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OT (belongs to kled too): >>258559137

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I want to lewd and love a cute adc!

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Reminder that incest is wincest!

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Okay this is based edition

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utoth sounds so cute wtf

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smelly riven

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This thread belongs to Bard!

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Kill yourselfie discord tranny cuck

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Traffic is too op against Fisher. Free win for Team Anti!

This is a blue board, anon.

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should i give up trying to play anything difficult and just smash my face on the keyboard with mages to climb?

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What do you want to do? Just play what you want.

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practice, it doesn't matter if you feed a million times, just practice

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btw the dude who keeps shittalking the tourney calling everyone discucks follows bernie sanders on twitch

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>Quick game
>30 minutes
The KoolAid in NA is so strong.

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i want to win and i feel the most effective path to victory is to pick a mage in champion select and roll my poo-stained ass over qwer

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Bernie Sanders is a hardcore gamer btw

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If you want to win just play eve jungle. Its what I play on my smurfs when I need to carry a few games.

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Lulu is the cuddliest! THE CUDDLIEST!

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Don't be a creep against the people watching, anon. Also the person casting sounds like a less whiny version of LS.

Play what you have fun with! You'll rank up eventually.

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how big are bardmom's titties?

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the perfect size for my 8 incher

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>someone used MEH unironically in the /vg/ vs /vg/ stream
yeah im closing this too much cringe for me take me back to big gay king gray's rule of vg

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>open this vgs shit out of curiosity
>just 2 faggots (i assume these will be the "casters") talking amongst themselves on discord

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reminder these 'casters' are the ones who post that tranny shit on here

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do they post the "hurr durr im a tranny" or the "hurr durr youre a fucking tranny"?

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>No i don't like these namefags, they use words i don't like, i want the old namefags back!!!
All namefags are cancerous and the general is better without them at all

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yyyeah i think id rather watch Golden Garbage vs "Aren't they a CoD team?"

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Not banning Mordekaiser

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even vgs fears Kled Thundercock

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Please stop.

I mean that's the only way to really do it at the moment. They should turn off the chat beeping though because it's very jarring.

He's not that strong, it seems.

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>"Not me. Us"
>bought a mansion with all the money he scammed out of gullible college students
no refunds lmao

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Why is corki seeing so much proplay now?

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because he's actually okay if played right but that what sucks is soloq can't play it and just ints on it since they don't know you need a team comp with it

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pros have always had a huge boner for corki because he's annoying as fuck in siege and basically forces favourable counterengages

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Corki is always relevant in proplay unless he's unplayable garbage, he is pretty good when people don't play ad assassins

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Who made the first move? Garen or Lux?

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please someone make them stop saying MEH its so so cringy i wanna die

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what is that autistic beeping?
so annoying.

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You are watching the vg tourney right Anon?

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>The virgin incestcuck
>The chad NTR god

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link me a nice song mommy

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no im not watching SaltyTeemo-tier gameplay while two faggots "cast" it with the discord beep sound constantly in the background

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god nukayle looks so shit on every conceivable level
literally any fan artist would've done a better job

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Will someone tell the fucking monkey who is streaming it to hit the + sign until it's actually fucking caught up

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>wukong """rework""" is on the pbe
>it's not actually a rework, just a straight buff to make him even more obnoxious
epic games tier chink pandering

>> No.258594045

Nukayle is everything that can go wrong with a rework went wrong
>Champion actually became much worse
>Casting ult now handicaps you
>You are useless piece of shit till you hit 11 and then you still are useless because noone gives a fuck about your meme true damage because you lack range
>Heal is a joke
>The 2 sword thing looks ugly as fuck
>They took the best godlike Aether Wing skin and turned it into trash
Why? Wtf was even riot thinking? And you cant even buff her properly because of how useless she is right now.

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>see the new GGS adc
>hes an aussie
>literal chinkoid
wtf bros why is every anglo colony MUTTED.COM now?

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>these casters
Bro y'all suck big dicks

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Lets see if a group of autists working together can do better what 1 autist managed to do alone with no access to the game client at all

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What kind?

There should be a delay to prevent streamsniping.

She's definitely a champion I think they will be reworking again in the future.

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IKR holy fuck this and the PTT beeping
they should have hired a production manager baka
>There should be a delay to prevent streamsniping.
There will still be a 3 minute delay no matter what, but the stream is currently a few seconds behind the "live" game

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>Wiggums is only a few CS a head of Sylas hes trash
Okay these casters are literally sliver because hes about the same CS as Sylas with the wave shoving into him so he still has the CS advantage over Sylas so it's more than a few if he cs them all under turret please get people who actually know how to play this game.

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link me a song Jinx would like!

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>skirmish happens
>casters waits a whole 2 seconds to say something that basically amounts to "whooaaa..that happened!"
have either of these fucksticks ever actually seen an LCS broadcast?

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Worst part is you can disable the PTT sound but these idiots still have it on during a stream they are hosting for an event.

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Now that I hit plat I want to expand my champion pool
Right now I play Veig/Malzahar but want to play harder champs I like Vladimir but suck dick at him any recommendations?

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>go to watch lolgcs
>eerie silence no meme music BGM, not even summoners rift ambiance sound.
>the constant "BEEP BOOP..... BEEP BOOP" of someones messaging system or some sort of obnoxious background program
>like 4 people casting for some godforsaken reason talking over each other. more like a casual discord than a professional soloCast or analyst+ color cast
>clear bia's coming from casters as they keep talking about how "totally shit xD"their discord tranny bf's instead of the gameplay in general
>ingame graphic settings seem to be on medium/low
>cant hear champion sounds or ingame sounds just pure awkward silence when nobody is talking
>everyone's mic at different levels.

My hype for this tournament died almost instantaneously.
I knew it would be amateurish but this is actually just outright terrible jesus fucking christ. I wanted to support this I really did but this is just unwatchable.

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orianna shes similar to those champs you already play

>> No.258594872

i am well aware, i even posted a guide on how to do it in the twitch chat :^)

>> No.258594974

>Tyler1 4th of July stream is happening
fuck you discucks. I'm gonna go watch something actually entertaining.

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Vlad is worth learning desu, he's really disgusting once you get the hang of it. He'll also never ever get nerfed unless they redo the rune system

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Aatrox, Sion, or Kled for a one trick starting a fresh 30 account in ranked?

>> No.258595206

This, very low energy

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They disabled the beeping btw

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>2 days late

>> No.258595323

Orianna always seemed kinda boring to me but I'll give her a shot

I've played 52 games of vlad this season and have a 41% winrate. I've watched elite500 stream a bit too I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong

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even if you go 15/0 as sion you will not be able to carry for shit, aatrox or kled is better depending on which champion fits your playstyle better

>> No.258595349

more like niggums lol

>> No.258595372

it rained in missourri that day.

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what is the point of multiple casters if one of them will not shut the fuck up

>> No.258595461


fucking cancer

>> No.258595507

>the only thing that can defeat wiggums is wiggums himself

>> No.258595559

aaaaaand it's done

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They really hate Wiggums for some reason.


It's not a professional cast so you can't judge it too harshly. At least the beeping is gone!

>> No.258595578

I like the 3 knock ups that Aatrox has so I shall one trick him, thanks

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xth for my wife Syndra!

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With upcoming Lux buffs she becomes vible on the middle lane again. Which one of those rune combinations would you suggest? According to my theorycraft all seem pretty great but I can't realistically say which will shine the most:
The current one, Electrocute that will be easy to proc, ult cd reduction, gathering storm and 10% CDR that helps a lot
Here we pass on electrocute and ult cdr, instead we get Comet, 10% CDR and storm from sorcery BUT in return we will get Coup de Grace and Precence of the mind
Here we pass on Gathering Storm and 10% CDR that really hurts, but in return get the biggest burst possible with electrocute and coup de grace

Which one do you think is the best? How big is the difference between comet and electrocute? How reliable is coup with buffed ult and your QER combo where your buffed ult deals damage in the end?

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not responding to their situation, but typical 2 man caster duo consist of one play by play caster that does like 90% of the talking and one color caster that provides insight

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What did you all expect from a """tournament""" organized by and for literal trannies and their orbiters?

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please have mercy on my soul, mrs. 1.0 ap ratio on ult with 18 seconds cd.

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I mean it takes like 5 seconds to come up with a stream overlay for OBS or whateever to show which team is on which side.
maybe 5 minutes to get a playlist of decent songs from /v/ and /vg/ approved sources.
5 minutes to sort out your discord settings so theres as few distractions as possible.

the heart is there but the execution is a absolute mess.
nah get bent
take the criticism and improve instead of trying to deflect it.

who in there right minds thinks streaming a game with INGAME SOUNDS MUTED is a good idea?

>> No.258596043

>says MEH
>says game like GAYME
Why do we have a furry that can't speak properly casting this.

>> No.258596062

that's a nice image

>> No.258596068

>may gin


>> No.258596141

does riot even care about anything other than ribbit any more? they don't pay attention to anything on their own boards other than dumb meme shit and it seems like things only ever get changed if some epic ribbit thread gets made about it
hilarious because ribbit constantly talks out its ass and has some of the worst players in league

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>go to lolgcs
>first post in chat is the TransgenderPride emote

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I love Lissandra!

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Quoted By: >>258596414

Production value just pretty low, the game doesn't fit the screen for some reason and no team overlay

>> No.258596359
Quoted By: >>258597118

>tfw tranny
>tfw not playing
wtf unfair

>> No.258596362

Your windwall has no power here, my dear hasaki friend

>> No.258596414

The stream was MUCH MUCH MUCH better during pregame but they switched hosts. Hopefully they can use the first hosts overlay again.

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>the person with the overlay is back
hopefully this person stream is way better than majins

>> No.258596772

>missed the draft
jesus and yet im not surprised

>> No.258597014


You mean may gin?

>> No.258597064

>upcoming match info is wrong

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Quoted By: >>258597171

are you cute and will you erp with me?

>> No.258597165

Now that the dust has settled, what's lolg's opinion on Qiyana?

>> No.258597171

no and maybe

>> No.258597276

my opinion is that she's broken bugged

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outplaying fools ALL DAY

>> No.258597426

oh is RivenKiller from the thread? I thought he was some random

>> No.258597460


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Quoted By: >>258597763

who won the first game?

>> No.258597519

she's definitely thick

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File: 3MiB, 1066x600, dark rift play.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>league will never have this

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File: 238KiB, 1302x682, PC0N5ra.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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@ twitch.tv/lolgcs

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Quoted By: >>258597930

ryze ult?

>> No.258597763

kings team, mudkips team ate shit

>> No.258597812

Majin has ZERO (0) chance

>> No.258597843

Ryze does Baron ports literally all the time in proplay.

now what we REALLY NEED is a AOE stealth ability. My vote goes to Nami,Hecarim or Kalista make them summon a (black)mist that obscures people inside from people outside until they auto attack or cast a spell give it like a half second fade time to balance it out

>> No.258597858

What are these shit LCS viewership numbers, lmao. Has it been like this all day?
Did RR hurt NA this much?

>> No.258597927
Quoted By: >>258598110

everyone is watching lolgcs dummy

>> No.258597930

>LoL copied Dota again

>> No.258597953

I wouldn't even be suprised

>> No.258597978

everyones watching the lolg tournament instead

>> No.258598034

why is cho meta again

>> No.258598082
Quoted By: >>258598181

How're Nasus and Yorick nowadays?

>> No.258598110
Quoted By: >>258598357

I actually am watching lolgcs over LCS

>> No.258598181

meme and meme

>> No.258598194

Guys should I jump in and save the cast with pro analysis?

>> No.258598357

same, comfy with the new streamer

>> No.258598710
Quoted By: >>258599098

who is the gay 12 year old?

"de Jinx scawes bettew dan Ezreal. No ideaw what da flash was. He was going to flash and use his poow"

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>be jem
>enemy yasuo ults the team from malphite
>the attosecond before the damage ticks

>> No.258598963

Is that me on singed? Literally running it in like a champ.

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File: 2MiB, 1144x647, t1.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>258599252

>there are people unironically watching trannywars instead of tyler1 right now

>> No.258599098

>he's wunning away

>> No.258599119

>not taking conq on singed into Sion
what is this retard doing

>> No.258599158

Why are there so many slant eyes in /lolg/?

>> No.258599207

Anons, which Vlad skin should I buy? I heard the dark waters one was recently on sale, so I fucked it up, did I?

>> No.258599252

thank god you reminded me

>> No.258599287
File: 3MiB, 889x500, get rekt.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Can you do this in League?

>> No.258599349

is this a epic new maymay?

>> No.258599381

[shitposts about a completely different game in league of legends general]

>> No.258599435


>> No.258599458

>playing spectre
You deserve it.

>> No.258599512

they ruined her lore

>> No.258599553
File: 57KiB, 680x501, 1515752557054.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>2 weeks since the essence store
>just realized the soraka and mundo chromas along with odyssey ziggs werent available to buy with blue essence despite the fact that other skins released that same patch could be

>> No.258599686

>these sion plays

>> No.258599802

very based singed

>> No.258599854

T1's gf is cute but she is a mutt too
guess the amerimutt meme is not a meme after all

>> No.258600108

>WhY dIdNt ThEy BaRoN?
because the tower was the safe option in there they could throw at baron because they already had stuff stolen from them i reiterate from earlier get people who know what they are talking about

>> No.258600268

games over now
jinx will carry

>> No.258600575
Quoted By: >>258600769

someone pls pivk gp in one of those games pls

>> No.258600629

got perseus pantheon from a chest, i'm gonna keep it because it will probably be a kino skin

>> No.258600682


>> No.258600721
File: 167KiB, 727x531, capture_001_06072019_204238.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>258600871

Is there any reason LoL literally just freezes and kill my PC? These are my specs and the website says I should be able to run it just fine.

>> No.258600764


>> No.258600769
File: 186KiB, 752x458, 1532236305409.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>gp fag is back

>> No.258600775

it is

>> No.258600785

bulldog stream is so good

>> No.258600871
Quoted By: >>258600974

Moreover, when the game crashes and I log back in, the game defaults to another region other than mine(NA) and tries to redownload the entire client into that language so I automatically get locked out of that game since it takes me roughly 40-50 mins to install it again.

>> No.258600974
Quoted By: >>258601047

>he doesnt have fiber optic internet

>> No.258600993
File: 25KiB, 855x153, file.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

remember dravens old passive

>> No.258601047

Extremely rare in my shithole country.

>> No.258601063

Fuck Leblanc.

And fuck Leblanc players.

>> No.258601070

it is
and he's getting rework soon

what was the problem with this anyways
his current one just makes him even more feast or famine with a useless lategame

>> No.258601072

I played my first ranked game today. Since when do they immediately put you in a rank?

>> No.258601089

"Successive applications will carry over any remaining damage" is the fucking busted part; it should've just refreshed the duration and it would've been fine.

>> No.258601097

>bleed brothers will never be back

>> No.258601151

Because Corki, a jack of all trades champion, has always been good and never gets the nerfhammer. 0 (zero) cost 999 (nine nine nine) damage rightclicks and a mini Zed burst is always good

>> No.258601176

is outlaw sprocket the one who sounds cute and effeminate?

>> No.258601225

you have to play 10 ranked games (placements)
depending on your performance, you'll get placed
you can't get higher than silver on new acc though i think

>> No.258601263
Quoted By: >>258601563

since this season
think of your initial rank as the lowest you could've gone, like if you lost all placements
and wins only push you up from there, but loses don't detract points

a change made presumably because people got disheartened after losing a few in a row or something and quit ranked for the season

>> No.258601275

Nosferatu is the only Vlad skin worth getting.

>> No.258601303

outlaw sprocket is the pedo

>> No.258601319
Quoted By: >>258601431

>black people music is someone's victory song

....kill yourself.

>> No.258601381

no that's the singed

>> No.258601431

what is black people music?

>> No.258601469

Marquis is a classic desu

>> No.258601563

I'm Bronze 1 70 LP which I assume means I'm not completely retarded

>> No.258601573

Team Majin already fell apart KEKKERINO

>> No.258601703
Quoted By: >>258602142

ur pretty good for a beginner desu

>> No.258601760
Quoted By: >>258602142

also your mmr is likely higher than that
go to opgg and see match avg mmr, it's probably mid-high silver

>> No.258601912

this better be the victory song for Majins team


>> No.258601963

>mudkip literally actually throwing
Good tourney

>> No.258602030

>weee let's give a champion a 1000 range dash (that slows bec. IDK XD) and can stasis entire teams and uhh.... do 9999 damage rightclicks! and uhhh.... ignore damage! aaand uhhh.... pretend to be a Leona+Shojin rightclicker! LOL EPIC XD
Never show this unbalanced piece of problematic malware in this general again. A game would look like this if you allow literal 8 (eight) year olds with only 3 months of Microsoft pinball as their gaming experience on its """""""""""""""balance""""""""""""""" team if it ever has one

>> No.258602142

All I did was drop wards everywhere and heal/peel for the Nid who was hard carrying. I thought you had to do more than that to get out of iron.

>> No.258602301
Quoted By: >>258602525

to get out of Iron you literally have to have a brain and use it properly
but good job man
I think support is actually easy to climb with as long as you enable the right person on your team

>> No.258602315
Quoted By: >>258602525

All you have to do to get out of low elo is not feed and not be brain dead.

>> No.258602346

>all I did was exist while somebody else carried me
also iron is like actual disabled people, third worlders, people who play on 500 ping, literal 6 year olds, etc
it's actually so hard to get an account into iron and have any fun while doing it

>> No.258602413
Quoted By: >>258602475

Team Reddit vs Team BTFO LIVE


>> No.258602415

No they are 100% buttmad because of G2 playing Pyke. They did the same thing with Rekkles when he was playing AD Kennen (who else even played that shit).

>> No.258602475

*Team Wiggums and The Niggums

>> No.258602525

There Zoe was a goddamn sniper and one shot me consistently if I got out of position. Not feeding is hard :^)

That's good to hear because I enjoy support for some odd reason. That or a nice, tanky cc bot top

>> No.258602614
Quoted By: >>258602789

Why ban bard when the support was picked why waste a ban.

>> No.258602789

why pick soraka? why put limmie on a hypercarry?
pro-tip: they're retarded

>> No.258602940
File: 889KiB, 1275x708, ha.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>play game vs hashinshin
>my mid lane tf has told us we aren't winning and kills himself over and over
>but he can't out-troll olaf who afk farmed the whole game after dying 1 time

league of legends

>> No.258602943

also putting their best player on Morg

>> No.258603054

>I dunno how to feel about raka having barrier
You mean in a lane with no kill pressure and barrier is literally the best spell to have on raka I swear the meme that /lolg/ is actually silver might be true.

>> No.258603209

okay wiggums team is literally trolling

>> No.258603259

>Just found out the artist that did the illustrations for Nunu's and Willump's song video also did Tristana porn
S/He's my spirit animal.

>> No.258603321

>the I can't scale the game to fit the screen guy streaming again

>> No.258603451
Quoted By: >>258603746

which trist piece did he do?

>> No.258603547
Quoted By: >>258603780

why are dragons so hot

>> No.258603653

why does Majin sound so gay

>> No.258603746
File: 175KiB, 1556x1219, 1549928648049.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>258604735

Well, a ton, because they're a self described "yordle fanatic" and Tristana is clearly the favorite here. As for which in particular, this one. There's a nsfw version.

I'd assume it's a guy, but since knowing about Bandlebro I'm not gonna assume.

>> No.258603780
File: 433KiB, 1559x1413, 1430127764.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>258604067


I know, right?

>> No.258604067
File: 326KiB, 2048x1041, 1545888889996.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>258604289

>Just listening to the Nunu&Willump video
>See artist credited in video description
>Check his twitter channel and other sites
>Suddenly tons and tons of Tristana fanart

My Tristana folder is TOO fucking big, I can't find anything I'm searching for in particular anymore.

>> No.258604171

>decide to tryhard soloQ
>play my best
>let's see LP gains
>Summoner's Rift Normal (Draft)
how do I cope with fact I have negative IQ?

>> No.258604265

hey, better then the other way around

>> No.258604289
File: 64KiB, 896x892, Messing with Lulu.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Goddamn that's a lot of yordle art.

But did you have fun, anon?

>> No.258604476

Just take it as practice dude.

>> No.258604713

>Ryze jungle with Ravenous hunter
abuse it while it is still hidden op guys

>> No.258604735
Quoted By: >>258605198

link to the nsfw version? can't find it

>> No.258604756
Quoted By: >>258605805

>1/13 botlane
surely this is the toplaners fault

>> No.258604835
Quoted By: >>258605805

How to become d1 player?

>> No.258604934

hashinshin game

>> No.258604970

Sorry Limmie for doubting you

>> No.258605010

I remember Draven was one of first heroes I played and I ran him with ignite on toplane. That was peak League fun.

>> No.258605160

>gangplank jungle
excuse me?

>> No.258605162

Limmie > Waifu Lily
>Limmie > Waifu Lily
Limmie > Waifu Lily
>Limmie > Waifu Lily
Limmie > Waifu Lily
>Limmie > Waifu Lily
Limmie > Waifu Lily
>Limmie > Waifu Lily

>> No.258605164

>people finally realizing that i was right when i said lily was boosted as hell

>> No.258605198
File: 146KiB, 1435x1020, 1557529638107.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>258605520


Also apparently he did this one too
So now I just want to pledge my eternal soul to his service so that he will keep drawing.

>> No.258605238

based limster #1 adc in lolg

>> No.258605331

I typed the word "faggot" in LoL and got a 14 day ban. The fuck do I do with my time now?

>> No.258605363

is it possible to multibox legolegens?

>> No.258605441

is limmie a diamond level adc?
how did she hide her power level?

>> No.258605517

make an alt on euw

>> No.258605520
Quoted By: >>258605678

instead of ur worthless soul why dont you pledge some shekels

>> No.258605571

can I cast the next game?

>> No.258605584

why are you guys surprised that Lily lost
they have the 3 best lolg players after Bearizard
top jg and mid are enough to win even if Limmie feeds sincce min 1

>> No.258605678
Quoted By: >>258606207

Shekels won't keep him alive and parkinson's free forever.

>> No.258605689
Quoted By: >>258605797


>> No.258605728
Quoted By: >>258605986

Did Lily get boosted or something to Diamond?
She does NOT play like a diamond, lost to a legit unranked ADC. Even though she had debatably the best support in the tournament.

>> No.258605731

I still want to kiss and hold a cute adc!

>> No.258605762

make an ulr on Eune
unironically mods and ban sys in Eune is designed to work out with slavs that you wont get banned for cussing

>> No.258605797


>> No.258605805
File: 209KiB, 1911x1079, she.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>258606019

Just practice a lot and never assume that you know everything or that anything you think is 100% correct. As soon as you let go of your preconceptions of whats right and wrong and just start taking the advice of everyone the game gets a lot easier (assuming you've practiced enough to be mechanically good).

I play pretty much only Shen and don't seem to have a problem getting master / d1, but only after I stop having an ego and thinking I am good at everything and never wrong with decision making / item builds / strategies.

My other accounts Riddler and RiddlerShen are climbing up there too slowly. If you want to add me we can duo ranked (I got accts in pretty much every elo as long as your NA). We can just play for fun sometime

I solo killed hashinshin at lvl 2 but like I said its because olaf went afk and farmed and did not help his team for the entire game; Its just not very visible at the match results screen. Only reason we won is cuz olaf went afk.

>> No.258605837
File: 34KiB, 353x393, 1545721212413.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>258606117

>rumia's team next
GO rumia my otp!

>> No.258605947

name a better botlane than limmie toth

>> No.258605958

FACT: I am no longer a Omegalul Cutie poster. I am now strictly a Limmie! poster.

>> No.258605986

retard Lily and Raquan are bad compared to Angel Cham or Fisher
wiggums literally was inting master players in one of his games here on lolg

>> No.258605994
File: 6KiB, 225x225, fire.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>egirls and trannies taking over our tournaments and games

>> No.258606019

Sadly im playing on euw ;(

>> No.258606020
Quoted By: >>258610492

>groan about people in my shitty gold games picking ez and being useless
>master friend links me like five screenshots of master ezreals also being useless
it's weird how popular he is desu

>> No.258606117
File: 3MiB, 498x484, vigne scare.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>258606368

t-thanks anon i-i-i got t-t-t-this im not n-nervous at a-all

>> No.258606207

enough shekels will keep anyone immortal and parkinson's free