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I know they cut the brotherhood elder quest but the idea that there is code written down that you can challange the elder for the position in combat is the most retarded thing ever

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Has there actually been any talk by Bethesda of a bloodied nerf, or are you all just freaking out over nothing?

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A question to those who enjoy roleplaying and will actually dress up to play their role rather than picking the best equipment available: in playthroughs where you fully devote yourself to the Institute, do you hide your alliance and use stuff that doesn't look like it came from the toot like Kellogg did, or do you fully embrace it and walk around with the Institute's armor and weapons?

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Loud and proud. The fuck are any commonscum going to do about it?

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>implying this doesn't make complete sense and the BOS would roll with it

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If I was ever roleplaying an Institute character I'd probably use this https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/38995

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This. If the Brotherhood wants a change in leadership, they arrange convenient accidents instead.

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that shit was dumb because they kept referring to "the litany" instead of the brotherhood codex, obviously someone started half-assed writing it and they realized it was beyond even pete hines retarded level of off canon and they scrapped it

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If i actually wanted to seriously roleplay in a Toot plathrough i would never again leave the concourse except for pleasure, because i have an army of expandable slaves at my disposal.
I would certainly not fuck around in a rotten amusement park or a foggy shithole island.

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Yeah, the BOS has a established tradition of undermining their Elders through political backstabbing or assasination, not honourable combat.

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I would, in modern power armor. In a suit of X-01 you are possibly even stronger than a walking tank. You're cruising around in a suit that does your walking for you, has air conditioning, and can even feed you and inject you with drugs. You're walking in this suit among guys wearing rags shooting .38 pipe pistols at you. The consequence would be practically nonexistent.

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That sounds nice but not as nice as having your Synth Nora sucking your dick while Synth Nora-2 sucks your balls.

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So for those who were in the previous thread, I found a guy who was able to port the Power armor from Fallout 76 to 4. I managed to get an answer on how, and it may work for standard weapons and everything else too.
See pic related, this is an image he sent me with a few extra screenshots of his work.
Please tread carefully, I don't know how legitimate the link is or anything, but it may be worth a shot.

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>he has no sense of adventure
>he wouldn't just bring along Onahole 1 and Onahole 2 wearing their own suits of X-01 as backup

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A bit of extra proof I assume, said he found this one so far unusued in 76

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Nvidia control panel > adjust desktop color settings > use nvidia settings > turn down digital vibrance to desired level of desaturation (~20%).

Survival mode, don't take scrounger, don't use industrial purifiers, use automatic weapons.

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Oh, and don't use decontamination arches or refreshing beverages.

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I want to _____ Valery!

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Big if true.

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i lurke and post here since 3 years now and i have still no idea what the appeal of 76 is. Im not even memeing, nothing to do with bugs.
What do you even do in that game? Pvp is shit, building is shit, and the pve content is a gated broken mess where you cant do cool thiings with the rewards anyways. Seems to me only autist like clowndaddy can have fun.

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Some people are wired to get a weird sense of accomplishment and gratification out of repatedly doing menial tasks.

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Quoted By: >>262696978

Anon what are you doing with all of that scaffolding?

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The fact that something like Refreshing Beverage even exists in the game is baffling.
It's like somebody looked over radiation, addiction and health and said "whoa guys this is too harsh we need a magic potion that completely defeats the purpose of these"

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Found a quad gauss rifle. With a 20 round mag this thing's fucking hilarious to use just for the novelty of having an electromagnetic assault rifle.

>> No.262695350
Quoted By: >>262733736

I've used that program. It's legit and works for any mesh in the game, but the meshes it outputs aren't directly usable in Fallout 4. There's still some work involved with actually getting them in the game.

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>non PA heavy tank build
>stabilized perk

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Quoted By: >>262696663

>Cookie cutter understanding how builds work

>> No.262696663
Quoted By: >>262696960

>no understanding at all of how builds work

>> No.262696692

Nice. That regen is hilarious.

>> No.262696883

Is this any good https://nukesdragons.com/fallout76/perks?v=1&s=1fb456e&d=pd2pk2pl2pp2eo2eh2ej4s00c72ic4lu2l71p02lv2lk2lr2ar2an2&w=&n=&m=&nw=

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All the other fallouts were fun, but on 76 the NPCs cry after you kill them.

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>Running PA dependant perks not in PA

>> No.262696978

Renovating, duh

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>> No.262697102

>disagreeing with the guy who was agreeing with you

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First time playing 76, it definitely feels like the X/Y sensitivity is fucked up and doesn't match just like what they did with 4. Is this fixed in the same way through the ini, or is there a proper in-game setting now?

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Good, I'd love to have the LMG, pump shotgun and M79 ported over with their animations and sounds.

>> No.262697249

I was having issues with this just now. As I remember it you had to manually edit the settings .ini to get it to work right.

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Is there a mod that spawns Tesla T-60 PA in a different locations? I just don't like playing through Automatron to get it.

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I don't see how they expect people to have display cases and shit when i see people bitching about their stashes being full mines at like 500 right now so i think ill be ok for a bit but who knows

>> No.262698478

just spawn it via console?

>> No.262698505
Quoted By: >>262699452

If you can have an item in a display case and for sale at the same time that would be nifty.

>> No.262698791

i didnt change the title but its a pa build actually

>> No.262698920

if solo put maxed rank lone wounderer and 1 extra charimas perk at your choise

>> No.262699452

That would be pretty neat maybe as an extension of the vendors.

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you could have all of that shit right this second

>> No.262700538

>install multiple follower mod to see reaction of all follower
>literarly every companion (minus danse, whic cant join you before that anyway) dislike you joining the brotherhood
>same for institute
>more then half likes when you join the railroad
what does todd is trying to say?

>> No.262700939

Even braindead bethesda companions are smarter then the average BOScel

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well, guess it's back to my old shit.

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BGS obviously has a hard-on for two things: historical references and Lovecraft references, the Minutemen and the Railroad are historical references. When we get le lovecraftian faction bethesda will be shlling for them too

>> No.262702010

Already happened
>children of atom
I'm like 99% certain every companion hated joining them

>> No.262702015

People of the Commonwealth don't like a warbound army who showed up unannounced, unwanted, and declare themselves the grand savior's of the Commonwealth then immediately strong arm the populous into feeding them and start crash verts into their houses and then have a giant robot throw nuclear arms all over the place and screaming so loud he's waking up the Warwicks.
Gee wonder why.

>> No.262702254

They are just religious wackos

>> No.262702553

Got few questions bout 76
1. Any junk worth not scraping? Or is it just half a step you collect for thing that matters that are resources?
2. I had that farm mission event, I reckon it's story one triggered by looking for overseer. I destroyed robots and had to turn some things on inside building, but I got busy hacking terminal and didn't saw some guy doing that task for me. Did I just got cucked from half the reward after doing actuall "hard" work of fighting and paid healing tax, and guy just swooped in and took the easy shit?
3. Is stash in CAMP safe? Do I need to store in this box STASH, or can just store stuff inside the kit itself? They seem to be one and the same.

>> No.262702853

>Any junk worth not scraping? Or is it just half a step you collect for thing that matters that are resources
Bone is mostly useless, as is glass.
Only two I can think of atm

>> No.262703396

>capped out for the day
>scripped out for the day
>remaining daily challenges are too retarded to bother, and there's nothing in the atomic shop worth it anyway
wow I sure wish there was something to do-
>dungeon being added that you have to clear three times a day for full rewards
I take it back, stop.

>> No.262703601

The CoA aren`'t a lovecraft reference.

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>> No.262704071

Don't reply to him i know it's tempting.

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Quoted By: >>262705446

>blow them up with niggertom and /u/deaconxD
>Radio Freedom celebrates it and says everyone owes the Railroad their eternal gratitude
very woke and also based

>> No.262704368

>edgy furfag excavator armor
oh no no no don't add this to the atom shop please

>> No.262704445
Quoted By: >>262729260

stealing Atom Shop content is illegal and immoral

>> No.262704689
Quoted By: >>262728453

Looks like shit. And on that note, has anyone ever actually thought about Raider Powerarmor? Like, why does it exist.
There's Powerarmor EVERYWHERE.
It seems more difficult to take a frame and weld a literal ton of rebar onto it than just taking one of the 58 pristine Powerarmors that literally stand around in the middle of roads.

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>> No.262705016

>it's NOT a phase mom

>> No.262705095

>knew the black and red power armor paint was just edgelord bait, avoided spending 1800 caps or however much it cost at the time
>see this
oh fuck, they got me

>> No.262705130

Bethesda does seem to have a thing for furry shit, I've been seeing quite a few people wearing the atom shop bear costume and the Mr. Fuzzy suit lately.
Is Todd a furry?

>> No.262705173


>> No.262705304

America is only second to Japan for dumb mascots.
All the suits are an allusion to that, nothing more.

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No but he's seen the amount of money furfags spend on patreon and deviantart and he wants to tap into that sweet sweet degenerate money.

>> No.262705318
Quoted By: >>262705392

large if factual

>> No.262705392

are you blind >>262704220

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Find this beast mere weeks befor 5 stars. Should I try to sell it while I still can?

>> No.262705898

I've gotten a lot of good shit in the past week.
I don't know if they're buff the drops to make it easier for people or what.

>> No.262706210

Is anyone else unable to play 76 on Xbox One? It keeps randomly shutting off for me, turning off my entire console and I have to reset it to just start it up

Is there anyway to fix it?

>> No.262706369

Nexus mods>Torrenting>>Deep Web modding sites>Steam>>>>Creation Club

>> No.262707064

is there any indepth conversion mod for any of the 3d fallouts that let you roleplay as a full member of faction? I really like that aspect of the games but no game has it fully realised sadly

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guys i'm scared.

>> No.262708170

I don't get it.

>> No.262708389

>He actually downloaded it.
Enjoy your virus, retard.

>> No.262709096

you know what it looks like, you must have downloaded it too!

>> No.262709231
Quoted By: >>262709590

Ebin :DD

>> No.262709557
Quoted By: >>262710106

>cola nut
nice food build

>> No.262709590

lmao my windows got updated. your virus is outdated and wont be doing anything from the trash bin!

>> No.262710106

A food build he just got off of Reddit too.
This guy is a fucking clown.

>> No.262710174

Unironically imagine the smell

>> No.262710578

>The West Tek B4D-4SS model of power armor was deployed just before the great war in Anchorage, Alaska in limited numbers alongside the Liberty Prime power armor. Despite their political differences, Chinese and American soldiers both agreed that it looked hardcore.

>> No.262710694
Quoted By: >>262710835

>finally come back to the game after all this time
>see that player stores are a thing
>plop those plans I've been holding onto for half price in my store
>first person to ever visit my store buys them immediately
did I fuck up or get lucky

>> No.262710835
Quoted By: >>262710908

Depends on what they were

>> No.262710908
Quoted By: >>262711221

Ultracite mod plans, not even particularly good ones.

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Why the fuck is lighting so god damn shit in Vault 88? I tried using the fluorescent ceiling lights because they were obviously made for this DLC, but they were fucking shit so I tried using subway lights which are kinda better but still fucking bad.

>> No.262711138
Quoted By: >>262716386

There was a mod for that within moments of that DLC coming out. Ups the range on all of the vault lighting features.

>> No.262711174
Quoted By: >>262716386


>> No.262711221
Quoted By: >>262711715

Probably a jewlord who's going to try and flip them and have them rot in his vendors because almost everyone has all of those already to the extent if you go to the queen you can find piles of them on the ground.
You got caps out of a smiling merchant, be happy.

>> No.262711381
Quoted By: >>262711598

>tfw you're probably going to be speccing out of shotguns and into fucking pistols soon because you literally can't get a decent shotgun to drop or be able to find one in a vendor.
An AAE shotty shouldn't be this hard to fine.

>> No.262711384

Delete this right fucking now anon or I will cancel Elder Scrolls 6. Don't fucking test me.

>> No.262711598

doesnt pistols suck though

>> No.262711715
Quoted By: >>262712128

I figured as much, I was dropping those before I quit too. Was just wondering if their rarity got bumped or something.

Does the queen still drop mutation serum recipes? I heard she doesn't, so I feel like I should be selling the ones I can make.

>> No.262711867

They do, but Shotguns are actually worse. But I atleast have some Pistols banked that would be decent for a non-bloodied build.

>> No.262711886
Quoted By: >>262711992

Horrendously. Their cards being in AGI cripples them because that's the place where a lot of other damage boosts are sitting that need the space.

>> No.262711992
Quoted By: >>262712193

>Being a perma crouched stealth fag.

>> No.262712128

>Does the queen still drop mutation serum recipes
No. You can only get them from buying them for like 20k from modius.

>> No.262712193
Quoted By: >>262712274

>not playing stealth archer in every beth game after morrowind

>> No.262712274
Quoted By: >>262713061

>Bragging about being a shitter in every bethesda game since Marrowind.

>> No.262712626

Assaultron Dominator dominating your ass.

>> No.262712963
File: 519KiB, 1920x1080, enb2019_8_16_20_59_12.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

does this look too retarded?

>> No.262713061

Deal with it, nigger.

>> No.262713127
Quoted By: >>262713738

>Slutwear bigtit blandfu

>> No.262713738
Quoted By: >>262713889

I asked about the waterfall, not the woman.
Play as a legless wheelchair bound indo-mexican bantu jew dipped in acid and ran over by a combine harvester for all I care.

>> No.262713889
Quoted By: >>262714127

>I was not talking about the focal point of the image
Say that next time dipshit, how on earth you could think people would take it any other way?

>> No.262714127

you would react to the most unusual thing in the picture if you weren't thinking with your dick

>> No.262714393
File: 44KiB, 500x356, 00.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

A special image just for you. Same low price.
and this is coming from someone who also plays a female character in everything

>> No.262714917
Quoted By: >>262715065

>and this is coming from someone who also plays a female character in everything
/tesog/ /tesg/ and /fog/ proving to be 80% AGP as usual

>> No.262715065

Your character is the vehicle you ride around inside a game world. Why would you choose not to ride in a sleek and sexy sports car with big, bouncing, beautiful, bright headlights.

>> No.262715381
File: 719KiB, 1920x1080, enb2019_8_16_21_22_56.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I took another so that you can see all the rocks

>> No.262715406

>having ocd, neet and bored
>fuck around in creation kit
>find out that danse has the most lines recorded by FAR if you exclude codworth name lines
nani the fuck.

>> No.262715601
Quoted By: >>262715771

I've been to Nexus for more than 3 minutes. No a waterfall a pool with a big tit waifu doesn't strike as "unusual."
I don't know why you're so defensive because you posted something with a specific focus, and are mad people a commenting on the focus rather than the thing you can't be bothered to take 3 seconds to type out "Does this waterfall look retarded?"

>> No.262715770

Yes, it looks retarded. Waterfalls generally are not built to come out of ground water and be pumped out at a 90 degree angle against gravity.

>> No.262715771

>I don't know why you're so defensive because you posted something with a specific focus, and are mad people a commenting on the focus
Because it wasn't the focus and I'm annoyed by your insistence on it being the focus.
I took her out. Can you stop?

>> No.262715857
Quoted By: >>262717024

Looks tacky and fake. Like the kind of thing a middle class person or nouveau riche would have at their pool.

>> No.262715989
File: 102KiB, 390x392, latest[1].png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Work undercover until the Brotherhood and Railroad are dealt with, then flaunt my alliance once we win.

>> No.262716245
Quoted By: >>262716815

roleplaying accordingly to the institute means to fucking sit in the institute

>> No.262716386
Quoted By: >>262716583

That mod doesn't affect DLC lights, only vanilla settlement lights, but I found one specifically for this DLC.

>> No.262716583

That's exactly what I was referring to. I think there are at least two others besides that one. They all went up within a week of the DLC, along with a mod that makes the vault power boxes have much more range.

>> No.262716807
Quoted By: >>262718670

>Event rad-rat horde
>Travel to it
>You have been disconnected from the server in a room that looks like the dev room
Oh no... please no... I don't want to be banned because I legit glitched into it by accident.

>> No.262716815

You're roleplaying an ex-soldier that's helping his son by being their #1 surface agent, not a basement dwelling incel. Learn to separate the game from your life.

>> No.262716895

Is there anything in the GUN website worth getting?

>> No.262716981
Quoted By: >>262717312

your delusional son is dead and you are the leader of the faction that thinks the surface is lost and disgusting. Stop being a brainlet

>> No.262717024

I used to think middle class were people with jobs paying enough to allow them to save up some money, not have marble lined outdoor pools with artificial waterfalls...

>> No.262717152
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Quoted By: >>262717541

so i played fallout 4 again, just to see if its any good still

i dont understand how people like bethesda and their games? the dialogue and voice acting are fucking awful. it feels like everyone is forcing an accent, and every single character has the same structure of speech. like their dialogue all follows a specific pattern.

in nuka world theres only fucking 1 female voice actor for the whole map, so every gang has several females that all sound the same. and they shared the same voice lines with the males, so you can literally hear two different people say the same line right after each other. its fucking annoying.

the whole game is buggy as shit and all of the quests are really god damn boring. its all fetch quests and wipe out a bunch of raiders, with AI that fucking blows.

vault tec workshop was so horribly thought out, it was lazily thrown together with a bunch of shit broken on the map, like the perpetual alarm going off, the water purifier that can never be repaired if broken, and the whole building system is cumbersome and inconvenient to use as fuck.

i know everything can be fixed with a mod, but even with mods this game is terribly bland and uninteresting. this paired with the fucking flop fallout 76 was, and how bethesda fucked over so many of their customers how do people still like bethesda and play their games? i pirated fallout 4.

>> No.262717307
Quoted By: >>262717548

Then you fell for the class war meme where the rich told you you were well off and middle class while the people in gated communities with tacky artificial waterfalls laughed, and still only barely qualified as middle class themselves.

>> No.262717312

None of those happen until the end of the game retard, don't start roleplaying after the credits roll.

>> No.262717541

>everything can be fixed with a mod
There is still not a single gameplay overhaul for Skyrim that makes it an actually fun game that isn't spamming M1 on draugr until they die, and Fallout 4 still has no good fix for horrible level scaling and HP sponges.

>> No.262717548
Quoted By: >>262717790

christ, what the fuck is upper class if gated community barely qualifies as middle class?

>> No.262717693

yeah, these games are really made with a pathetically low standard of quality, it genuinely feels like they release games with minimal playtesting

>> No.262717790

Multi million dollar mansions, yachts, pedophile islands.

>> No.262717901

I'm not gonna tell you to go make a mod that fixes those things yourself, but these kinds of vague complaints with no ideas for solutions won't magically materialize any.

>> No.262717938

is there a mod/console command to have danse as follower asap as soon as i leave the vault without breaking the game?

>> No.262718175
Quoted By: >>262718560

not hm but, its not vague tho. Like enemy are retarded (and have no attacks in 99% beside charging you and hitting your face) the combat system is shit and boring. Like if you played skyrim for one hour you know whats wrong with it.

>> No.262718225

Yeah, its called walking your lazy ass to the police station.

>> No.262718307

That's what happens when you listen to boomer propaganda. The middle class, or bourgeoisie, are the small business owners. Gated communities, mcmansions, boats, multiple cars.

>> No.262718560
Quoted By: >>262719018

I played Skyrim more than I should have but I haven't launched it without at least 5 combat altering mods in years.
You still didn't offer single way to improve enemy behavior or combat system.
Please, don't chimp out at me, I'm not defending either. I want to hear solutions, not problems. I'm aware of the problems.

>> No.262718654

It's a lot more than that. He needs to do the Arcjet quest at minimum and join the BoS, then he needs to go to Diamond City, get the quest to go get nick, get nick, and then find kellog, which will complete Reunions and trigger Shadow of Steel. Shadow if Steel needs to be completed to get Danse as a companion.

>> No.262718670
File: 152KiB, 543x709, falloutemail.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Todd might give you your account back if you promise to buy the next few 2500 atoms bundles.

>> No.262718779

actual retard

>> No.262718783

Okay so here's an actual solution that was then misused
This guy had a mod at one point that locked player health, weapon damage, and enemy HP so they were the same across all levels, allowing the entire game to be balanced around that. Few changes to weapon damage perks, stealth crits, things like that. Made the NW corner of the map spawn raiders that could actually take a bullet or two without exploding into paste.

He then proceeded to abandon the individual options for his mod, compile it all into one big overhaul, and it's got tons of shit that's entirely subjective now. It also conflicts with other mods, and only a select few mod guns are set up for it last I checked.

>> No.262719018
Quoted By: >>262721509

>do not offer a way
im not a paid game designer, anon
Thats like saying i cant say fallout 3/new vegas guns sucks without release a design document on better gunplay signed by bungie.

>> No.262719148
File: 60KiB, 941x575, 1457981978563-4.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262719605

>glitched my way through silos probably over a hundred times
>got tons of duped guns
>harassed the shit out of people with mic spam and destroying their base with two shot explosive shotguns
>not banned

>> No.262719241

not him but is their a "good" overhaul for F4 like requiem for skyrim?

>> No.262719605
Quoted By: >>262719717

>harassing people via mic didnt get me banned
does this ever get anyone banned in any game? Not in my exprience, no proof and such

>> No.262719717

The first ban that got public attention in 76 was some guys calling a streamer a faggot.

>> No.262719909
Quoted By: >>262720120

>A faggot
That's not what happened, they followed him around as a pack calling him a faggot on open mics. That was the issue. No on really care if some one says someone is a faggot to them once.

>> No.262720120
Quoted By: >>262720536

>no proof
also this:

>> No.262720536

If enough people report
>guy ran up blasting I'm 100% Nigga
most don't see the need for proof

>> No.262720545

I want to disobey Valerie and do all the nice experiments!

>> No.262721509
Quoted By: >>262722930

>locked player health, weapon damage, and enemy HP...
Those sound reasonable but far from actually fixing anything.
3D Fallout's core gameplay sucks donkey dicks because entire game is structured around a fucktarded MMO carrot on a stick gameplay loop and changing or locking some numbers won't fix it.

But I didn't tell you that you can't criticize things.
I told you it's pointless if you can't even communicate what you want changed and what specifically you want it to be changed into.
Saying enemies are dumb and combat is shit is just repeating something million people said million times.
All I can say to that is: Yes, anon, you are right. I share your sentiment and you have my sympathy.

Do you guys have any concrete suggestions?
I mean something like:
>I want enemies to use this or that tactic
>I want weapons to behave in this or that manner
>I want to be able to this or that during combat

>> No.262721557

Post your actual, factual builds.
Not from Nukes and dragons, on your actual character as they are right now.

>> No.262722082

taking a screenshot of the perks screen didn't show the perks screen, just the scenery I was staring at
would require restarting my game to launching in windowed or taking a picture of my screen, refuse to do either

>> No.262722084
File: 1MiB, 1024x576, TotallyNormalPvP.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.262722181
Quoted By: >>262722324

How the fuck does he have a behemoth weapon?

>> No.262722324
Quoted By: >>262722465

Set the playable flag on it in the esm

>> No.262722465
Quoted By: >>262722681

Hope he reports the faggot then.

>> No.262722519


>> No.262722591

If you make a sale over your cap cap where does the money go? Poof?

>> No.262722635

Oh my god, the fucking ironing.

>> No.262722662
File: 133KiB, 1200x1200, 1565411887027.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Is there a particular reason why people don't care quite as much for legendary armor as they do weapons? I'm thinking that with the recent 25 percent discount I'll buy up some 3 star armor from Mrs. Molly since it's cheaper than weapons and will offer more passive benefits to me.

>> No.262722681

All Bethesda will do is 3 day ban, if they do anything at all, complete incompetence

>> No.262722689

i unironicly got so addicted to bethesda games in the past 12 years i consider to buy f76 just to get the fix

>> No.262722908
File: 2MiB, 1920x1080, file.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262723745


>> No.262722930
Quoted By: >>262723952

isn't the 2D fallout gameplay even worse? you just click mouse 1 on enemies until they die.

>> No.262722996

>Fallout 4 still has no good fix for horrible level scaling and HP sponges.
I think Horizon handles this well nani desu.

>> No.262723170
Quoted By: >>262724675

Stop playing on Very Hard. Stop using Commando weapons. Pick every damage perk. Boom done, you instantly kill pretty much everything, or 100% everything if sneaking in a single hit.

>> No.262723413

>modded for 4 hours for a comfy long BoS run in F4 and now finally finished
wish me luck, brothers. Ad victoriam!

>> No.262723745
File: 2MiB, 384x288, 1549219907093.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262724725

>This level of foodbuild

>> No.262723952

2D fallout gameplay wasn't centered around combat and you are greatly misunderstanding the combat mechanics of turn based games.
I don't like turn based games, so I'm not going to bother mansplaining their intricacies to you - I will leave that to someone more competent.
I will just say that 3D Fallout games' gameplay and especially Fallout 4's gameplay is build on killing shit and little else, while the means of killing sucks dicks, and leave it at that.

>> No.262724062
Quoted By: >>262724291

>decide to finally delete the character I used during the BETA
>started a new character with the same name when the game released because I wanted to pick different perks
>deleting the character requires typing the character name
>thus have a 50/50 chance it deletes the wrong one
Well never fucking mind then.

>> No.262724246
Quoted By: >>262724761

Recommend me a gourmet food build for surviving the harsh conditions of Appalachia

>> No.262724291

No? Since you have to select the actual character before you delete it?

>> No.262724675
Quoted By: >>262725015

>stop using commando weapons
I used The Problem Solver/Splattercannon on very hard and never had an issue. The issue was that I was making things easy to combat HP sponges, and everything else felt too weak. Everything in the NW corner of the map was fodder, and even the Mirelurk queens down south were getting fucked. The point is to make every raider at least a 1 shot headshot and 2 shot bodyshot, and more with armor which they should all be fucking spawning with. But no, we stealth archer things for one hit kills even now in 76 and no one thinks this is bad gameplay.

>> No.262724725
File: 3MiB, 1920x1080, Photo_2019-08-16-165400.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262724936

Sorry my hobo junker character as too many QoL perks that pair well with her character for your delicate damage based sensibilities.

>> No.262724761

A bullet.

>> No.262724936
Quoted By: >>262725468

>Junk Shield is a QOL perk
>having hacker equipped at all times is a QOL decision
>licensed plumber

>> No.262725004

Any junk not worth scrapping will not auto scrap unless you want to scrap it manually later. You'll see them in your junk inventory when you try to scrap stuff. Most of the time it's bottles, baseballs, stingwing barbs, stuff like that. Most of those things are still worth scrapping, though. Hardened Mass (an endgame junk item) you probably won't want to scrap, though.

Stashing via CAMP is your another functioning stash box. Anything in your stash is safe.

>> No.262725015
Quoted By: >>262725234

Very hard gives you a flat -50% damage penalty. Stop playing on that meme difficulty and then complaining about damage sponges.

>> No.262725230

I wouldn't buy that for more than 2k caps. It's a 2 star legendary pretending to be a 3 star one.

>> No.262725234
Quoted By: >>262727381

I feel like you didn't actually read. The problem was not with HP sponges annoying me because they were too hard to kill. It's that the game balance revolves around them, and is completely fucked as a result.

>> No.262725468
File: 2MiB, 1920x1080, Photo_2019-08-16-170131.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262725994

>Junk Shield is a QOL perk
DR is DR and she's always filled with junk, as she's a junker.
I have 1 erroneous perk point I don't know what to do with, it just happens to be in INT the moment and I put hacker into it instead of having nothing.
>licensed plumber
>He wants his weapons to break, ever.

>> No.262725538

>play NW
>can join the faction of the guy who everyone say rapes and breeds woman
>cant rape or woman
is this the power of obsidian?

>> No.262725749
Quoted By: >>262726229

Oh, it's Hespori. Yea that guy is a 100% fucking hacker. He trolls Austral on stream every now and then. He has an instakill anything in the vicinity of himself hack for NW. The funniest part is the fucking cunt hasn't been banned yet.

>> No.262725893

Its the power of the ERSB.
Being able to commit rape as a player along with everything else in NV would give it a AO rating.
AO ratings don't sell.
That's why they so rarely exist.

>> No.262725941
Quoted By: >>262726967

What the fuck is NW?

>> No.262725994
Quoted By: >>262726678

>He wants his weapons to break, ever.
I'm at the point where I WANT my weapons to break. I've probably got, like, 5 pounds worth of improved repair kits on my ass it's starting to annoy me that they even have a weight to them.

>> No.262726117
File: 26KiB, 567x437, 1493058465854.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

guys can someone give me a mod that adds nice decorative plants for settlements?

>> No.262726221
Quoted By: >>262727021

Only an unofficial patch (and it doesn't seem to do shit)
She's 13

>> No.262726229

He's been pulling this shit on streamers since January and Bethesda hasn't don shit about it. It's a complete joke and a sign that Bethesda is powerless to stop these sort of people. Surely they fucking know about him by now, there's a shit ton of recording of him hacking, but no moderation done against him. Hilarious, just hilarious at how incompetent the B-team is. Most truly be unpaid interns at the helm.

>> No.262726282

>rape is AO
>kiilling and dismembering people playing with their corpses at mass murder psyco leve lis fine
i hate society

>> No.262726561

who the fuck read ESRB ratings these days when kids buy shit online?

>> No.262726678

Can you not put them in a vendor?
>Couldn't be bothered to read or absorb the "along with everything else" line.
Bro, your reading comprehension is what's truly wrong with society.

>> No.262726895

>you didnt rerad
i did read it, i ignore it because you are wrong, retard
you can remove every single drop in NV and i would still get AO if you rape and breed woman as a PC
no euthanasia yourself.

>> No.262726967
Quoted By: >>262727173

New Wegas

>> No.262727021
Quoted By: >>262733425

>Only an unofficial patch (and it doesn't seem to do shit)
I think it's actually pretty mandatory.
>She's 13
Hot, she's got great taste in videogames if she enjoys NV.

>> No.262727173
File: 18KiB, 397x368, 15129159903.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>tfw you unironically used to type Wegas into Google search 8 years ago

>> No.262727223

>Can you not put them in a vendor?
No. You can't drop them from your personal inventory or move them to your stash or they'll get destroyed, as far as I recall.

>> No.262727298
Quoted By: >>262727331

>4 years without new bethesda game
i need a fix bros...

>> No.262727331
Quoted By: >>262727431


>> No.262727381
Quoted By: >>262728289

Stop being a retard and go play on Survival where the game is balanced and challenging the whole way through.

>> No.262727431
Quoted By: >>262727808

did it already
worked for 10 minutes

>> No.262727458
File: 1MiB, 1200x900, bloodborne-main[1].jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I can't be bothered with upgrading my rig and my buddy is basically giving me his copy of F4 for free so fuck it, are there any good mods on PS4?

>> No.262727596
Quoted By: >>262727752

new fag here
i am about to start far harbor. I know nick is good to bring along but i have a more general question: Is it worth to get the DLC companions and do the DLC quest with them or should i stick with the vanilla ones?

>> No.262727607


>> No.262727663
File: 31KiB, 402x410, 1544659562999.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Fallout 4 SPECIAL videos take up 2.5GB of storage
>useless faggot intro videos everyone skips take up more disc space then full games better than Fallout 4

>> No.262727752

The DLC companion doesn't add much to the FH experience. You should have Nick.
ADA and Gage you should definitely use when doing the other DLC content they are in.

>> No.262727808

masturbate every 10 minutes

>> No.262727908

Hot hyperbolic take. It has been filed in the box.

>> No.262727925

>take up more disc space then full games better than Fallout 4
Such as?

>> No.262728083
File: 1MiB, 2560x1600, Fallout4 2017-11-02 22-21-36-18.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


Five star legendaries are coming?

>> No.262728112
Quoted By: >>262728565

Probably Fallout 1 and 2?

>> No.262728275

>Using Atomic Beauty

>> No.262728289
Quoted By: >>262729031

>bonus damage just for not saving

>> No.262728414

There are 2 classes: the 100 ultrawealthy who run the world, and the rest of the world.

>> No.262728423
Quoted By: >>262729067

The assumption is that doing that raid will net you a 3, 4, 5, star based on the respective difficulties as a end reward..
That said, we don't at all know.

>> No.262728436

>no replies
so you're all freaking out over nothing

>> No.262728453

Raiders are too retarded and high on drugs to think that way, check your civilized privilege

>> No.262728514
Quoted By: >>262728891

it's OP so they will probably nerf it some day like they nerfed two-shit and explosive

>> No.262728565
Quoted By: >>262729074

Serious answers only, please.

>> No.262728594
Quoted By: >>262728891

They nerfed TSE because it was too strong.
They will nerf bloodied for being "too strong" eventually. Its not a question of if, its just when.

>> No.262728629

>He doesn't know who Buff is
Sit down and strap in.

>> No.262728804
Quoted By: >>262739730

>Todd Howard

>> No.262728891

Twoshit and explosive stacked with each other and other damage modifiers in an unintended way to create a damage modifier well outside normal bounds. Bloodied/Adrenal puts you into a precarious position in exchange for some damage.

I've seen other games offer low health damage options like this, only for everyone to laugh at the retard running it every time he gets killed. My guess is they'll just make it so you can actually get damaged through serendipity, dodgy, protocols, whatever.

>> No.262729031

>t. too casual to have ever done an sv playthrough

>> No.262729067
File: 1MiB, 2560x1600, Fallout4 2017-11-02 22-18-24-35.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262741726


Never. Never!


Oh. I think its possible to have four stars already. All you have to do is get a 3 star and then add a scorched killer receiver on it.

>> No.262729074
Quoted By: >>262732390

Sorry, jokes aside it's Postal 2 and Redneck Rampage obviously.

>> No.262729157
Quoted By: >>262729395

>He thinks how powerful bloodied is based on synergy with other perks which can make players sit at 20% health and still be near unkillable is "intended."
Nah, nigger, the boot is going to drop.

>> No.262729260

>T.Zenimax intern

>> No.262729309

>My guess is...
yeah that would be a good start, but the damage is still pretty insane. Would be shame if it were completely useless though.

>> No.262729395

Nigger what the fuck did I just say
>My guess is they'll just make it so you can actually get damaged through serendipity, dodgy, protocols, whatever

>> No.262729482
Quoted By: >>262729852

Nerfing blooding really isn't going to stop people from doing obscene damage, in case you didn't realize. Full HP builds are possible that can tank shit AND dumpster everything. Vampire's/Anti-armour/Furious/Junkie's + FFR/Hitman's does a crazy amount of damage even if you're not low hp. "B-But PvP!" Low hp is complete garbage outside of PvE, foodbuild-kun.

>> No.262729571
File: 887KiB, 2560x1600, Fallout76 2019-08-15 13-26-56-461.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I think bloodied is going to get nerfed desu

I have a 2-shot crossbow that does like 160 damage, and because 2-shot is straight up +100% damage with *projectile* based weapons, I thought that was as high as it could go. But nope, my Bloodied one goes up to like 260 something. That's waaaaay more than +100% damage. Thats like +200% damage.

>> No.262729852
Quoted By: >>262730035

Why are you so defensive? Where did I say any of the shit you're defending?

>> No.262729854
Quoted By: >>262730105

>Go to do the Queen on my unarmed character.
>Put in my AA deathclaw gauntlet.
>50 damage per punch roughly
>Put on my unstoppable monster
>1k normal swings 1.5k power attacks.
>Bloodied is balanced for pve they say.

>> No.262730035

He's a bloodied cookie-cutter player who's nervously biting his nails because he doesn't know what to do if/when his build gets nerfed. Despite what he's memeing, nothing else comes close to the damage output of Bloodied atm.

>> No.262730105
Quoted By: >>262730371

>a wild cryolator appears
>queen gets stunlocked
>food builds rejoice
>10k rounds later they kill the queen
>corn soup for everyone

>> No.262730371

>Queen is meant to be an ammo dump raid boss that shouldn't be killed in 2 minutes.
>Why would anyone imply that Bethesda would balance it back to that.
>Becoming a "foodbuild" shitposter.
You've be hanging out with Keelot too much and are becomes significantly less based.

>> No.262730550

what the fuck is a food build?

>> No.262730558

>He's still mad about his food build
Go make some tato soup and aged mirelurk queen steak

>> No.262730828

the cúmbrains who play 76 pick up perk cars and some of them are centered around food
having a bunch of food based cards enabled makes your character a "food build"
don't give it much thought, the """""people"""" who play this shit certainly don't

>> No.262730868

I'm a food build though. I have cola nut, bandolier, good doggy, and batteries included. That's OUR word. You can't say it.

>> No.262731073

>and are becomes

>> No.262731174

Derogatory term for people with any perks in their build that don't produce a net gain to damage output.
Some people are trying trying to clap back at them calling them "cookie-cutters" people who just look up builds and mindlessly duplicate them without knowing fully how they work.
Keelot, a person who loves to call people out for "foodbuilds" was outted for this earlier in this thread.

>> No.262731285

based clownfren

>> No.262731365

>When your brain is this rotted by memes.
I have a suspicion this guy might be Ironsides.

>> No.262731535
File: 130KiB, 1271x856, ponisides.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

We cannot go back to those dark days. Lest we forget.

>> No.262731692

I preferred "NPC" to this mix of "everyone but me is a drone and not real" you're operating with. At least that one made sense. I don't even think you're using coombrain correctly.

>> No.262731839
Quoted By: >>262732051

the fact that this general is plagued by faggots who might as well be speaking some obscure foreign language, because they are discussing the inner workings of a 3rd rate wannabe MMO nobody fucking gives a shit about, doesn't actually do anything to my brain, besides giving me irresistible urge to flatten you.

>> No.262731852

>Becoming a "foodbuild" shitposter.
>He doesn't know the Clown made an entire video shitposting foodbuilds.
He was never one of your own, foodie.

>> No.262732051
Quoted By: >>262732413


>> No.262732052

>competing over which tripfag has opinions you agree with
>them having those opinions means they're correct
what the fuck, you idiots manage to run off Ironsides and now this is what's become of you

>> No.262732070
Quoted By: >>262732713

There is a middle ground between foodbuild and cookie cutter.

>> No.262732260

Sizable if veracious.

>> No.262732390

postal 2 is fun though

>> No.262732407
Quoted By: >>262734110

You were saying

>> No.262732413

I am well rounded.

>> No.262732453
File: 97KiB, 496x600, mistake.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Why did you create me this way? Why would you build me like this Do you wish to see me suffer? Does this amuse you? Were you curious if you could? My existence is an abortion.

>> No.262732713

There is. It called playing normally and how you want without being a faggot to other people about their builds. Its the easiest thing too.

>> No.262732745
Quoted By: >>262735660

i just give jezebel a mr handy thruster and be done with it.

>> No.262733050
File: 963KiB, 3840x2160, 20190816195514_1.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>> No.262733061
File: 728KiB, 1200x1200, 7685677456756.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>you level as you do anything
>you get a perk every time you level
>game's been out long enough for people to be whatever level with lots of perk cards
>you can change perk cards whenever you want, it's in the pipboy menu
>people talk about "builds" as if it's something you made your character into, and as if you can't change to whatever you want in 10 seconds
As someone who enjoys carrying 300+ purified water and has over 300 jars of honey on their character as we speak, it doesn't get much more "food build" than that. But, I can switch into a bloodied build and do max dps in 10 seconds by visiting my stash and changing some cards around. It's not like anybody is limited in any way. It's not like a traditional MMO where you may have spent points making a certain build. You can swap perk cards in 10 seconds.
Which, depending on how you look at it, is actually one of the nice things about the game. Player freedom is generally (generally) a good thing, and the character builds and perk card system in 76 is pretty good in that regard.

>> No.262733346
File: 173KiB, 903x1200, ab3e39959231e9c7ffa6c88071b29f3a.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Bethesda stops giving out assets from 4 as bonuses for con sales
>The offer 1 time boxes that add 100 stash space
>the pack is still 10 dollars
>there's a sale once a month
>There's no way to get your stash bigger other than this

>> No.262733351

How am I supposed to level up my character when it won't give me any of the perkcards I need?

>> No.262733421
Quoted By: >>262733617


Mutations and Special can affect builds, though.

If you have 1 luck you are not going to have a good time doing a crits + Vats build. If you have 1 Strength you will have trouble doing anything with heavy weapons or even carrying shit. I hope those new super perks coming later are cool.

>> No.262733425
Quoted By: >>262740334

>I think it's actually pretty mandatory.
Maybe if it worked, but it doesn't.
>Hot, she's got great taste in videogames if she enjoys NV.
That's about the most ambitious game i got her to play. She didn't play much, but i'm still glad for how it is. She liked breath of the wild much more.

>> No.262733617
Quoted By: >>262733921

>super perks
nani the fuck

>> No.262733736
Quoted By: >>262734127

Are you referring to the fact that we actually have to make the power armor in the Creation Kit with stats and everything?

>> No.262733793

if it's account and not character, I'd do it. Lots of other games have this feature and it's never bothered me. If I'm to believe what they say and that it's to limit server load, then gating it like this would ensure it doesn't get crazy but people can still expand their storage if they really have problems. Still sucks it isn't infinite

>> No.262733883
File: 2MiB, 1920x1080, fo76 pa heavy weapon build.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262798421

currently playing on my heavy weapon character
might switch travelling pharmacy for blocker later

>> No.262733886

Is that a fucking sausage in a taco what the fuck is wrong with the japanese also for the question i think people would throw a fucking shitfit

>> No.262733916
Quoted By: >>262734424

>yeah I could be playing optimally
>I just choose not to
why do you think this makes you less of a foodbuild

>> No.262733921
File: 351KiB, 2560x1600, nuclearthrone 2016-10-16 00-11-55-28.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262734542


With Wastelanders you will be able to pick from new super perks if you are above level 50. And you can get new additional perks every 50 levels past that for any Special.

So I'm level 161 or so. When that update drops I can pick from 3 Special stats to unlock the new super perks. They claim they are way better than current perks, perhaps only one can be active at a time. Sounds a lot like Nuclear Thrones ultra mutations.

>> No.262733987

>Is that a fucking sausage in a taco
can you actually point out something wrong with that?

>> No.262734110

"Foodbuild" started as an insult to shitty pvp players by other pvp players, not actual pve players. The only times I've ever heard it is in reference to how bad someone is at pvp, or how angry they get when they don't win. It's the guy who keeps losing but seeks revenge 50 times.

They could have all the right damage perks, and still be a food build.

The only times I hear it used as an insult towards actual pve/casual players is here.

>> No.262734127
File: 894KiB, 320x213, Talking in Oblivion.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262734749


No you still have to skin that shit

Skinning power armor is also really, really gay

>> No.262734145

It's a gourmet sausage, moron.

>> No.262734424
Quoted By: >>262734705

You act like 76 is a game that requires min-maxing.
The only things that require dps are Queen and imposter, that's only if you have less than 5.
Vault raids will not have DPS checks.
Caring about DPS is like caring that you make sure to get the right shade of white painted in your kitchen, only you care and trying to act superior about it just makes you look like a pretentious shithead.

>> No.262734542

It was described as every 50 levels AFTER 50. So 160 would get you 2 slots.

New characters get however many slots equal to however many 50 levels past 50 you have. So if you have 3 characters at 100, you get 3 slots on a new character, but only 1 slot on the already made character.

They also said it's all subject to change. So it could be anything.

>> No.262734705

>Vault raids will not have DPS checks
Right, they'll be perfectly tailored experiences that test everything but your ability to press M1 on a big bullet sponge, because so far this game has been the pinnacle of game design.
>trying to act superior about it
I'm not that other bloodied faggot. I just think people who have perk cards slotted for food carry weight and don't even have the damage cards for their weapon deserve to be called something derogatory.

>> No.262734749
File: 25KiB, 300x300, fuck-this-shit-im-out.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>have to skin that shit
I don't know what that means but it sounds more complicated than my retarded self can handle.

>> No.262734850


>> No.262735493

>that broken lighting
>pig disgusting weapon model
Rubber masked swollen face waifu anon?

>> No.262735660
File: 641KiB, 1920x1080, 20171012024855_1.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Eh. I tried.

>> No.262735826

jezebel is a bitch and died anyway on a caravan lmao

>> No.262736459

>berserkers explosive mg42
should I even bother trying to make this work, it seems counterintuitive

>> No.262736783

No matter what you give her she hates you, so I put that dumb bitch in a dumpy protectron body.

>> No.262736785
File: 18KiB, 359x359, 1522662996913.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262737076

>Nice to know there's someone I can depend on out here
>Hate to admit it, but I'm havin' the time of my life
>Bein' out here with you makes me glad I left the Combat Zone
>Never bein' lonely again is all I've ever wished for. Thank you
>You saved me life and you saved me soul. I guess I'm runnin' a hell of a bar tab
>After everythin' you've done for me, I'll be damned if I'm going to let anythin' happen to you
>It's nice havin' you by me side. Only friend I've ever had was a bottle full of whiskey
>Lettin' my guard down around you isn't easy for me. Give me some time
>There's nowhere else I'd rather be than right here, at your side
>My heart, my treasure, my love. All for you
>Be careful, treasure. I couldn't stand losing you
Cait is CUTE and she says CUTE things

>> No.262737021

just go naked and see how much damage it does boy

>> No.262737065
File: 235KiB, 876x974, autismo.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262737302

>> No.262737076

Is that some kind of weird sarah palin compositing?

>> No.262737243

If you want to go full ham on Berserker, yes, it will be a high damage output and last you a long time.
If you don't want to though, I'll either give you caps or trade you another 40 scrip trash weapon as I am collecting Berserker weapons.

>> No.262737302
Quoted By: >>262737603

Just dump the whole folder

>> No.262737525

Get some sentinels armor with dense/padded chest mod, then let it break while you're wearing it and don't take it off. It'll have 0 DR and you still get the legendary/mod effect. With rank 3 fireproof you won't even feel it.

>> No.262737603
File: 133KiB, 1893x739, trueretardation.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262737941


>> No.262737941
Quoted By: >>262738432

Do not bully caitfag.

>> No.262738432
Quoted By: >>262739438

Picking on disabled people is always entertaining though?

>> No.262738458

The only issue with that let the armor break strat is if you have to go somewhere with rads, you'll have to put on a hazmat which will force remove your armor pieces.

>> No.262738560
Quoted By: >>262738673

brotherhood or railroad?

>> No.262738670
Quoted By: >>262738834

Okay, interesting, but the key issue here is it's a heavy weapon, and Stabilized and Berserkers are obviously pretty mutually exclusive.

>> No.262738673
Quoted By: >>262738924

>Be a faggot or a retard.
I'll just go with MM

>> No.262738834
Quoted By: >>262739054

I've never bothered to check, but what DR if, if any, does a frame give?
That's still PA.

>> No.262738924
Quoted By: >>262739770

>helping the soulless faction that you can't even kill

>> No.262739054

Scratch that, it's 60 dr of each.
So yeah, that's out.

>> No.262739438
Quoted By: >>262740018

it's not you fucking faggot

>> No.262739730
Quoted By: >>262743178

>Hodd Toward

>> No.262739770
Quoted By: >>262739929

>The Commonwealth protecting itself, completely free

>> No.262739929
Quoted By: >>262740185

you probably think yes man is the best ending in nv too

>> No.262740018
File: 134KiB, 544x693, boomer.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262743031

Have a shot of cement and harden the fuck up

>> No.262740185

It is based in your own merits, if you think it's sucks that's a big oof anon, might want to go get Zoloft and stop being so hard in yourself.

>> No.262740207

You want all the mods with the USO keyword (unlocked settlement objects), the AWKCR keyword (armor and weapon keywords something something), the unofficial patch, DLC leveled list integration (DLC weapons and armor will appear in the Commonwealth), STS mods (scrap that settlement), OCDecorator, place anywhere tool, mankind redefined, criticial eyewear and rings (if you want the old crit system), unlock ballistic weave. Those are some basics and will do you good, after that you can expand into tweaks, additional options, faction shit, quest mods and so on.

Honestly the only thing you're missing are new weapon and armor mods and new dialogue in the new quests, so if you don't care about those you'll have fun on PS4.

>> No.262740334
Quoted By: >>262741379

Well, New Vegas was clunky and janky as hell in 2011, I bet playing it recently most be hard for a 13 year old, still, it's nice that she gave it a try at leaat.

>> No.262740369
File: 2MiB, 372x262, 7687687.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>I almost thought you cared. I'm a goddamn fool'
>You got shite in your ears? I said we're done. Now go away
>It's times like this I miss bein' back at the Combat Zone
>Why are you treatin' me like shit? I've already had enough of it to last a lifetime...
I'm glad these lines have never played on my speakers, and they never will. Only happy Caits!

>> No.262740615

swap class freak for bloody mess

>> No.262741367

>Work undercover
Did a similar thing with my Legion run. Hired gun that did odd jobs here and there, but decimated remote NCR bases.

>> No.262741379
Quoted By: >>262742478

I saw one save with 8 hours clocked and one with 18 and she also said that she had a third one, so maybe not that little. Mostly played with my help ofc.

>> No.262741726

Nice try Oxhorn

>> No.262741740
File: 229KiB, 601x591, hat.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262742658

Currently Attempting to port the clown hat into F4. Wish me luck pals

>> No.262742003

bored brain fart here:
should Bethesda ditch the whole yes sarcastic yes shit completely and focus more on playing as a member of a faction?

>> No.262742146
Quoted By: >>262743334

What would this achieve?

>> No.262742478
Quoted By: >>262742968

Damn, that's pretty good actually, she played F3 or F4?

>> No.262742523

voiced protagonist is a mistake no matter what

>> No.262742658

Godspeed, Anon.

>> No.262742686

compare your two shot to a normal crossbow, it's probably showing +25% like normal 2s, but actually lands like two * 100%s

>> No.262742958
Quoted By: >>262743913

I agree with you there. FO4's player voices and dialouge made them come off as dimestore Commander Shepards.

>> No.262742968
Quoted By: >>262744531

Do you have a problem with tracing a conversation 2 messages back?

>> No.262743031

I'm hard enough.
Don't need to ridicule ripples.

>> No.262743178

>God Hogwart

>> No.262743334

because there is actual difference and roleplay iin different factions
i agree but i bet all my todd bucks that they are not gonna back

>> No.262743721

If I were speaking for myself, I would say reluctant sarcastic yes.
you seem to have missed the part where these games now have to pander to millions of facebook normalfags.

>> No.262743913

Nora's voice is unironically based, especially with player comments

>> No.262744531

So you really meant it when you said she doesn't play much? Got it.

>> No.262746648

>unstoppable monster is very clearly meant to be synergistic with bloodied, and the entire unarmed meta meme
>they're clearly aware of it, and are practically encouraging it
>people still think it's going to be nerfed
but why tho

>> No.262746779

does anyone sell them on vendors? i probs should have got one when it was avail

>> No.262746932
File: 2MiB, 1920x1080, Photo_2019-08-16-035934.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>You have to be a general in the Enclave.

>> No.262746995
File: 848KiB, 2560x1080, ScreenShot12a.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

man, does this game like to randomly shit itself

also, I call this look npc miner 3

>> No.262747131

That does not mean it can't be nerfed to some extent.

>> No.262748042


>> No.262748382
Quoted By: >>262748847

>getting field promoted by an automated system so dumb it thinks muties and robots are chinese invaders is the same as joining the enclave

>> No.262748795

>had a junkies explosive mg3 in vendor from months back for only 5k on character i rarely play
wew, almost gave someone a nice gun for a steal. yoinked it when i saw his bank box

>> No.262748847

You're still a full fledged General of the Enclave. Automated, or not. You can look down the list of personnel and there you are!

>> No.262748882
Quoted By: >>262749087

I'm going to play a bloodied character and there's nothing _I_ can do because there's no content

>> No.262749087
Quoted By: >>262749814

there will be in 3 days time. just you wait. which prompts the question, is the once per difficulty per day lockout per character, or per account? because if the loot is good, we going to all hit it with all 5 characters.

>> No.262749814

>we going to all hit it with all 5 characters
I can imagine nothing burning you out of a game faster than doing the same mission 15 times a day. I can't even imagine doing the same dungeon 3 times a day if it's long or tedious enough.

>> No.262750054

>he never played guild wars 2

>> No.262750297

God bless him.

>> No.262750305
Quoted By: >>262750825

nothing's tedious with the 'tism. or cannabis for the normal folks

>> No.262750639
Quoted By: >>262759663

Anyone tried New California? Thinking about giving it a spin.

>> No.262750661

That mod adds too much shit for it to be good.

>> No.262750825

I did, and I remember doing some dungeons for some tokens just to get an armor set to use as a skin for my actual set of armor. I stopped playing when they added items you had to do dungeons for just to get minor stat boosts that you couldn't get through crafting, completely defying the old logic of Guild Wars 1 where every item at cap was equivalent.

yeah, even with no job, no school, and a case of the 'tism, running a 20 minute or so dungeon 15 times in a row in a day, seven days a weak is going to fucking murder you
>dude weed powers lmao
>weed makes me productive :)
if you actually think this I guarantee everyone you know hates you

>> No.262751060
Quoted By: >>262751498

I'd like to think this game will actually get longer turn support and maybe down the line you can make yourself an enemy of them, but then that would mean you'd probably never be allowed in the enclave bunker again.

>> No.262751441

concerning cannabis, i don't and have never used it. i have, however, seen it's effect on someone i used to play games with. when he just got home from work before using, he had no time for boring shit, but after, he could do the most mundane shit (mining for hours in darkfall) without problem. never said productive, more numb to extremely boring shit

>> No.262751489
Quoted By: >>262751961

Bethesda has no excuse for the quality of their dialogue when a small team like Larian makes Divinity Original Sin 2 full of choices AND there isn't a single repeating NPC voice actor. Bethesda is just lazy and wants to cut costs, and they will keep cutting costs while optimizing how to dilute the game to appeal to more players.

>> No.262751498

Wasn't it already leaked that Modus has lines where he tries to murder you, and he has another face for his monitors where he looks like more of a psychopath than usual?

>> No.262751961

Larian had the meme man himself Avellone to write DOS2, all Bethesda has is Pagliarulo. That's plenty of excuses for Bethesda.

>> No.262755008
Quoted By: >>262756060

you sound like a massive faggot with zero patience and the attention span of a toddler.

>> No.262756060
Quoted By: >>262761550

Well since the numbers I cited are 5 straight hours of play all on the same dungeon I know you can't actually be angry about that. If you are you're fooling yourself.

I'm going to guess you're actually mad about the cannabis comment, in which case
dude weed lmao

>> No.262756930

>doing the fitness test for the responders to become a firebreather
>first time through the course I became thirsty so it gimped my AP bar
>second time I get stuck in between a rock and an invisible wall
Why does 76 always try and fuck me?

>> No.262757198

>Tfw killing a scorchbeadt is a huge challenge for me at like level 70

Granted it may have to do with the fact that I'm using weapons I'm not speced into because I'm out of my normal ammo, and the weapon i'm using is a normal, unloaded level 50 hunting rifle, but still. Why the fuck am I so garbage at this game

>> No.262758159
File: 63KiB, 187x200, 15818864461.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Just completed the Vault-tec Workshop DLC. Pretty disappointed. Such an awesome idea of making your own vault and doing your own experiments, except it's only 4 crappy machines that suck and kill your settlers. The pieces can be a bitch to link together, and the lighting is pretty fucked without mods. The reward for doing all the quests is pretty trash. Fallout 3's "Wasteland Survival Guide" questline, more or less a joke side-quest, was better and more fleshed out than the Vault 88 Questline. You get the same reward at the end even if you piss off Barstow. They included a lot of Vault stuff to build with, but not decorate with, so your Vault feels pretty bare. Even though you can theoretically expand into the other sectors, your building potential is severely limited. They should've just had one huge underground area instead of one large area and some tunnels. You can't even make your own Vault suits either, it's just a respawning chest. Pretty disappointing, I would've been even more pissed if I bought the season pass. For $15 for everything it's alright but it's pretty fucking barebones.

>> No.262758256

Cause of your inability to properly build and maintain said build of course!

>> No.262758274
Quoted By: >>262758543

man sometimes i wonder how much shit bethesda keeps cutting and why.
Like i was fucking arround with danse companion script because that one anon mention it and if you take danse to stuff where he cant be (any unskippable main quest before reunion) he has reactions to some of this shit,

>> No.262758448
File: 986KiB, 884x564, hueh.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262758605

just raided the legion for the 7th time with my mobster build
how did I do

>> No.262758462

Hunting rifles are a garbage weapon. Don't blame yourself for killing a SB with a shit gun.

>> No.262758543

you know why

>> No.262758605

You might have missed a spot. Looks like there's still an asshole sitting on the throne.

>> No.262759097
Quoted By: >>262760552

>basic hunting rifle with no damage cards
even with damage cards and the -36% armor card you'd still struggle
what gun type are you specced into if not single fire rifles btw?

>> No.262759663

Its OK. Might as well try it at one point since were not gonna have new fallout stuff for a while

>> No.262760552
Quoted By: >>262760714


Seriously though, pistols. Although I realized that's just as bad. I really hope that pistols get buffed soon.

>> No.262760714
Quoted By: >>262761557

Any build without an armor pen card will always be perma trash.
The ONLY viability shotguns have at all is their insane limb damage chances due to enforcer, if it wasn't for that, they'd be worse than pistols.

>> No.262761125
Quoted By: >>262761536

Can you find the Fire Breather outfit anywhere other than the Into the Fire quest?

>> No.262761536
File: 922KiB, 2560x1440, Photo_2018-11-08-170641.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262761646

I was about to say no, that it's a quest reward, but then I remembered that someone said there are random event rewards that are firebreather hats. So maybe the outfit is only through that quest but you can get more copies of the hat through events if you're lucky. Apparently, there is even a white version of it.

I actually have the same question, except about the responder paramedic outfit. Like the first outfit you get. Mine disappeared and I have no idea where. I would not have sold it or dropped it, so I must have accidentally scrapped it or perhaps a bugfesta glitch ate it and it's gone. But when factions come in the next update, I was going to wear it so I'm sad.

>> No.262761550
Quoted By: >>262761867

t. no fun allowed incel who
5 dollars says you drink or watch too much porn. Either way, your opinions regarding 76 are disregarded and you're still a massive faggot.

>> No.262761557

Damage is not an issue for a crit pistol build in pve, it's all the reloading that holds it back. Your only options for actual damage are a western revolver and a powder pistol, and I guess a plasma flamer pistol which I occasionally use to clear mobs of ghouls and such.

>> No.262761646
Quoted By: >>262761950

Same thing happened to my Fire Breather Uniform... I have the hat, but the outfit is just gone...

>> No.262761867
Quoted By: >>262762620

>say weed isn't a super drug that turns you into a cool person

>> No.262761950
Quoted By: >>262762403

I'll give you mine if you have the paramedic outfit laying around

>> No.262762403
Quoted By: >>262762596

I would probably say yes, but I want both for the same reason as you.

>> No.262762596

you can make a second character, do that quest on the new character, and then get a friend or me to hold the new firebreathers outfit while you switch to your main character and pick it up

>> No.262762620
Quoted By: >>262763050

Never said it was a super drug that makes you "cool", so put words in my mouth, you fucking imbecile, but I'd really love to see you backup your claims earlier. I doubt you can though, as the burden of proof lies on you. Also imagine actively arguing over drugs in a Fallout thread, something you started. This conversation is over and I really, sincerely hope you have sex and get some friends, anon. Quit being so jaded.

>> No.262762932

Why couldn't 76 just be a single player ?
Fuck zionmax

>> No.262763028
Quoted By: >>262763526

Gotta kill mods somehow

>> No.262763050

never have I made someone so upset by so effortlessly brushing on a sore spot
it really concerns you this much that you're a dude weed lmao loser who everyone can't stand

y i k e s

>> No.262763176

Ya know the pop in 76 is actually pretty fun when you play nuclear winter. But I swear to god anywhere else but NW the pvp seems awful. It's like either you get curbstomped or the other guy curbstomps you. There's no semblance of balance in adventure mode pvp or survival, I really don't understand how the fuck people find it fun to shit all over others without ever being posed with a challenge.

Every time some game with unorganized pvp comes it it always *sounds* neat, but it rarely ever is, since skill matters little in the face of broken, overpowered shit-tier builds that break the game's combat and devolve it into nothing more than a shitfest where people go to prey on players that don't use overpowered shit, then act as if they're so good at the game.

Fucking /blog

>> No.262763273

is this general still pozzed by 76 posters?

>> No.262763486

>either you get curbstomped or the other guy curbstomps you.
Lmao noob

>> No.262763526

Today is Matt Grandstaff's last day at Bethesda. Wasn't he like the great advocate of nexus within Bethesda? If so then nexus might be fucked

>> No.262763970
Quoted By: >>262767520

It IS a singleplayer game if you play in Australia and hop on a survival server. Entire game all to yourself! You'll get bored out of your mind even faster than normal.

>> No.262764261

I think making PvP objective based rather than purely gear based makes it more entertaining in that regard. Because you can have the best armour and guns, but being able to hold down, say, a certain amount of objectives more than your opponent still means you can [win]. That's where my general concept of a team vs team [king of the hill] workshop war would be semi-interesting. You can have the best gear, but you can't be everywhere on the map at once.

>> No.262764848
File: 2MiB, 1440x810, 51117776-1565986234.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262765213

Is this a new legit discovered easter egg, or just something added in from a mod?


>> No.262764896
File: 112KiB, 772x817, 1471509820067.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262768163

Is Survival on 76 any fun? Do people actually go out to of their way kill eachother and their bases?

is it any grittier?

>> No.262765141

How's this for a catchphrase?
"I'm the Courier. I bring deliverance."

>> No.262765178
File: 1MiB, 250x250, 1445149863173.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262765501

>force finish unfinished/broken quest in mod for fallout breeder
>walk over to underworld to sell some junk weapons I got from enclave soldiers in the jefferson monument
>sell to tulip, get out of her menu to get the rest of my items out of dogmeat's inventory
>as I close the inventory she disappeared
>wait an hour to see if she comes back
>use prID with her refid I found in fnvedit
>can't find her
>can find everyone else but her using refids

>> No.262765213


>> No.262765228
Quoted By: >>262765673

I wonder if any BerE energy weapons exist.
I bet they all got tossed.

Feels bad man.

>> No.262765501

Oh thank god, waited until 8 am when she opens her shop and she reappeared
fuck having to deal with the trainwreck of a sidequest this mod has

>> No.262765673


I checked the trade Discord. One guy was "liquidating them" for 8000 caps each. Three months ago.

I don't think that man has ever looked up liquidation in a dictionary before.

>> No.262765683
File: 3MiB, 1920x1080, Photo_2019-08-17-002158.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>When you go to creep on another players with a camera but they creep back.
What a cute interaction. I love it.

>> No.262765789

Fucking rip.
Supposed I should go troll some discords and hope. Only have 9k though. Gotta get on that grindin'

>> No.262765985
Quoted By: >>262766145

What do you think plasma goo tastes like?

>> No.262765992
Quoted By: >>262766145

>two grown ass men pretending to be women being cute
pathetic, stop false advertising

>> No.262766145

Antifreeze that burns.
You need to lighten up a bit.

>> No.262766405

Who's more compatible romance for a BoS supporter between Cait and Piper?

>> No.262766559
Quoted By: >>262766993


>> No.262766629


>> No.262766632

Your own

>> No.262766689
File: 244KiB, 432x600, maxson nora.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.262766810

Piper wouldn't tell you to fuck off even if you side with thr intsitute. She will grumble for a minute and the forget about it

>> No.262766930

I hope they bring back pickpocketing when wastlanders drops

>> No.262766993
Quoted By: >>262767142

anon I wish

>> No.262767142

You don't need a few shitty lines of dialogue to love a character, anon
and besides, she's a robot, she'll say and do whatever you tell her to

>> No.262767520
Quoted By: >>262768354

It's designed to be multiplayer, that's why you get bored playing alone. That and the fact you can't mod the game (guess what, aslo because it's multiplayer)

>> No.262767559

>using Discord

>> No.262768163
Quoted By: >>262768583

Survival is a meme mode at the moment. Bases are invincible unless you are directly attacking the owner and weapons in that mode don't deal much damage because everyone's running legendary armour. Either way, people only look to DM in that mode, so nothing objective based like actual events are actually possible to complete.

>> No.262768354

>That's why you get bored playing alone.
Nah. I have a lot of fun being a happy merchant in the game and that doesn't really require much interaction at all, just me doing my own thing to make sure my store isn't a piece of shit like the rest of them. I want people to see my store on the map and think 'Hey. It's this guy, he usually has some nice stuff. I'll go visit him.' And that's good enough for me. Honestly, F76 is probably the best of the 3D fallouts if you just wanted to be a merchant king.

>> No.262768583
Quoted By: >>262768948

>events are still active in a mode where everyone is hostile with each other at all times
is it even possible they'd just cancel the game mode all together

>> No.262768948
Quoted By: >>262769089

Who the hell knows. But in its current state it's a POS. I think they might need to make it so people that dodge events can't actively harm people in events or something, because events as is are practically impossible to do with randoms on the account of someone who *could* decide to be turncoat and kill everyone. To be honest, though, I do like that now that I think about it. Imagine actually being able to slay every fucking foodbuild at an event for being dead weight? God. That sounds heavenly.

>> No.262769089
Quoted By: >>262798257

>Ability to kill every fucking rooftop camper that doesn't tank a pylon at Imposter.
I need this in adventure.

>> No.262769131
File: 1MiB, 707x1000, 1447033352089.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262769413

Do you guys have a modding guide for Fallout 4?

>> No.262769413
Quoted By: >>262769575


Now is there a mod that replaces the magazines using images like what you posted?

>> No.262769575
Quoted By: >>262769989

I wanted a 4chan guide but thanks I guess.

>> No.262769778
File: 346KiB, 1359x1080, firefox_2018-09-20_19-09-41.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262770494

Make sure your waifu is well protected. I have a second whole set of legendary armor ready for settler gf in 76 too.

>> No.262769872

So if psycho is a 15% DPS boost, then would a build that stockpiles it and uses duration bonus with it be a viable option compared to +3 weapon damage+ cards that only grants 15% DPS to that specific gun? It seems like a good idea on paper. You're just trading the damage in perk cards for damage in chems, you just have to deal with addictions more often, which isn't particularly difficult since there's an event that hands out addictols like candy.

>> No.262769989
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>4chan guide

>> No.262770494
Quoted By: >>262770904

>I have a second whole set of legendary armor ready for settler gf in 76 too
You are aware they've already said they can't follow you around the map, correct?

>> No.262770904

yes. they do not follow you constantly, but they hang out at your camp and they do have a predetermined number of quests that they do accompany you on.

>> No.262771347
File: 284KiB, 550x430, 1558323850083.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>still fucking around with ttw quest overhaul
>learn that I skipped a whole segment in the sewers after project purity
>also can't use setstage for project purity related quest to finish it and get it out of my pip-boy menu
>go back a few hours in my saves to before I told the mutants to fuck off
>choose to have them stay again
>quest finishes like it should and grants XP
>go inside the rotunda
>mutants attacking everyone but dad again
>only advice from loverslab thread after searching is to make two different factions allied in console
>don't know if this will break anything else
god I wish playing with ttw was fun

>> No.262771679

What's a fair price for mutation serums?

>> No.262771841
Quoted By: >>262772847

I see them sold for 350 caps all the time. Never sold one for more than 500.

>> No.262771873
Quoted By: >>262772847

Fair? Like 1k. I won't pay more than 250-300 though.

>> No.262771959
File: 37KiB, 340x506, 2b6b06cff8488ad4dce6487b851661a27f0ccede2e17eb4b829de57c0f2c417e.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262772086

>has a mod that severely messes with the MQ
>ugh why is my MQ so messed up guys

>> No.262772086
Quoted By: >>262772681

based and gottem pilled
cringe and owned pilled

>> No.262772257
Quoted By: >>262772602

The last time i played TTW i couldn't talk with the Supermutants.

>> No.262772602

Did you do the making friends quest from the GNR plaza

>> No.262772681
File: 13KiB, 236x151, 1472788266857.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I'm not owned! I'm not owned!

>> No.262772771
File: 455KiB, 684x800, 1560014055864.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262773843

You got owned!

>> No.262772789
Quoted By: >>262773034

Was that a t3t creation?

>> No.262772847
Quoted By: >>262798150

What the hell? Does the queen still drop mutation serum recipes or what? Did people just get a crazy amount of them from her?

>> No.262773034

looks like it. I saved it from some thread months ago.

>> No.262773265

So, what body mod should i be using for four and is there any real difference? I'm noticing mostly everything is built around CBBE but it doesnt seem like the most detailed

>> No.262773272


Is my build /trash/?

>> No.262773807
Quoted By: >>262774575

other than being a pistol build, it's not so bad
needs less int, full bloody mess, fireproof, removal of class freak, removal of egg head, addition of marsupial and speed demon.

>> No.262773829
Quoted By: >>262774575

Why are you taking egg head?
Why are you not taking Marsupial?
>No 4 leaf
>no 3 stars into bloody mess
It needs some work.

>> No.262773843
Quoted By: >>262774057

I think I could dodge a bullet from a gun pointed straight to my face upclose. It would mostly be about luck of course, but my supposition is that one can hear a gun's mechanism from that close. You may also pay attention to the body language on the guy that's about to shoot you. The issue, however, comes after the initial shot is fired, as a pistol like that certainly has more than one bullet prepared, so I would have to act fast and fearlessly with the consideration that I might not survive, but that in the end I will take the bastard down with me. It's not a strange notion to imagine that, after taking a few 9mm shots to the general chest area, one would be able to live just long enough to push one's thumbs on the enemy's eyeballs from that close. Of course everything would be made easier if I was Jackie Chan in one of his many great movies, but I am neither chinese nor trained by the master Bruce Lee himself.

>> No.262773976
File: 962KiB, 1920x1080, 1546625624643.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

What's your favourite settlement in F4 to build for yourself only?
I like Coastal Cottage's spot, but you can't scrap all the ruined buildings there, for example. I like this screenshot, it was posted here and it looks very nice. Tenpines Bluff would probably fit if it weren't for the settlers, their ugly shack and unscrappable stuff.

>> No.262774057
File: 235KiB, 750x747, 1565533279559.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.262774280

What bulks do people actually buy?

>> No.262774303
Quoted By: >>262774892


>> No.262774398
File: 311KiB, 2560x1440, Fallout76_2019-08-17_02-13-25.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

want a level 50 quest reward?

>> No.262774575
Quoted By: >>262774954

I suppose that without egg head I wouldn't have any use for class freak. Although speed demon may be nice, but I don't really like marsupial, I like the control I get over jumping without it, and if it means anything Int supposedly effects exp gains by about 2% per point.
Four leaf clover isn't as good as you may think with that much luck, at any point from my leftover 45% from crit savvy I only require 2 hits to get another crit, the (albeit decent) chance to get another in one hit doesnt seem as worth it when compared to other perks that can offer more consistent performance boosts, like bloody mess with it's constant damage bonus for instance.

>> No.262774892

No one would really buy plastic, rubber, gears, or springs?
That's a shame

>> No.262774953

Anything less than 500 caps is 'I'm a retard that doesn't realize I can sell this to the NPC vendors for more' price. And nobody will buy them for mre than 500 caps. So essentially, don't sell them at all unless you're selling them to vendors.

>> No.262774954
Quoted By: >>262775552

the int -> xp was in 4, but not sure it exists in 76

>> No.262775189

20% more than 0 is still SHITTTTTT

>> No.262775552

It doesn't say it in game afaik but someone a while back on reddit did some calculations and figured out that xp gains are effected a bit by your intelligence stat, so that's what I've been going off of ever since.

>> No.262775560
File: 506KiB, 2560x1440, Fallout76_2019-08-17_02-31-44.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>> No.262775694
Quoted By: >>262777483

2 caps per junk piece is low balling. 3 caps per screw is a standard price (and one of the most desired junk items besides ballistic fiber (4~5 caps per))
Bulk Acid - 2.4 to 2.6 caps per acid
Bulk Gears - 2.1 to 2.2 caps per gear
Bulk Spring - 2.1 to 2.3 caps per spring
Bulk Aluminum - 2.3 to 2.4 caps per aluminum
Bulk Adhesive - 2.3 to 2.4 caps per adhesive
Bulk Copper - 2.4 to 2.5 caps per copper
Bulk Plastic - 2.3 to 2.5 caps per plastic
Bulk Steel - 0.5 - 0.7 caps per steel

>> No.262776468
Quoted By: >>262776797

Is the eco dome in a pack or something? Where is it?

>> No.262776524
File: 10KiB, 381x275, 15996626576.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Fallout Appalachia was wasted on fucking 76 of al lgames
The one time my god-forsaken part of the world gets in a game and it's 76

>> No.262776628

I tried using setscale on the manufactory parts to make a little ammo factory (literally) but they don't want to be scaled down for some reason. I'm almost positive doing so breaks the game. Thanks Bethesda coders

>> No.262776759

The only good thing that came out of this idea is that it proved to bethesda that you don't need to have a revolutionary war references in their setting in every corner. I was afraid Fallout 5 would be set in Philadelphia but now i'm optimistic it might take place anywhere on the east/midwest that is if fallout 5 is going to happen at all

>> No.262776797

It was yes, its no longer available.
FOMO practices Bethesda is doing is absolutely scummy

>> No.262777073

Anybody got an FO76 key they'd part ways with?

>> No.262777312