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CUDDLIEST edition!

OT: >>262663743

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it is time

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How the fuck do you even stand in shit like this?

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Absolute Snack energy keeps her up

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>We are introducing Riots newest feature! We heard your complaints about promotional series making the climb to grindy and unfair, so we have deiced to remove them when you purchase the Ranked Solo/Duo Que priority pass. For just $15, every time you enter your promos, you will be promoted to the next rank! However, for Promos to a new tier, you will need to get the deluxe pass, which is only $30!
How long until we get something like this

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>he doesn't know

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>no tanks in sight
>just pure adrenaline
>action, league of legends
>peak league of legends
both of us were ACTUALLY having fun in this honorable duel .

tanks are what is killing league of legends

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What's the point of building both Gunblade and Death's dance if the unique passives don't proc? Assuming you have AP in your kit, Shouldn't Gunblade be enough?

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If you are AP- Gunblade
If you are AD- DD
If you are mixed meme shit like Kata or Akali - Still Gunblade

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Leona is my first tank I play and I am not sure what items to build the tankyness further. Locket seems nice with both res and arm.

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Go Vitality!

DD and Gunblade stack anon.

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That was awful.

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Utility items, Vow, Zeke, Shurelya, shit like that

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no u

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>there are actually people ITT who think sadpanda is down
Lmao newfaggots

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why is lec still in normal games when lcs is in playoffs?
i don't understand what is there still to decide and why is it taking so long?

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"I'm watching your xayah Uzi"
"Please improve"

does chink is survive?

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how im learning other champs

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Why do people play DotA when it's worse than LoL?
>Turn rates
>No new champs/heroes
>Put up with Valve
But m-muh prizepool shit no one cares about

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>Misfits already throwing in champ select
Okay lads.

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Lads how come d2g always gets a sticky for ti but we never get a sticky for worlds

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>people on this site aren't rejoicing in the swiss bastard that donated over $1 million to relocate the servers of a website hosting cartoon porn to Moldova
Like even if you're not into hentai or whatever that sheer determination to keep your dick happy is respectable.

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stay positive summoner :))))

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Because you can do THIS

>low health no Mana
>still 1v5

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For the same exact reason why there is never true justice on this world. Everything is biased. Literally.

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As depressing as this may sound. For some rich people this just isn't much money.

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>that one pedophile that always has to sperg out when people put e- instead of ex in the link
Unironically have sex.

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I'm still shaking over carry Wisp desu

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>TFW no IRL Pentakill Sona GF


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>try glacial augument kayn
>it's actually really good
wtf why didn't you guys tell me

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>oiFukyerLoicense is availible on NA

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Volvodrones are mentally ill and can not not spam like hyienas.

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To all the Fizz players of /lolg/, Fuzz Fizz is objectively Fizz's best skin.

If you are not using this skin when you play Fizz, there is something really fucking wrong with you.

Why be a hideous mutated fish with brain damage and a retarded face when you can be a cute fluffy doggo instead? You even have other cute doggos as your ult!

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i had yasuo on mid as heimerdinger yesterday
I destroyed him so much he went AFK

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>le have sex meme xd
Funny thing is I do all this stuff you condem and I still have sex on regular basis every two days or so

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There's something about dota which makes the teamplay, strategy and the control of it all so beautiful and amazing. In Dota, literally anything can work, TI winner himself says so and proves it everytime with his memedrafts

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Imagine not playing as a cold grandpa fisherman alone in the seas of rift

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>>grandpa fisherman
>sounds like a child
>still an ugly retarded brain damaged fish
Sure thing buddy.

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>in UK we say "go to the chinkies" for food
>in US you get stabbed for that
>on league of legends you get banned
noice bruv guess our permits comin fru yee

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they don't
league is far and away a more popular game
>you can win through rng item procs

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Shut your mouth infidel, or by Allah i will slap you with my shoe before my 5 wives.

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you got permission fe yer local mosque to av those wives moite?

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Only wh*tes need permissions.

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Bros, is this how heaven looks and smells/spoiler] like?

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>mfw av local egg n macky packie shop down t road
>he gis us discounts an rouns down te price often he does
>mfw is kid ples bit a league of legends
>"wats that league bout anyways moite"
>u-uu is a team game it is m8
>*walks away*

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What's the matter cat?

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What are the chances that I get Gold just off of placements?

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i have no idea what is written in this post but it was 100% british

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league of legends came a chink game wen i couldn e call ma bot lane daftie bastards anymoore fae fucking up t gank

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Silver 1 is realistic
Gold not so much

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>your [jungler] is too busy [farming] instead of [ganking] your [lane]
How do I get his attention, bros? Should I put on some nice [Cloth Armor]?

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you're too low, you'll probably end up in S2-S1

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>How do I get his attention, bros?
win your lane you dumb tranny

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I wanna give Lulu a lifetime supply of headpats!

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go down into scuttle when theyre doing it and leash it
then either go back top WITH them or gank mid WITH them and build that connection you have to build the CONNECTION with people to manipulate them you top lane fuck

speak in a language only we know think its an accent
t. kendrick lamar the black (american) version of a scot

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I always win my lane.

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I wanna taste Neeko's big juicy sousig!

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no need for ganks then

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Is Yamato a shit coach or is it the players?

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>tfw can't watch the FNC game live because I have a DnD session tonight

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I want to heal my team to victory

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I've come to the conclusion the reason people don't win in solo-queue is because they don't want to. They want to tilt and cry about why they're not winning or how much better their game could be going right now...

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Sorry sweaty, but G2 is enen better
>tfw can't watch either tonight

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>name "fatties n blackies" "isn't available" on "league of legends" owned by riot games (donald trump) owned by tencent (owned by china)

>> No.262699689

Nah it's the trolling inters, jungler that takes no objectives while doing no ganks and all the fucking afk/dcers.

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In a bun or by itself? Do you like ketchup anon?

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lmao nice bot duo premade we have here
How is this even possible

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Based Grabbz dabbing on that Koreaboo retard

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Will riot ever fix this watch&earn quest not advancing in their client?

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>not ganking for the winning lane to completely destroy the opponent and make the game a 5v4 with a fed splitpusher on your team

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Buff Ezreal.

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Don't tell me they benched Neon for the chink.

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Have a wonderful Day, Anons, and remember to
cherish everyone or everything you have in your life. Once they're gone, it can be difficult to fill the void left behind. Spend time with your loved ones, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your pets. Life can be difficult to stay happy with, but you can always make it better, even with a simple smile. Keep smiling, Anons, the void won't last forever.

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here we go again, 4th loop in a row.

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He's a frenchie lad name is Steven Liv

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hans sama is cute!

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Slints are not french jew

>> No.262701105

>have positive win rate
>can't climb cause mmr is so fucked from a single loss streak months ago
thanks riot

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regen in this game should just be removed, shit like volibear is straight cancer

>> No.262701169
Quoted By: >>262702537

either disingenuous, stupid or company bootlicker

yeah people know WHY they make Ahri skins doesn't make it any less of a tiring practice

>> No.262701208

I don't know much about lol pro scene but is this true misfits just aren't very good for this?

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Quoted By: >>262701320

killa bees shacooooooooooooooooo
>blue (2 boxes), gromp (1 box+1 box), wolves (1 box+1 box)
>nashors tooth

>> No.262701228
Quoted By: >>262701358

pyke is bullshit
though vs morg he's a little less bullshit i guess

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Quoted By: >>262701365

shaco clear is pretty fucking autistic

>> No.262701353

I change my name ever month so people don't remember my bad plays

>> No.262701358

but how they lost to fucking yasuo adc

>> No.262701365
Quoted By: >>262701539

fuck you

>> No.262701428

>2 vision score but has quest item completed

>> No.262701481

I hope you don’t actually think this hackneyed garbage helps anyone

>> No.262701510

did you lose someone close to you ivernposter? im sorry :(

>> No.262701539

no I mean like the good kind of autistic

>> No.262701548

>Ezreal nerfed
>everyone still playing Ezreal

>> No.262701646

Almost like his fans play him for anything but the gameplay hmmmm

>> No.262701683

is qiyana any good?

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I want to stop being matched with silver and golds
they dont contest an obvious nash
they dont contest dragons
they dont know what they are doing
I have to play with monkeys because I don't otp

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Level 9ish
Press the Attack is popular, eW activates it, adding ~200 damage to an eWQ trade, with 10% more damage taken.
Conqueror, expect ~83 damage and healing for the same work as above.
Fleet Footwork equates to ~26 health per 5, if maximized. Maybe in lane.
Electrocute is generally worse than PtA, adding ~135 damage, with a long cooldown.
Hail of Blades is unique. eW leads to 1 empowered auto delivered at HoB AS and 3 pips, and then two more HoB autos, partly completed in the remaining W stun will lead to 5 pips and an empowered Q or E immediately. Just factoring HoB as an "extra attack completed" is ~162 damage, assuming this is the difference of executing an eWeQ vs. eWQ, it's another 200 damage. An assumption I wouldn't guarantee. HoB means damage is done faster, but doesn't mean more total damage is done in one cooldown cycle, completing the same autos and an eWeQ with PtA is 200+ more damage, just over a longer duration.
Aftershock triggers on W stun, adding ~110 damage. The extra defense might significantly reduce trade damage, and might be a tactical method of absorbing incoming damage. Aftershock is one of the lowest damage mastery for several levels and only catches up very late.

Rune values: Cheap Shot(best early), Sudden impact, Absolute Focus, Scorch will be ~25 more damage done. Coupdegrace is ~40 damage assuming you're bringing a target down 100-0. With Pantheon's AD scaling and usage, Zombie/Ghost/Eyeball, even if just over half-stacked, can be double that.

I recommend for jungle: Hail of Blades, Cheap Shot, Eyeball for ganking. Celerity, Relentless Hunter for Pantheon's speed to snowball, Gathering Storm to try to fight the lategame falloff.

Items; Chilling Warrior, Titanic Hydra. Titanic adds clear and at least ~534 damage for 3.5k and 50 more hp, Black Cleaver adds ~340 damage for 3k and 20% cdr. Those are his best items. Death's Dance, Maw of Malmortius, Guardian Angel, Sterak's etc. any big AD/CDR/Survival.

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When will you learn that nerfs don't matter for the bestest champ in the game (Ezreal)

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Quoted By: >>262701883

who calls it “nash”

>> No.262701815

why are there no girls on the pro scene

>> No.262701873

hands are too small can’t reach keybinds

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Has there even been a player doing *well* that refers to someone else as "kid?" Kayn kept calling me "kiddo" all game when I told him to stop flashing in 1v5.

>> No.262702061

asians can't be frenchies

>> No.262702062

oh gotcha

>> No.262702087

because beating them is equivalent to rape

>> No.262702104

>play jhin against yasuo adc
>use my 4th shot on him
>it does no damage thanks to his passive shield

>> No.262702160

boys are to inteligent for girls

>> No.262702260


>> No.262702267

Only literal children and teenagers "insult" others calling them kids

>> No.262702324

Someone off this poor autistic chick

>> No.262702435

>"hi i'm 12 and what is grievous wounds?"

>> No.262702537
Quoted By: >>262702835

A lot more people want skins for champs like Ahri, Lux, Ez, Yasuo, and Zed and are willing to shell out for them compared to the niche champs that never get skins.
I don't know why you people get so upset about monetized pixels anyway. Literally the only reason Riot makes skins is so they can make money. You're actually retarded if you're going on about fair treatment when the population clearly favors a group of champs over others.

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Someone who is hardstuck Gold 3.

>> No.262702630

Hello, visitor from Overwatch here. I read from our forums that LOL tried a controversial Role Lock thing in the recent past? But it failed miserably, and was reverted?

Can anyone tell more about this? Currently Overwatch is having something called 2-2-2 implemented, which changes the game quite a lot (at least potentially) and I'm pondering what happens if it "fails".

>> No.262702759

we have had role lock for years and it works great.

>> No.262702779
Quoted By: >>262702821

No, they tried giving people ranked mmrs based on position rather than overall and that was reverted because it permanently fucked the mmr of over half the ladder.

>> No.262702790

lmao this XL team is terrible, what a shitshow

>> No.262702821
Quoted By: >>262702903

Does that system have a name? I'd like to read more about it.

>> No.262702835
Quoted By: >>262703016

> you people get so upset about monetized pixels anyway

you just outed yourself as a brainlet with that one. post disregarded.

>> No.262702838

I want to sniff Ez's musky used PJs.

>> No.262702884

League's role lock is way different from OW's.
You're locked to a position on the map. Not limited in what characters you can pick.

>> No.262702903
Quoted By: >>262703387

League Positional Ranks in Google where get you where you want to go

>> No.262702918


>> No.262702967

The Role Lock wasnt a failure. What you mean is SEPERATE MRR for every single role of yours.

This is what failed horribly, because it forced you to pick all your off roles in order to boost your main role, which made absolutely no sense.

>> No.262703016
Quoted By: >>262703423

>that colossal reddit space
Go back and whine about how Taliyah never gets skins please. The average, normal human being doesn't give a shit that popular champs get more skins.

>> No.262703048

role lock has been here for years and it was the best thing to ever happen in the game

>> No.262703067

>SK inting on stage
>Still winning
L9 L9 L9

>> No.262703098
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Quoted By: >>262703297

>>>>>>>>>"pro" view
>shows a quiana just walking into tower range on death low HP

>> No.262703162


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File: 272KiB, 738x883, cutest.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

xth for my wife Syndra!

>> No.262703297
Quoted By: >>262703370

lose some weight poppy

>> No.262703358


>> No.262703370

But just think about that fat fucking pussy

>> No.262703387

>League Positional Ranks
Thanks! I'll look this up. (Seems like Blizzard never admits their faults, unless 2-2-2 itself can be considered an admission, but we'll see.)

PS: Sorry for using the word "Role Lock", it was just something Overwatch related, and not meant to be taken literally. I just didn't know how to formulate my question better.

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Quoted By: >>262703792

>you cant criticize buisness practices
>cuz its just pixels

BASED psuedo intellectual! "dont like it dont buy it" amirite?

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>> No.262703443

Best and most fun solo queue jungler according to G2 Jankos.

>> No.262703483
Quoted By: >>262703641

>9.13 data

>> No.262703591

>that xl herald play
Lost 3 fucking towers and only got half a tower for it lmfao

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>> No.262703728

the champ sucks but her animations make me rock hard desu

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I wanna hold Lulu VERY tightly in my arms and NEVER let go!

>> No.262703792

I was questioning the obvious emotional attachment you have to your unpopular champ not receiving skins. You are literally whining about a piece of the game that is solely made for making money and are somehow surprised and disappointed when the focus of that piece is towards the champs that will actually make money. There's nothing wrong with Riot's point of view on this one. More the tumblr-esque community that thinks all champs deserve equal treatment and attention for monetized matters.
Now back to your shithole redditor. You've overstayed your welcome.

>> No.262703827
Quoted By: >>262704239

Anon, you have to watch vods while signed in. If the little notification doesn't appear at the start of the video and you don't watch at least 10 minutes of it, it won't count. It's not bugged, you're just retarded

>> No.262703894
Quoted By: >>262704148

i wanna rape her stupid face like i do in rift
useless, ugly fucking champ

>> No.262703972
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>I'm pondering what happens if it "fails"
overwatch IS a failure
sho sho zoomer

>> No.262704090
Quoted By: >>262704413


>that thinks all champs deserve equal treatment and attention for monetized matters.

nobody ever said this. you just assumed this was the mindset behind someone who would disagree with Ahri/Yas getting a skin every second patch and assumptions are the mother of all fuck ups.

>> No.262704128
Quoted By: >>262704458

is it 2/2/2 for all games or just ranked?

>> No.262704148

Well there is only one recommendable course of action for you: Literally killing yourself IRL

>> No.262704178

again yasuo mid
I will fuck his ass

>> No.262704239
File: 74KiB, 1843x455, lollol.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

The first one worked watching live matches and that is what the quest description says. It literally shows as progressing and finishing on their reward site but not the client.

>> No.262704272
Quoted By: >>262704453

I disagree, obviously, but fear that 2-2-2 will actually split the playerbase. The disappointed ones might just straight up leave the game.

>> No.262704413

Ahri hasn't gotten a skin since November of last year, unless you're somehow counting the piss colored chroma. In that time frame you've had dozens of champs receive skins. What exactly are you whining about? Yasuo was a similar time frame. They're not stopping other champs from receiving skins. They just get their own more frequently because they make a lot of money.

>> No.262704421

A lack of skins usually means they're being neglected on other fronts as well, like balance and QoL issues. Such is the fate of legacy champions.

>> No.262704448

>shitting on overwatch
>while using an image related to a 50 years old videogame currently played only by autistic third world children and literal botnets

>> No.262704453

why are people disappointed in 2-2-2?
its a good thing to have higher quality matches and less trolls

>> No.262704458

Ranked and quickplay both. What happens to arcade is yet to be seen.

But come join /owg/ if you want to hear more. I don't want to post offtopic stuff here.

>> No.262704471
File: 138KiB, 830x970, 1499473723371.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

In EUNE lolg we refer to DnD as "Dicks and Dildos".

>> No.262704624
Quoted By: >>262704703

I've only gotten it to work half the time on live. Vods work 100% of the time. Nowhere does it specify "live" in the mission though

>> No.262704703

It opens the live page but thanks I will try if it works with vods.

>> No.262704764
File: 580KiB, 1309x901, placements5.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Oops I picked a scaling champion and every member of my team fed :-)

>> No.262704786

role lock in league drove away many players, especially in higher elo. role mmr aside

what happened is the team formation process at high elo, where matchmaking in slower and the pick/ban was already lengthy and prone to repeat dodges, went from long to extremely long, actually encouraged MORE dodges. finally, it tends to have games decided by the 5 minute mark or earlier, so after spending 30 minutes finally getting game, your 25 minute match has 20+ minutes of agony or on the winning side, boring stomp

those players aren't around anymore to give you their opinion of why it sucked. it kept the bronze and bronzesuperstarscalledgold happy because they could select mid/top and lock their yas main every game

>> No.262704986

>waaaaahh wahhhh i have to wait *slightly* longer
literally nobody cares

>> No.262705007
Quoted By: >>262705059

Dodge anytime someone picks Pantheon on your team.

He's literal garbage.

>> No.262705038 [DELETED]
File: 43KiB, 640x640, 65272339_459769221505254_8492640504591413779_n.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I swear, if I don't take my coffein and sugar intake per day, I only function at 50% of my mental power capacity. How did I become like this?

Anything I can do to fix this?

I don't wanna end fat with massive black eye circles which I will never be able to fix again. What do I do lads?

>> No.262705052

lol this dude can't take away his hand from his dick while talking to a girl

>> No.262705059

I was going to I just didn't want to dodge placement matches.

>> No.262705106

>t. blind player

>> No.262705145

because if you wanna pick a specific hero you cant if someone else is in your slot.

can you imagine if TF2 FORCED you to fucking pick medic when all you felt like playing was Spy or Engi? yeah it would be a win for your "team" but not a win for YOU personally and if you are not having fun WHY. PLAY.

whats next

Smash bros locks people out of picking the same character?
Battlefield only lets each team have 3 bushwookies per 50 person team?

Imagine if when picking for a role in league they literally FORCED you to pick a Enchanter and wouldnt let you go like Xerath or something. meta enforcing is probably the 3rd most cancerous idea to touch gaming recently.

>> No.262705161

What do people think of plat player's?
Are they shitters? Are they good?

>> No.262705224 [DELETED]
Quoted By: >>262705804

You became addicted to coffee and sugar. Is it not obvious to you?

Stop drinking coffee and pop you retard.

>> No.262705307 [DELETED]
Quoted By: >>262705804

Stop eating like shit. Ween yourself off the caffeine. Git gud sleep

>> No.262705313
Quoted By: >>262707065

>build bork & wits end on pantheon
>actually works better than raw ad
im starting to think this guy is a CDR reliant onhit champion

>> No.262705348

Hold it right there. What are your intentions with my daughter, exactly?

>> No.262705362

same level skill as golds but autistic enough to get plat

>> No.262705385
Quoted By: >>262705601

Queues were over an hour just to pop, then dodges, then game time. People who play this game for a living were playing less than 5 games a day because of the wait.

>> No.262705409

>reddit spacing

>> No.262705426 [DELETED]

If it's for waking up I found that cold water, or just cold beverages in general work rather well

Just kinda comes with the territory when games are balanced around being played with certain comps
Is the downside of tank/healer/dps trinity or whatever

Where playing anything other than the meta-approved thing makes everybody uncomfortable and gets people branded trolls

>> No.262705449 [DELETED]
Quoted By: >>262705804

Weann yourself off coffee by taking caffeine pills as a substitute.

If your income is high the coffee won't really matter, if you wanna save a few thousand a year than you gotta wean yourself off it.

Unironically check out Reddit for advice.

>> No.262705472

Just make Pantheon's W work like his old W. Dashes shouldn't save you from being stunned. Pantheon's stun is counterplay for dashbabs, not the other way around.

>> No.262705473
File: 382KiB, 811x1200, 56989345_p6_master1200.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I wanna CUDDLE and PROTECT Lulu!

>> No.262705482
Quoted By: >>262705628

>Conqueror Pantheon
>builds lethality
I need to test out this champion because I'm pretty sure these faggots are retarded. Champion with consistent poke = Comet/Aery shit. Or if you REALLY want to go assassin then take Electrocute and go for the level 2 cheese like you're Talon. Conqueror makes more sense for builds against tankier enemies where you're going like Cleaver first and want to have extended brawls.

But look you're laning against a Yasuo, you NEVER want to extend trades against him because of his DPS. You want to poke the shield off then go on him when he positions too far up.

>> No.262705483

Shit mental

>> No.262705507
Quoted By: >>262709730

does this shit work with vods

>> No.262705558

but you can choose what you want
just queue for support and play support
if you want to play reinhardt queue for frontline
you're not forced into a role you don't want

and if you're talking about "off meta picks", it just doesn't work in overwatch, you can't have a support tracer

>> No.262705561

Kill yourself offtopic blogshitters.

>> No.262705584

>Battlefield only lets each team have 3 bushwookies per 50 person team?
Sniper syndrome is a plague and any FPS that takes itself seriously should impose a limit.

>> No.262705596
Quoted By: >>262705718

Green silver.

>> No.262705601
File: 81KiB, 600x536, laughing girls.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262705762

>People who play this game for a living
literally nobody cares
cringe and yikespilled

>> No.262705628
Quoted By: >>262706028

Thanks for all of that information that isn't relevant to my role!

>> No.262705673
Quoted By: >>262706050

>He plays slow games
Sorry for your loss

>> No.262705698
Quoted By: >>262706161

WoW never forced you to go on a raid with healers dps and tanks.

it just became the unspoken rule that it was the correct method of playing and thus the devs proceeded to build around that.
back in the day if you wanted to do a dungeon with 5 rogues you could pretty much all MMO's were like that.

>> No.262705718


>> No.262705762

Is that why those people make a quarter million or more per year? Because no one cares about them playing?

>> No.262705787

>those players aren't around anymore to give you their opinion of why it sucked
Thank you for that story. This is exactly what I fear might happen to Overwatch. I've been a big fan of the game ever since it launched in 2016, but feel like the excitement just isn't there anymore. Not for me, and not for many other players either, because they have seemingly vanished already.

I guess LOL is popular enough that devs still listen to what players like and don't like? But Blizzard seems to be driving their game into the ground, and for no apparent reason.

>less trolls
Sadly trolling will be even easier in 2-2-2, so (in my eyes) the system doesn't actually fix anything, but instead, comes with many new/bigger problems.

>> No.262705804

but how long would it take to fix this addiction? I simply cannot play ranked (or even normals) without this, my head feels so fucking slow and tired when I try to avoid either of these for only half a day.

also I am not eating shit necessary, I just have the need to rise my blood sugar levels with random stuff like sugar bars or other sweet bullshit.

thanks I will try the cold water

>> No.262705819

was called "sweetheart" by a literal child today.

>> No.262705925

Plat 4 is the single most cancerous place in the entirety of league of legends. Everyone got out of gold and instantly thinks they're fucking amazing.

They're decent at the game, mostly (except for the ones who bought boosts) but holy fuck the amount of flaming retards jerking themselves off makes every game a literal coin toss.

>> No.262705926
Quoted By: >>262706474

>Sadly trolling will be even easier in 2-2-2
people got to play the role they want, why would they troll

>> No.262705946

nupanth is shit, what the fuck

>> No.262705948
File: 260KiB, 1080x1080, 1540179460865.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262706490

>he doesn't open up a cold one with the boys from the highest spot on the back of the map that he crashed a helicopter to get to

>> No.262706025
Quoted By: >>262706474

yep and you get rewards even when you lose, we just stack as 2 tanks and a healer, lose every game, team is none the wiser and we get creds/boxes while tanking SR, they don't even know we're stacking lmao

>> No.262706028

Aight as someone who played his way out of your elo with ADC last year, then listen to me: Pick fucking Varus/Ashe every game. Comet Ashe is super good right now and is easy to execute and Varus has different build paths that you can go depending on your matchups.

Kaisa is short ranged and relies on her teammates to set her up to all in via hard CC whereas you could be picking Varus and Ashe and pressing R to initiate both for yourself and your team. You're making the game harder for yourself than it needs to be

>> No.262706050
Quoted By: >>262706498

Nah, I just don't play low attention span, zoomer shit.

>> No.262706154

It'll take months, don't go cold turkey read a guide on Reddit ASAP and purchase caffeine pills of the right dose.

>> No.262706161
Quoted By: >>262706430

Yeah the most fun was mop/wod cms without a healer
Pity they had to go about gutting tank/hybrid sustain because egirls felt unneeded

He'll probably get some tweaks soon
Damage just seems a bit low, also I think Q tap wasn't executing or something

>> No.262706162

>oh no, I can't 100-0 enemies under the turrent by pressing a single button anymore? REEEEEEE
this is literally the face of a pantheon player (abuser)

good fucking riddance, that champion was absolute brainlet cancer

>> No.262706235

i'm sick of retards picking him.especially people who take ignite over tp thinking he's like old panth

>> No.262706308

Eat something that isn't empty carbs. Pure sugar is why you're crashing

>> No.262706338
File: 50KiB, 307x81, gank.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262706596

lmao I love heimer

>> No.262706402

god i want splyce to win

>> No.262706430


I remember when like Shamans and a Pally was all the healing you needed in a small group and past that you could pick whatever the hell you wanted. now it feels like Priest are made mandatory for every raid.

>> No.262706474
Quoted By: >>262706792

>people got to play the role they want, why would they troll
Well, why do people troll, period? With this new system no one knows who is or isn't in a party (like >>262706025 alludes) so you can just play like shit, for shits and giggles, with your friend.

I don't know if LOL has clans (permanent teams) but that is what I always wanted for Overwatch. The ability to choose my teammates. THAT would erase the troll problem once and for all.

>> No.262706490
File: 269KiB, 498x552, ;.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>while your team gets their shit kicked in over and over again
>rinse and repeat

>> No.262706498
Quoted By: >>262706738

>I just don't play low attention span, zoomer shit.
Slow retard is slow

>> No.262706591

Rekkles is going to style on this Kobbe kid.

>> No.262706596
File: 269KiB, 1080x918, dinger.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262708029

Same, wish they'd buff him a tad

>> No.262706681
Quoted By: >>262706743

This game is ruined

>> No.262706683
Quoted By: >>262706789

>this Kobbe kid

>> No.262706718 [SPOILER]
File: 367KiB, 2000x2500, 2225ec9f1da90d54d.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>> No.262706738
File: 20KiB, 432x352, 1484332082407.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262706901

So you agree BF takes itself seriously or are you implying I play BF? Because I haven't touched it since the Bad Company series

>> No.262706743

game redeemed

>> No.262706781

>rereworked Urgot


>> No.262706789

Nah, he's an overrated shitter.

>> No.262706792
Quoted By: >>262706940

people used to troll in league because they didnt get the role they want before queue role
in overwatch its the same shit, someone will play dps because they dont want to play support and single handedly lose the game
with role queue this problem doesn't exist

>> No.262706818
Quoted By: >>262707441


>> No.262706901

>Sniper syndrome is a plague and any FPS that takes itself seriously should impose a limit.
>any FPS
If you hold this opinion you only play slow games and are a zoomer faggot

>> No.262706925
Quoted By: >>262707049

What the fuck

>> No.262706940

>with role queue this problem doesn't exist
From my point of view, it never existed in the first place. But this seems to be a delicate problem. Like I said, the playerbase seems to be split on it.

>> No.262706974
Quoted By: >>262707049

upset and kobbe are individually better than rekkles
try watching LEC instead of 'DUDE MALLETMAN'

>> No.262707049

kills barrels fast I guess?
>Picked away trist
Kobbe about to get raped

>> No.262707065

I think on-hit does well late game. if you do the math botrk+wits just won't do as much damage as flat AD early, but they scale with hp totals and level. They also have utility of lifesteal, healing, magic resist, attack speed(utility of more pips), movespeed, and active.

>> No.262707153


>> No.262707167

>dying as GP at level two
>against any champion

>> No.262707245
File: 453KiB, 250x250, 1560707242698.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Yeah okay sniper kiddie

>> No.262707269

This isn't looking good for us rekkybros...

>> No.262707282


>> No.262707308

i keep telling you fags that hyli is the most overrated fucker ever and now you're gonna see it again, just like in the g2 game

>> No.262707416

Anyone who doesn't realise by now that he's shit in lane is blind

>> No.262707441
File: 176KiB, 940x726, Captain-Volibear-Constable-Trundle-Splash-Art-4k-HD-Wallpaper-Official-Artwork-League-of-Legends-lol.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262707754


>> No.262707529
File: 565KiB, 1680x938, INT gods.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Unicorns inting like always
Nobody will ever be as based

>> No.262707553

I don't know much about esports but I don't like Fnatic
don't even know their team but they look annoying, like egocentric fucks
am I wrong here?

>> No.262707565

le epic zero damage shen top lane with 50 cs deficit who says it's fine because "he's tank"
ults late into a fight with team after gold advantage top juggernaut dives carry, carry dies anyway, lose every fightg

>report all shen players for soft int?

>> No.262707609

riot really doesnt even try to hide how rigged matchmaking is anymore
cant wait for this game to die

>> No.262707691

Of course he is, he is a fucking burglar gypsies. I'm sickened that people like him represent my country.

>> No.262707746

is panths w not disjointed by dashes yet

>> No.262707754
File: 380KiB, 320x240, When Lee Sin ganks.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262709403

You'll never take me alive coppers

>> No.262707920
Quoted By: >>262708073

vgs up on EUW

needs +1

come for the memes, stay because you hate your life

>> No.262707971

when he first came into proplay, i think UOL coach said that they picked him up because he had engage support mechanics, but had no brain for macro and was way too aggro

several years later and NOTHING has changed. only times hyli looks good is when FNC is fed enough to take advantage of his suicidal plays

>> No.262708027
File: 563KiB, 1314x901, placements6.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262708301

Thresh hit his *second* hook of the game at seventeen minutes.

And whose dick do I have to suck to get a fucking mid laner that doesn't go 0/3 or worse?

>> No.262708029
File: 463KiB, 1306x888, CHALLENGEROOPPI3.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

It's already strong enough if this psycho could take challenger with it

>> No.262708073

>vgs up on EUW
You mean there are more than 3 people who are willing to do those? Since when did EUW get trannies.

>> No.262708112
File: 63KiB, 574x596, 1564568845213.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

is there any point to climb? i mean the only ranks that matter are Challenjour, master and grandmaster, the rest are shit. you will just waste your brain cells on the way to the top , and in the end you will realize that you have wasted your time.

>> No.262708171
Quoted By: >>262709001

Gold and Challenger are the only two ranks that matter. For the skin and for the clout respectively.

>> No.262708191

not even master matters. its same shit as diamond. maybe only challenger is worth it.

t. former master

>> No.262708215
File: 874KiB, 1300x1300, 1481331188361.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262708637

Lulu is the cutest! THE CUTEST!

i still remember stylin' on a sniper map in COD2
hobbiton, i was called
basically circled along the outer border of the map, snuck up to their hideouts and said hello with the shotgun
they got MAD

>> No.262708245


i promise at least 2 of us are not trannies

>> No.262708301

mid laner here, I don't remember when I had less than 10 kills

>> No.262708486
Quoted By: >>262708593

Winner of this games is allowed to lose 1 series in the playoffs while the other teams has to win 4 series. How is that fair?

>> No.262708593

50% w/l

>> No.262708637
File: 83KiB, 637x805, 1455394562636.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I wanna have a tea party with Lulu!

*it was called
it was the name of the map
not mine

>> No.262709001
File: 331KiB, 1280x994, 1545367242203.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262709198

The satisfaction of getting better? Both Master players I know said it wasn't worth it as they burned themselves the fuck out and didn't see much return as even Master doesn't exactly open a ton of doors
So as >>262708171 says probably just get Gold for the free skin/champ then just play whatever you find fun, be it Aram, climbing ranked, smurfing ranked or even just bot games
Most people seem to climb out of addiction of the need to be perceived as good but really the world doesn't need another cocky high plat to mid dia player

>> No.262709164

>another boring as fuck Splyce game
Honestly hate this team so much

>> No.262709198

That and literally no one fucking cares what your league rank is other than league players. I haven't met one person IRL that has brought up League of Legends to me in conversation.

>> No.262709350


>> No.262709403


>> No.262709451

Wow people want to play the game instead of jerking off ecelebs

>> No.262709482

another day of blitz crashing for no reason
can't they do anything right?

>> No.262709505
Quoted By: >>262709571

which team is more fucked up and toxic inside?

>> No.262709512
File: 283KiB, 824x404, this is what lulufags fap to.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.262709571

The team that picks Corki

>> No.262709701
File: 702KiB, 900x900, 1505400966444.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

You are now aware that Lulu is EXTREMELY CUTE!

>> No.262709730

Just had a vod playing in the background while playing a match and still did not advance.
I would report it as bug but the bug report page says it is bugged when trying to send one lol.

>> No.262709942
File: 121KiB, 758x192, de tanks.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

In retrospect we aknowledged that a team of 4 tanks with one damage dealer was a mistake.

>> No.262709949
File: 66KiB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262710038

>TF2 born out of a Quake mod called Team Fortress that was refined over many years and peaked under Valve before it became nu-Valve
>Overwatch born our of sheer greed out of the scraps of some shitty failed MMORPG that never saw the light of day from nu-Blizzard consumed exclusively by the worst generation to ever walk this planet

>> No.262709989

>enjoy jungling, have the most success on it
>all jungle champs are boring

>> No.262709990
Quoted By: >>262710171

G2 gets first seat
FNC gets second seat when they end atleast at 3rd place this split

Who gets third seat?

>> No.262710024
File: 133KiB, 886x171, q34523q5d.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

shut the fuck up

>> No.262710038

>boomer worshipper
go back to screaming "MAGA" you fucking clown

>> No.262710056

>Pick Corki

>> No.262710109
Quoted By: >>262710193

lulunigger and caitspammer killed lolg

>> No.262710134
Quoted By: >>262710284

if morde and trist didn't shitbuild that'd likely be a very strong comp

>> No.262710157

>game falls off so hard they have to make characters gay to get people to remember that it exists

>> No.262710169
File: 232KiB, 1000x1133, 1545671535268.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

the manlet need 30+ min to do something

>> No.262710171

they're average most of the game but godly lategame

>> No.262710193

>knowing namefags

>> No.262710208


>> No.262710284

The Morde still was doing super well trading 1v3. What a champ.

>> No.262710289

>50% crit adc

>> No.262710336

Corki is USELESS

>> No.262710345

Wtf malletman is actually good

>> No.262710349

What does DotA do differently that lets it be so successful for its size?
>1/10 LoL
>still 2x it's esports and competitive scene
>devs that punch far above their weight class
For all the money Riot make they can't even match Valve, and Valves DotA team is puny compared to the entirety of Riot.

>> No.262710353

We did it rekkybros

>> No.262710356

>Splyce losing multiple 1v4s in one team fight
People pretend this team is relevant because why?

>> No.262710359


>> No.262710425
File: 41KiB, 450x287, Teambuilder.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I don't know what you refer to but Teambuilder was the only good thing to ever come to League of Legends until they retired it. I stopped played the game when that happened and mostly now just troll around.

>> No.262710431

>So you finally improved and learned how to macro
and micro, dont worry our system will detect you as a smurf so you can opponents that are closer to your level but not teammates

>> No.262710482
File: 312KiB, 672x777, 215215347455635.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262710657

>use Zhonya
>the crowd explode
FNC are TSM of europe.

>> No.262710507

lol just carry your shitplayers or you don't deserve your pro spot

>> No.262710547

>2x esport and competitive scene
dota only has bigger prize numbers, do you think artifact is a bigger success than most games because it had millions thrown at it LMAO

>> No.262710559
Quoted By: >>262711219

>we will never get another vampire champ because the niche is already taken by that faggy shit named vlad
kill me

>> No.262710582

Riot doesn't crowdfund their prize pool to the extent Valve does. If they did then League's prize pool would blow TI's out of the water

>> No.262710596

>3 stopwatches on fnc

top jej

>> No.262710638
File: 256KiB, 900x1000, udyr.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262710707

>play udyr
>shit clear
>still cant out duel things like yas and yi
udyr buffs when?

>> No.262710657
Quoted By: >>262710947

>FNC are TSM of europe
true, except TSM have fallen off hard several splits ago, while FNC, although unlikeable, reached world finals last year

>> No.262710707

>>still cant out duel things like yas and yi
you are not supposed to

>> No.262710725

>Bwipo exposing how OP Chadgot is to the world
Fuck now all the pro shitters are going to abuse him and get him nerfed

>> No.262710782

i hate this item so fucking much bros

>> No.262710909

>Urgot literally doesnt take any damage


>> No.262710921

this GP is genuiely fucking useless

>> No.262710947
File: 71KiB, 714x1269, 1440267498330.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

reaching the finale mean shit if you don't put a fight or win, RNG reached the finals twice and did nothing

>> No.262710967
Quoted By: >>262711098

>Hey coach we can pick Azir or Corki, what do you want?
>Hmm....Azir would be fun and actually kind of useful. Lets go Corki.
>But we need to win sir
>Fuck you, pick Corki and lose we need to send a message

>> No.262711018
Quoted By: >>262711249

>urgot doing well in proplay
Yes finalyl this fucker will get nerfed.

>> No.262711023
Quoted By: >>262711108

Based Rekkles exposing Kobbeshit

>> No.262711053
Quoted By: >>262711337

>Comparing FNC to G2

State of this desk thinking they can even touch G2

>> No.262711087
File: 534KiB, 1024x640, lulu_bee.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I wanna BEE with Lulu!
She's my HONEY and my QUEEN!

>> No.262711098

he played like shit its not like his champion matter

>> No.262711108
Quoted By: >>262711232

Spoonfeed me on kobe and why he is shit

>> No.262711127
Quoted By: >>262711249

So Urgot will blow up now?

>> No.262711189

As an assassin how do you dive the enemy ADC when all the tanks are bodyblocking and he's always in the backline

>> No.262711205

adc pick and execution of the pick for splyce unironically lost them the game
if only they picked something else or executed it differently and they couldve won
this really makes me fucking mad because that looked like my average soloqueue "kinda lost in champion select" turned into just inting the exection of the pick
fuck me

>> No.262711219
File: 934KiB, 1800x2700, buffy-the-vampire-slayer-and-spike.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

How about a Vampire Hunter ?

>> No.262711232

>urgot with conqueror taking damage from 5 people tanks harder than an alistar and a sejuani with aftershock

he picks 2009 marksmen

>> No.262711239
File: 758KiB, 1073x583, harrisbiden.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

nice fucking champion riot games

Urgot """""""""""""Bruiser"""""""""""

Kaisa gets to go that deep and still live AP btw

holy shit gut healing and just make tanks actually tanky instead of cancer bruiser drain tanking

>> No.262711240
Quoted By: >>262712321

urgotbros... the freelo... i can already see it evaporating...

>> No.262711249
File: 27KiB, 800x733, 1541187268818.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.262711297

You go splitpush

>> No.262711337

FNC are unironically half of what G2 are with how Reckless is capable of meme picking. Pretty good.

>> No.262711364

>Dota pros can BM in competitive
>LoLfags can't

>not spraying "Loser " on the spot where they died

>> No.262711367
Quoted By: >>262711632

Just onetouch kill everything.

>> No.262711371

Kaisa is definitely getting the Ezreal treatment. She has a 50% pickrate in high elo.

>> No.262711412

reminder kaisa didnt even bother with a rabadons and her damage was still ridiculously high

>> No.262711473

>the best dmg
>the best hp bar
>healing 24/7 fast as fuck
yeah nice unpopular "champion" you have there

>> No.262711535
Quoted By: >>262711736


>> No.262711549
Quoted By: >>262711716

for reasons unknown riot doesn't do compendium-style crowdfunding
I don't think dota is 1/10th the size of lol either, but I really have no idea; dota is massive in china and russia

>> No.262711560

You don't. But if your team refuses to split then you do a flank.

>> No.262711632
Quoted By: >>262711828

not when its lategame and its basically ADC vs ADC

>> No.262711682
Quoted By: >>262712212

The Lux comic will end with a tease for a new champion. Sylas is forced to retreat after Lux uses her magic against him. J4 and Garen discover the truth about Lux, but their ideas about mages start to change. However, there is an inquisitor character (cool-looking male in his mid 30s) that also sees that Lux is a mage. This guy is the leader of the Mage Seekers, and will make it his mission to kill both Lux and Sylas to cleanse Demacia from mages, even if he needs to take care of J4 and Garen to do it.

>> No.262711716
Quoted By: >>262711836

>moneylaundering is hugely popular in oligarch headquarters

>> No.262711736
File: 34KiB, 496x600, 1563364059780.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

i didnt think it would end like this

>> No.262711768
Quoted By: >>262712398

the "everyone is a drain tank even if they aren't a drain tank" shtick is really obnoxious design, especially for new/returning players (what? sylas just healed for his life bar? how was I supposed to know!) and it led to the current state of grievous wounds (executioner's used to be the worst item in the game, morello only applied to targets below 40%) which shoves the original healing tanks like mundo into the gutter
thank you for reading my blog

>> No.262711828

>Velkoz/Xerath/Lux/Neeko/Zoe/Ahri lands one ability on the ADC
>presses R
>ADC dies

>> No.262711836

woah dude you just unearthed a massive conspiracy dude

>> No.262711917

what i would give to have shoulders and upper back in the same health as sjokz

>> No.262711947

>lolg complains about shit balance overall because of riots shit design
>filled with trannies and semenbrains
>no notable pros or webm worthy plays
>gets kicked to death every hour
Yikes and I thought d2g was bad
Comeuppance for 2012 I guess.

>> No.262711971

the adc deserves to lose if it's on their reach

>> No.262712096
File: 2MiB, 1302x731, tylor.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Champ for this feel?

>> No.262712105

What is the carry Io of LoL
>the ultimate support hero
>lowest pub win rate
>gets played position 1 give me all the farm and exp

>> No.262712151

Lux, Xerath and Velkoz outrange any ADC, including Cait and late game Trist.

>> No.262712178

>implying pozzed by ancients 2 and /pba2g/ is any better
wew my lad

>> No.262712201
File: 292KiB, 1250x1516, 1564352486294.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262712378


>> No.262712212
Quoted By: >>262712398

Odds are auntie Crownguard (her husband is the leader of the mageseekers) is actually Leblanc and is the one who killed Jarvan III
And the main motive with persecuting mages is to destabilize Demacia and give Noxus/Leblanc more allies.

>> No.262712237

prob yasuo cause he is 5'3 also

>> No.262712249
Quoted By: >>262712398

>dota so dead and boring that dotards come shitposting in /lolg/

>> No.262712307

Burst mages are the reason ADCs that can build Zhonya without trolling like Kaisa are so strong.

>> No.262712321

Urgot was OP because SPL hard inted at the baron and Bwipo managed to pull a flank off and get like 3 kills. Urgot is basically Darius except with something resembling a gap closer.

>> No.262712378
Quoted By: >>262712404

>These are the pics tht cause grown man to take hormones and turn themselves into goblins


>> No.262712387
Quoted By: >>262712635

Would a keystone made for bruisers like Garen/Tryndamere who can't really make use of Conq help fix top?

>> No.262712398

I'm sure you welcome me more than shitty bitch posting like >>262712307

>> No.262712404
Quoted By: >>262712549


>> No.262712513
Quoted By: >>262712678

Kaisa is the only ADC that builds zhonya. And she's fucking broken.

>> No.262712549

>you must support trump to hate trannies
kill yourself commie

>> No.262712557

>d2g goes back to being dead and people complain about hero counters and last pick being too good

>> No.262712587

>a wild doTARD appears

>> No.262712601

don't you have a stickied containment thread for your dead game

>> No.262712635

Garen is having his E changed so he can use it, Trynd can already use it but he doesn't need it and gets a shitload more out of Lethal Tempo.

>> No.262712660
File: 157KiB, 600x768, 1561753599722.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>FNC puts all their resources into A
>A does well and carries

Why is it any different when A is Urgot instead of your generic ADC?

>> No.262712673

baker pantheon

>> No.262712675
File: 44KiB, 1199x583, meow.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I want to be the tankiest motherfucker who never dies.
Champs for this feel?

>> No.262712678

You can build Zonya on Varus and Kog since they scale from AP too.

>> No.262712681
File: 113KiB, 960x960, 1484777287953.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262712954

Why is Nu-Panth so fucking clunky?
He feels like a champion straight out of 2009 and not in a good way

>> No.262712758
Quoted By: >>262712909


>> No.262712761
Quoted By: >>262712914

im TIRED of trying to reason with everyone and convince
please please PLEASE dota 2 and dota underlords and for FREAKS SAKE VOTE DONALD TRUMP

>> No.262712827

Man the production values of the LEC are really hype. I normally mute until game starts because the casters annoy me a lot, but I'm actually listening to the music for pick ban and pretty good.

>> No.262712850

>Corki is about to Ruin Rogue's game

>> No.262712909


>> No.262712914


>> No.262712935
File: 417KiB, 1440x2363, PicsArt_08-16-12.10.31.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

i will CLIMB!
NOTHING will stop me!
what even is loli sports in 2019?

>> No.262712954

two abilities that self-slow, which has always been wonk, low dash speed on W that doesn't follow. his R works precisely, but intentionally has a long cast AND air time

>> No.262713058
Quoted By: >>262715676

>his R
oh he has an R?
i thought they removed it and replaced it with a shitty teleport
because you won't be hitting fucking ANYONE with that turd

>> No.262713073

worst champs ever designed?
>new akali

>> No.262713138
File: 94KiB, 550x916, 1480454688798.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.262713160

Lee Sin

He's the reason we're here.

>> No.262713268 [DELETED]

So do most trannies keep their cocks would be a shame to lose it 2bh

>> No.262713273


>> No.262713292
Quoted By: >>262713381

What the fuck bros this is cheating you shouldn't be able to pick Corki AND Azir

>> No.262713341
Quoted By: >>262713417

Zed and Talon, though at least Talon has slight counterplay.

>> No.262713381

Rogue realized that Corki was going to be deadweight so they picked Azir

>> No.262713417

>t. adbab silver surfer

>> No.262713446


>> No.262713530

dota.. 2.. please.. lolchads.... join us..

>> No.262713641

>Ezreal has nearly 50% pick ratio
>47% winrate
The fuck

>> No.262713684
Quoted By: >>262715676

channeling the Q doesn't self slow
His E only slows when moving any direction but forward, compared to his old E where they could just disrupt it with a CC and you were rooted the entire duration it's a net buff.

>> No.262713716


>> No.262713720

how's warwick's first clear? should kha'zix invade him

>> No.262713726

>ezreal players only play ezreal
what a shock

>> No.262713775
Quoted By: >>262713867

Warwick is really strong early on. Khazix shouldn't hope to challenge him.

>> No.262713778
Quoted By: >>262713867

>khazix invading warwick
i mean if you wanna give him a free kill go ahead

>> No.262713791
File: 160KiB, 398x936, file.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.262713797
Quoted By: >>262713867

Do not invade Warwick. Ever.
He will be healthier AND he will kill you.

>> No.262713859

lbecause of
>le epic klepto XD

>> No.262713867
Quoted By: >>262714114

cheers boys saved me an int

>> No.262713908

Release Darius is the reason many players quit, I think.

>> No.262713918

I dont get it, his stats are positive, what's the problem?

>> No.262713941
File: 44KiB, 400x424, 1428541128365.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Recently came back, seeing lots of adcs using TP instead of Heal, any reason for that?

>> No.262713951
Quoted By: >>262714269

What's with this new meme about Corki being garbage?

>> No.262713986

Could be worse
They could be a top Vayne degenerate

>> No.262714034
File: 1MiB, 1600x900, swab.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262714613

He's having FUN.
Are you having fun anon?
I sent her the sona hypno webm from the last thread.

>> No.262714061

Teamfights around drake and riftherald in pro play not as practical in solo queue

>> No.262714097

>708 w 662 l
>1370 games and barely reaching plat
I admire this lads dedication

>> No.262714114

Now be careful he doesn't go invade you instead. He shouldn't because unless you waste your jump and flash he won't have actual kill potential, but he's still way scarier than you.

>> No.262714118

Getting back to lane faster after first back is much more valuable than potentially healing with all the anti-heal in current meta.

>> No.262714148

The problem is that he's been hardstuck bronze since season 4

>> No.262714269
Quoted By: >>262715939

Proplays pick him because he's safe, then they lose because he's useless.

>> No.262714407
Quoted By: >>262714752

>hard stuck