the matchup to be honest so it was mostly my fault

>> No.229488234

I've been seeing lots of malphite jungle lately. is he good?

>> No.229488245

well what the fuck should I do then to tilt

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Sion and Pyke are the same cancer. So its like you argue with yourself.

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Quoted By: >>229488414

He lives in raw sewage and eats garbage. I know it's hard for furfags but stop being so damn disgusting.

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>> No.229488371

t. anime poster

>> No.229488401

Post your top rows, big boy.

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File: 1MiB, 1441x751, 1495677025.furikake_vojt-twitch.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>furry twink who lives in the sewers and eat garbage
just like me! we were made for eachother

>> No.229488447

>ywn make demigod babies with this idiot
feels bad

league of legends is fun

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Cancer on cancer action

>> No.229488687
Quoted By: >>229489141

>pick volibear top
>its a lux top
ok i know this fucked them but getting near to this bitch is fucking impossible

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Not a meta-slave, i just play what i find fun, yes my taste is cancer i know.

>> No.229488802
Quoted By: >>229489460

>not a meta slave
>Kayn, Graves, and Jhin all in top row
Don't lie to yourself.

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out of the way fucking peasants, best three champions coming through

>1.7m velkoz score
>2.1m sion score

>> No.229488847

>all those Kayns/Yis on /lolg/'s most played champs
You fucks can't judge anyone.

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Quoted By: >>229488983

Hecarim sucks fat soraka dick.

>> No.229488913
Quoted By: >>229488965

what is this meme of muh uninteractive
where did this wave of faggots who think you should be killing or being killed by someone every single fucking minute of the game
holy shit
this is so retarded
are these guys 14yo or what?

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File: 347KiB, 972x362, z.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>229489059

Don't hit on me silly boys~ ;3

>> No.229488965
Quoted By: >>229489042

>he enjoys playing Nasus vs Maokai
Kill yourself.

>> No.229488983

stop being so shit at him then

>> No.229489003


>> No.229489042

Attitudes like yours are the reason jungle is so fucking unfun now.

>> No.229489059
Quoted By: >>229489151

>Trundle, malz, fiddle, and nautilus
Spotted the tranny

>> No.229489141

she has long cooldowns just run at her when she uses her shit

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Been playing on this one only for a year so... yeah

>> No.229489151
Quoted By: >>229489297

i'm not even a tranny or a girl
pretending i'm a girl to get free stuff is fun though

>> No.229489226


>> No.229489297
Quoted By: >>229489351

do you shave your legs though

>> No.229489351

not even

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>name is eric
>decide to play normals for worlds missions
>first game i get an afk and this is the enemy adc
y-you too...

>> No.229489460

Maybe he enjoys the champions op

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no S's??

>> No.229489570 [SPOILER]
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Quoted By: >>229489678

why did you change your name?

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>> No.229489771
Quoted By: >>229489916

dont you have a discord to be shitting up cele

>> No.229489827

>comeback after not playing for 2 years
>everything is so fucking different
>s3 and s4 flashbacks
What the fuck happened to this game?

>> No.229489852

Finally climbed out of the cesspit named silver and I have only one tip for those wanting to climb out as well.
Stop playing champs that need more than 1 braincell to play. I swapped from lee to ww and xin and went from 43% winrate over 100+ games to 72%+59% winrates..

also always start red closest to top no matter what side the red is on and gank top at 2.
it will always work to get flash or fb. never listen to people asking for ganks too.

Fuck this game, I hope I don't ever have to climb out of the cesspit called silver again.

>> No.229489854

5 game loss streak in plat 2 with a 4kda average among the 5 games and im a diamond 3 smurf jesus christ the plat 2 - diamond 5 area is just the most fucking aids area in the game legitmate boosted players on my team 2 of the games uncarriable retards in the other 2 and a 90% win rate duo in the last like what kind of fucking luck is this shit

>> No.229489916
File: 136KiB, 612x612, 1408977420278.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

that's not me. i think we've both had an awful misunderstanding. i'm sorry.

>> No.229489941

then i get a fucking kha zix adc lmfao this elo is a joke

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Quoted By: >>229490829


>> No.229490112
File: 465KiB, 273x1054, file.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>229490213

what did they mean by this

>> No.229490116

i got out playing mid tank galio and ziggs, just gotta pay attention to the retards on the team and bail their ass out with a massive semi global

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File: 324KiB, 591x591, 1526924223797.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>search for people with the hieghest champ masteries in the world
>find this shit


>> No.229490196

3.5 mil noc mastery points while playing him ignite/ghost with glacial augment top

>> No.229490213

all gnar players are pedophiles

>> No.229490285

tfw this is the true definition of hardstuck.
legit 1200 games and still gold 5

>> No.229490295

how is olaf TOPLANE right now guys
is he usable or nah

>> No.229490362

That's nothing


>> No.229490386


>> No.229490403

You can climb out of silver literally on everything. Only one enemie in the silver is your own team.

>> No.229490494
File: 78KiB, 200x187, 1410144802090.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Thats literally asperger level.

>> No.229490503
File: 288KiB, 1440x1544, my empire.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Haven't played in like 3 months

Whats up with these midlaners building GP and twin shadows?

>> No.229490536

>1760 Played

>> No.229490569
Quoted By: >>229490831

comet is ok
conquerer is also ok
auto losing to garen is not ok with how popular garen is
best build is trinity force rush but cleaver into righteous is also not that bad
overall ok tier desu, nothing amazing

>> No.229490575

>heal and teleport
I legit think these people have some sort of retardation.
Here's the highest mastery point Heimerdinger in the world. He clicks all of his abilities.


>> No.229490578
Quoted By: >>229490638

I saw autismo Anivia with this and support build. Shitty op skillset was enaugh to carry her fucking team.

>> No.229490610
Quoted By: >>229490638

a pro did it once and won a game so now everyone thinks its meta or some shit

>> No.229490635

Do you enjoy being perma slowed and then dying?

>> No.229490638

Ah okay, seem kinda garbage desu

Yeah I looked in patch notes and couldnt find any changes to them

>> No.229490694
Quoted By: >>229490881

lmao i got this guy in my game, literally all he does is type in all CAPS and afk push top

he also flames you if you go anywhere near his lane

>> No.229490703

How many cs/min is good? I'm averaging about 4.3 when im feeding, and 6.7 when im doing well.

Silver 2, almost Silver 1.

>> No.229490803

Tahm Kench should do regular mouth vore, anal vore and cock vore so he could vore three people at once.

>> No.229490829
File: 60KiB, 600x569, cutes.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

and kat :3

>> No.229490831
Quoted By: >>229491209

how is it even possible to lose as olaf vs garen?
you outtrade him so hard early because you're olaf and you can just use the range on your Q to disable his passive

>> No.229490876

7-8 is normal
9 is considered diamond
10 is pro level

>> No.229490881

Had pretty same Trinda. Never look on the map, NEVER was in teamfight, pushes until enemies kill our nexus.

>> No.229490892

every 10 mins you should have 100 cs

>> No.229490904
File: 46KiB, 1946x1080, yikes.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.229490915

what the fuck anon that's so low
try to aim to 8.5-10/min

>> No.229491071

why are all league girls thots?
where's the plain, humble non thot?

>> No.229491110
Quoted By: >>229491417

im right here :)

>> No.229491126

6 game loss streak in this hell hole of an elo

honestly if any of you fuckers are stuck in the p2-d5 area it's not entirely your fault

>> No.229491132

nowhere because they don't unless they're powercreeped and always op (kalista, taliyah)

>> No.229491151
File: 30KiB, 473x42, Guess.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.229491168
Quoted By: >>229491417

Camille, Kindred Illaoi, Annie and Kalista are not

>> No.229491209
Quoted By: >>229491676

Garen hard counters olaf, almost as badly as shen but noone plays shen so who cares about him.
Pre-6 its possible to outplay garen if you started corrupting but once its post 6 garen laughs and buttrapes u.

>> No.229491217
Quoted By: >>229491417

kissless virgin league girl here

>> No.229491292
Quoted By: >>229491546


>> No.229491323
Quoted By: >>229491546

we all know its kai sai

>> No.229491356
Quoted By: >>229491546

You can build this on any champ in the elo this game was played

>> No.229491417
Quoted By: >>229491487

not talking about real girls losers
old hag, not a woman
see above
>annie, kalista

>> No.229491420

I have no idea why I keep playing ARAM

I can tell the team that is going to win with about 95% accuracy (spoiler: it's the team that has tanks)
Why did Riot remove Nexus Blitz? I just want a 4fun gamemode I can play when I have like 20 minutes free, and ARAM is just a fucking boring tankfest where you can be winning for 20 mins until Mundo finishes warmogs and runs you down without you being able to do literally ANYTHING, no matter how well or badly you were playing.

>> No.229491487
Quoted By: >>229491510

>annie and kalista are thots
this is bait do not give this man any more (You)s

>> No.229491510

have you seen how annie moves around? trying her hardest to attract married men

>> No.229491519

Nexus blitz was the most fun game mode to just play and fuck around in, i need it back!!!!!!!

>> No.229491546
File: 210KiB, 691x399, not kaisa.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>229492479

It's Ashe!
I was having too much trouble with LeBlanc for a Malmortius to help, the spell shield actually saved me quite a few times!
Platinum 3 btw

>> No.229491562


>> No.229491573

nexus blitz is reminding them of daniel z klein thats why they removed it

>> No.229491598

kys pedo scum

>> No.229491610

wait... did Eve kill Vayne parents???

>> No.229491663
Quoted By: >>229491838

It's funny how ARAM meta has changed. Shit like Jayce or Nidalee is 100% reroll right now because they're just going to lose you the game by being unable to even dent tanks when the game goes past 10 minutes. Best comps are just regular SR shit, one of the good AD carries, a bunch of supports and tanks and maybe Ziggs who is the only good mage in ARAM (and Xerath)

Poke is 100% loss in ARAM right now.

>> No.229491676

I literally never lost that matchup with conqueror but maybe every Garen just sucks ass these days.

>> No.229491720
File: 337KiB, 934x348, screen.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>229492069

Took a massive break at some point during or end of season six until now. This shit's so old all the mastery points on Vlad are from before his rework.

>> No.229491838
Quoted By: >>229492198

>aram meta changed
>highest winrate champions are still poke champs and tanks

>> No.229491840
Quoted By: >>229492109

What's with all the top lane Malzahars I'm seeing lately?

>> No.229491938

I swear to god this 5 ziggs mission is harder than 2 augments, how the fuck do i do it?

>> No.229492039

you dodge the enemies attacks

>> No.229492047

bork rageblade

>> No.229492069
Quoted By: >>229492147

That shit was so long ago i literally don't remember what his old E was.

>> No.229492072
File: 42KiB, 546x432, 1538143781605.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>just realized odyssey orbs arent guaranteed to contain gemstones

>> No.229492109

No idea. In normal elo? I think Malh is easy to counter before R.

>> No.229492145
File: 312KiB, 566x800, 1533281534975.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.229492147

Similar to his current E, except you didn't charge it, it couldn't be blocked, and it stacked.

>> No.229492187

is volibear even viable top or i am gimping myself

>> No.229492198
Quoted By: >>229492297

Poke champ winrate is highly inflated because most idiots playing Aram will pick up squishy shit whenever they get tanks, if you play at high MMR Aram it's just tanks, carries, supports and Ziggs/Xerath.

>> No.229492257
Quoted By: >>229492332

Why the fuck are you playing Voli top?
Literally any other juggernaut, even morde, would be more viable.

>> No.229492264
Quoted By: >>229492332

it's pretty bad

>> No.229492297

don't forget absolutely everyone running presence of mind or triumph

>> No.229492332
Quoted By: >>229492415

well i guess i will refund him since i do not play jg

>> No.229492407

conqueror was a mistake

>> No.229492409

He's okay against champs who aren't very good at top, he fucking sucks dick against real toplaners like Garen or Darius, Fiora rapes you so hard it's not even funny.

>> No.229492415
Quoted By: >>229492529

What drew you to him?
If you like the idea of an armored bear, he's pretty high priority for getting a VGU, so you might want to hold on to him.

>> No.229492438

5 sona, q>w>auto infinite healing loop
literally stick together at kayn and ignore all damage outside kayn ults, you can even bulk the lightning whilst laughing
2 damage
2 infinite healing
1 ult based
ez pz

>> No.229492449
Quoted By: >>229492548

yknow all these chromas would be really fucking cool if they were anywhere near as obtainable as the recolors in hots

>> No.229492462

we need more slutty male champs.

>> No.229492479

Now THAT is a ye olde shit build

>> No.229492518

Like Kayn?

>> No.229492529
Quoted By: >>229492619

his kit
i find it very fun
specially the whole
>fagot gets to close to your turret
>QEW him and get a free kill
i love making people get cocky because they are pushing me to the tower then fucking their shit up
but i am feeling that he is really weak outside of jg
and i really dont like jg so...
by vgu you mean visual update or will he be reworked

>> No.229492535

We have so many of them, though, what are you even looking for in a male slut that's not in the game right now?

>> No.229492548
Quoted By: >>229492618

they are obtainable every 6 months for BE.

>> No.229492564
File: 658KiB, 1016x546, champs.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Tank Pyke nerfed when? Nami nerfed when? Brand and Zyra being midlaners ONLY when?

>> No.229492596

Hey /lolg/, did Riot respond to the fortnite craze and make the game playable/worth playing again?

>> No.229492618

>have to already have the skin
>cant get any of the 30 kha chromas or golden chromas with BE as they are limited
>BE store isnt tied with chroma releases so you could see a chroma with 5 months and 20 days thats unavailable to buy
>chromas OLDER than 6 months cant be bought

>> No.229492619

He's on the top 5 for complete kit reworks for sure, i wouldn't be surprised if they remade him from scratch, but changed very little of his visuals, like Fiora

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