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Last Thread: >262471185
Last time on /ss13g/ - spessmen on a spess station:
> People Mad
> Singuloose too mUch
>Snow Map is KINO

>What is Space Station 13?

>New player guide

>Roleplay Guides

>BYOND client

>Pomf Serbian, main /vg/station server

>Test server

>Public server list

>How do I connect to the servers?
Hit the cogwheel in the upper right corner of the BYOND hub and pick "Open Location"

You need at least version 512 to connect now. Try the latest beta first (through the BYOND launcher), it should be functional.
If not, here's 512.1464 which is confirmed to be mostly unfucked http://www.byond.com/download/build/512/512.1464_byond_setup.zip

>/vg/station forum and logs + Discord circlejerk

>Map renders collection: updated sometimes

>Coderbus, here!
@rizon #coderbus @rizon #vgstation

>Round Stats

>SS13 booru for all your SS13 images!

>How To Install BYOND: The Video Tutorial: The Movie


>OP Pastebin

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>Last Thread: >262471185
nigga do you even know how to link threads

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Shit. I thought i linked it correctly. Oops

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add all the weird races you can play when you host this to rundstart
skelly, vox skelly, ghoul, the other green race, slime, evolved slime (the fuck is an evolved slime), mushmen

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there would be hell if slime people were allowed as roundstart, greyshits would hack into everywhere and leave all the wires exposed because electricity heals em

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I mean every race but diona can already hack doors 5 seconds into the game by simply going down the list until it shocks them or they find test, then going to another door if it shocked them.
Literally only diona have any chance of taking meaningful danage from roundstart doors. Every other race don't go in crit. They die instantly.

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I wouldn't really mind having slime people as roundstart, but their overall qualities kinda suck anyway. They're very easy to kill, they get extra dmg from water, cold, and heat, and space vacuum. They can heal using electricity and when holding the xenobio slime heart but that's about the extend of their upsides. They're mostly a gimmick race for xenobio so they wouldnt get glomped by slimes

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They are cute

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i joined on paradise while my body was on the asteroid

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baby's day out mode when

>player controlled baby spawns at roundstart
>captain has to secure him
>anywhere from 2-5 undercover syndicate agents cooperate to capture him
>baby can resist out of people's grasp/containers and ventcrawl on cooldown timers
>babu gets randomized objectives as the round goes on (e.g. "go to the laundry room," "pet ian," "light somebody's cock on fire"), completing them enhances baby's abilities and strengthens its plot armor for further mischief
>baby must eat regularly or die (to prevent players from locking it in a room for extended periods)
>four minutes before the emergency shuttle docks all agents are notified via pda uplink that a syndicate shuttle will be arriving at one of several random locations at the same time as the emergency shuttle
>if the baby arrives at centcomm, the crew wins
>if the baby arrives aboard the syndie shuttle, the syndicate wins
>if the baby's left on the station or dies, everyone loses (round continues??)

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fuck you

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>forcing this shit, cancerous meme still
Get out

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fuck you too kharkov

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>be so triggered, so bootyblasted, you project onto others and chimp out

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Reminder that if you get banned as an admin, you should be deadminned. Why do we admin people who don't understand the rules or how to play the game?

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>This mysteriously getting ignored.


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>retard vore shitter gets dunked on and comes to the thread to whine when no ones gives them the attention they want

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t. Aerywyn the raging pedophile

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i mean if you agree that trailmins should be allowed to abuse power, selfantag, metagame like that and kill people because they're deathsquad then sure, be my guest.

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Quoted By: >>262724204

Because you posted it in feedback, which is like saying you're just giving feedback. Should have put it in Deadmin Request or Ban Request.

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>walk into bar
>battle of lil slugger starts playing

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does it qualify as more of a ban or deadmin request?

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Can anyone big brained Scientist give me an easy guide on how to find Large Artifacts easy on the asteroid?

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>tfw this is the only job i havent even bothered to try and learn
wiki page is a mess and it looks like an annoying combination of tedious, slow paced, rng to get anything, more that its anything good and mostly full of shit that's no better than regular station items (ie a sword that's weaker than a plasma saw)

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16th of August
Cult status: not removed

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>Guy calls me a shitter and says I was silent shuffling and stalking him in dead chat
>Was talking exactly the same amount as him and just happened to be heading to the same places because cargo and medical are popular places to visit
>Never attacked him or anything so not sure why he even noted me

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I haven’t played in a few weeks. We have a new station now?

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Wendigos aren't real.

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gray gang

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le virology kills another round

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Me and Lil Slugnugget

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Gray gang did nothing wrong

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you were good fren botanist, also props to the borg who saved my hide a few times from forced borging

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People still complain about cult
New rework in the works will make people bitch even more

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snowmap is shit

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I miss playing with you retards but I've been so fucking busy these past three months, I hope my favorites are still kicking when I get to play again next month

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I can't wait for you to come back.

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You don't know who I am but thanks pal, I miss you too

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Who are your favorites, anon?

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You get all knowledge of the game and are able to think of all possibilities with that knowledge BUT you get killettes feet
Would you do it?

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Hope the three of you that participated in my whacky races enjoyed them, alas we devolved into eldritch magic too advanced for our mere mortal minds afterwards.

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Checkpoint Charlie was based, he still around? Other than that there was a plasmeme lawyer guy, cmo yahir (not assistant yahir) and a journalist lady who would write amusing blogposts. Quentin Powers too for his massive benis and that one sec incident in science we had together which was a lot of fun.

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more like brap in the sky ha gotem

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Quoted By: >>262731651

I've seen Yahir but recently, not Checkpoint Charlie.

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thank you shitter
-eye in the sky

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>wake up
>cult still not removed from the codebase

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Who's the meme waifu shitter of the month, last I played smoke maltys was. Also, whats the average highpop playerbase atm

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Quoted By: >>262731929

Anne's unbanned, so probably them.

>> No.262731929
Quoted By: >>262734730

Anne Hiro? Based.

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Quoted By: >>262735047

>robosperg glowing like the nigger they are in the thread

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Quoted By: >>262735818

Guess again, dweeb

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What if slimes could vent crawl but they dropped all of their items doing it?

Just leave a pile of clothes and gear and slide naked through the vents

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Quoted By: >>262736136


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Quoted By: >>262739467

anon telling people to kill themselves is really uncool!

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Reminder: Arrow keys is the thinking mans control scheme.
Does anyone other than me actually still use this? Never learned to play with hotkeys.

>> No.262736589

hotkeys is unequivocally better unless you absolutely NEED to talk while moving (you dont)

>> No.262736669

Charlie still plays, the ckey, not the name. A shame since 'checkpoint' as a first name was confirmed by an admin to be valid enough for me to murder him and I was planning to do so.
Plasmeme went lawyer>journo and seems to have vanished now, shame since he was the best journo we've had, pretty much ever.
Yahir doesn't play CMO now because some really autistic vox I forget the name of who isn't him always hogs it.
Our only journalist recently was the plasmeme, no chick
Powers names himself phoenix for a bit then stopped playing genetics and now uses another name.

>> No.262736795

More like only AI
I can't even roll it because he always does.


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>be janitorborg
>drunk off my ass irl, simply do not give a shit just want to fucking get 100% clean station
>not going to happen, don't care. Banned from mousesquad, so posibrain borg is the only way I can get in a round on observer mode
>wanted to be secborg, too many sec officers so fuck it janiborg that silently cleans and nothing else
>and that's it for ten minutes, maint is clean and now I'll just roam around the station looking for-
>Badmin: "So why are you violating law 2?"
>wasn't paying attention to chat at all, some greyshirt had ordered all borgs to repeat everything he said in all caps BECAUSE THAT'S SO FANNY EX DEE DEE

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Quoted By: >>262737073

Most of the server is brainlets so most of the server.

>Banned from mousesquad
how much of a shitter you gotta be to get banned from mouse
>Read the rest of the post
Okay quite a shitter, don't pick borg if you aren't prepared to follow laws

>> No.262737027

welcome to silicon you're a fuckin bitch ass slave to humans on asimov enjoy your stay

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Nigga hwat

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Quoted By: >>262737239

Then enjoy your silicon ban shitter.

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Quoted By: >>262737559

You should be able to turn off radio as a borg, desu, and just tune out.

>> No.262737239


>> No.262737317

Shut up dumb soon to be not silicon. Borgs explicitly follow the laws. Humans do not. And stop with the all caps, child.

>> No.262737350

in the end you only got one of us

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wait, you can't do this? This is why MoMMI is the best kind of robot and nothing will ever prove that otherwise

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Quoted By: >>262743521

Borgs can turn off their radio, but if they do it without being ordered to by a human or an AI then it's pretty obvious they're trying to avoid being given law 2 commands like >>262736815 was. Probably what the admin thought was going on there.

>> No.262738170

Only thing I'd like is to be able to mute mommis as borg because femmommi and similar ones who won't shut the fuck up begging for attention

>> No.262739276
Quoted By: >>262740952

On one hand I like the detached sarcasm of certain mommi players, but on the other hand they can make borgchat feel like deadchat-lite in terms of meta. Of course, not meta that the mommi act upon; but enough that I never have felt even an iota of an attempt at RP from a mommi player. Borgs talk to the AI like servants, AI talks to borgs like a boss, but mommi talk no differently than they might in this very general.
>"Did you see that clown slip that guy with a tome?"
>"Yeah, hilarious, I wonder when security will figure out there's a cult."
>borg and AI are just supposed to act like they didn't hear that because it's only ten minutes into the round
That said, mommi players are usually based so it's just something I've had to learn to ignore. Wish I could recall some example of good mommi RP, but I don't think I can because there never has been any mommi RP attempts to begin with. What happens when your laws say nothing that happens in the station matters to you.

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Quoted By: >>262744639

kys robosperg

get gone and stay gone, shitter

>femmommi and similar ones who won't shut the fuck up begging for attention
Kill them

>> No.262740174

>haven't played ss13 in a few years
>launch byond to see how the servers are doing
>1000+ players
wow, glad to see this still going. what are the best servers? what is this prison station?

>> No.262740358


>> No.262740473

>what are the best servers?
VG is that only tolerable one. CM is shit and has been for years now.

>> No.262740613

more like sec is apathetic because greyshirts are like inner city middle school niggers.

>> No.262740694
Quoted By: >>262740912

Sec is apathetic because badmins do their job for them.

>> No.262740912

throwing someone in gay baby jail for 5 mins isn't going to magically make them stop commit shiitery on station. If someone is hellbent on being a greytiding shitter sec isn't going to change that apart from either killing them or keeping them in peram

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To be honest, I think it adds a lot of charm to the game knowing that these speechless automatons that performs their duties without complaint or comment are actually some knuckleheads amongst themselves. It sets them apart from the other two types of robots and it gives them their own identity. Since they are just human brains in this strange prison of eternal work, it does kinda make sense in some ways if they talked like that if they eventually got over the horror of their situation.

>> No.262741165

Sec is apathetic because the metaclub will get them bwoinked and banned for doing their jobs.

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Quick rundown:
SsethTzeentach made a video months ago about the game and the player count skyrocketed
TG is now infested with trannies, homos, and ironic shitposters and has some shitty lights, but has some cool features like diagonal movement. Playerbase is shit.
Paradise is still owned by a furfag, don't bother
Hippie collapsed and the host quit, there have been several switches between owners and the latest one is a guy working on SSCM, also most of the playerbase is dead
CM's notorious headmin made approx 12 reddit accounts to shitpost at other servers and got kicked, now hangs around TG's version of CM but with a clause that he's never going to be staff. Original CM owner turned out to have been a pedo, basically disappeared from SS13. New guy came, then left. Now marines can't open pill bottles because that would be powergaming, I am not joking that's what they did
/vg/ is going into content stasis due to lack of general coders, had some meta-shaking stuff like the black market, cult 3, and dynamic mode with mixed receptions
Goon is still that autistic server with a very slow feature rate populated mostly by oldfags
Lifeweb's jewish russian Randy lowered the minimum account age to 2016, meaning accounts made in 2016 and before can play on Lifeweb without paying
That's all. No other server matters, but there have been several iterations of a Fallout server and the most recent one is an ERP HRP one, Europa is still a niche server with okay features and resource-hogging lights, there is a new station called Bee that I am not sure what it is about

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Sec is apathetic for many reasons.
Cult converts through implants and can't be unconverted and they can do this the moment act 2 happens 5 mins into the round. So you have to die or be the bad guy. You can't be a reasonable guy and uncult like before. You can't count on your loyalty implant ot make you loyalty. New cutl largely ruines playing sec because you can just be having a good time then bam culted because you didn't react in the less than 1 sec it takes to click on you and stun + silence sec though armor and glasses with an infintiely producable item that has effectively no cost because it costs so little blood it doens't matter.

If you go too soft on people, they keep being shitters.
If you go too hard on them, other people be shitters because ''lol shit sec lol''
There is no just right level of hard; shitters are being shitters for the sake of it.

Admins will more happily bwoink sec for being shit sec than they will everyone else for breaking all the laws. Unless the shitters outright murder you they will just claim its an IC issue you need to solve as sec but happily bwoink you for fighting back.

All of this makes sec so unfun barely anyone plays it in med-pop and no one does in low so outside of when its high (which is not most of the time) you can't really buddy up like suggested to deal with the above. You have no buddy. You are sec, have fun.

On top of all of this shit the only regular hos player we have is antag half the fucking time so you can't even rely on your own boss having your back.
And on top of that he (and cap and any other head) are 90% of the time allergic to changing silicon laws so you end up fighting the borgs too because they have no fuckign choice to follow law 2.
And on top of THAT the few sec we have tend to harm humans on asimov seemingly just to claim shittercons when the borgs get mad rather than fighting antags.

Our server, antags, admins and players including sec itself all make sec unfun to play.

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>> No.262743521

there is nothing that says you can't do that, and any admin who bans you from turning off your radio is a shithead.

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>CM's notorious headmin made approx 12 reddit accounts to shitpost at other servers and got kicked, now hangs around TG's version of CM but with a clause that he's never going to be staff. Original CM owner turned out to have been a pedo, basically disappeared from SS13. New guy came, then left. Now marines can't open pill bottles because that would be powergaming, I am not joking that's what they did
What the hell did I miss over there?

>> No.262744073
Quoted By: >>262744395

feweh made like a dozen of alt account so he could vouch for himself in different places or something like this, while the CM's host got in big trouble when people dug up a lil thing from his past when he was asking people for realistic children skins for sims 3, which was years ago. Apop begun hiding all the posts and made a massive backtracking campaign claiming it wasnt him, while in truth he should have just bit the bullet and come clean with that because it all just made it worse for himself. Someone even wrote a formal letter to a place where he worked, I think he was working as a teacher in some school... so yeah, him going and hiding everything, going full "SHUT IT DOWN" was a bit oopsie on his part

>> No.262744304

dont worry, iroquois is here to fix security

>> No.262744395

Well, shit.

>> No.262744639
Quoted By: >>262747820

robo sperg can suck my fucking dick, i hate that guy. i just don't like people telling others to kill themself!

>> No.262744692
Quoted By: >>262745242

Headmin made a lot of fuss over the months on the subreddit using alt accounts, doing things like asking where Paradise's excess patreon money goes (hint: pocketed), someone made a report, Reddit staff got involved and revealed all the accounts sharing the same IP. He got the boot.
As for the original host someone just searched his full username on Google and found him asking for a "realistic" sims 3 nude mod that he specified include children, and also asked for a "shota x shota boarding school story". He might also have been doxxed. One guy on Hippie, Asskek I think, claimed that Apop is bullshitting about his military service too but that might be just a rumor. It's surprising how much dirt you can uncover on someone just by searching their username, always remember to make different usernames on the internet, and maybe save them on your computer or something. It's a life lesson. You struck rich if you ended up having your username be common. If not, tough luck, backtracking through your accounts and trying possible passwords that you might have used in order to contact people to remove them or to use an in-system account deactivation/removal mechanic will usually get the job done, however, which I advise for everyone to do.

>> No.262745035

>Original CM owner turned out to have been a pedo
Honestly if I was him I would have stood my ground instead of running away like a little bitch.

>> No.262745096

when theres solid leadership in sec I enjoy playing it. But when I try to lead its draining and I really dont know what I'm doing.

>> No.262745242
Quoted By: >>262745547

him trying to hide shit on masse made people even more suspicious that he had something to hide, he should have just shit the bed and say he was thirsty for some shitty 3d shota porn and I can guarantee there would have been less backlash. Either that or he should have made more accounts when asking for such spicy stuff

>> No.262745384
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>> No.262745547
Quoted By: >>262745982

Yeah, owning up to being a pedo would have hurt him but not as much as trying to hide it would
Arguably owning up to it would have weeded out reddit from the server making it better in the long run.
I still wish we allowed loli and shota here just so that reddit fucks off.

>> No.262745809
Quoted By: >>262746051

Timestop Rave the best.

t. Vlad

>> No.262745837

>waaaaaaaaahhhhh I have to be the most fun antag in the game, this is an outrage
Anti cult are brain dead.

>> No.262745870

fuck off deity

>> No.262745875

t. diaphram

>> No.262745982
Quoted By: >>262749937

there were also things like this https://youtu.be/TzU7rNK7AYc

Apop was the predator and he challenged someone to a duel, he cheated and used land mines so other marines jumped in and kicked his ass. He raged so much he admin bombed the entire place killing a lot of innocent people. I don't even believe he could be a real life pedo but because of things like this and his general attitude people were more than willing to stoke the fires of the witch hunt

>> No.262746008
Quoted By: >>262746617

>And on top of that he (and cap and any other head) are 90% of the time allergic to changing silicon laws
Because whenever I change the laws rounds tart half the crew starts fucking bitching no matter what lawset I choose.

>> No.262746021
File: 39KiB, 442x650, 1565370262164.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>decide to start off small by going after a greyshit in maint
>shoot him
>get flashed, cuffed and brought to sec because he's a fucking powergaming faggot little greyshit that carries flashes around all the time

>> No.262746051

It was until admins ruined it like faggots. Fuck you kharkov!

>> No.262746135

Hey friends, are xenos back in rotation?

>> No.262746197

Kind of. Very rare though
They really should be made more common.

>> No.262746218
Quoted By: >>262746827

a small protip, don't carry tator items if you have even the slightest doubt of being searched. If you just have the usual shit like eguns or stun prods or tasers you can ALWAYS bullshit your way in sec and just act polite. You'll get a slap on the wrist and 10 mins in brig and that's about it

>> No.262746225

snowmap in rotation when

>> No.262746245
File: 29KiB, 648x345, THE TUBES.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262746961

>> No.262746273

sad to hear that. Thanks anon!

>> No.262746318
Quoted By: >>262746462

Marines also have randomised grenade timers and intentional delay when firing weapons because xenos were being shot too much

>> No.262746374

>guaranteed roundender unless you have instantaneous, hard reaction to it
>more common

>> No.262746384

you can always pray to Syndicate when you're traitor to exchange your TC for some xenos. Happened a few times when I was traitor, manged to buy "teleport a larvae onto station" for some TCs

>> No.262746386

Cult haters: Gee I sure taking cocks up my ass don't you agree

>> No.262746462
Quoted By: >>262747503

Oh come the fuck on.

>> No.262746507
Quoted By: >>262747820


>> No.262746617
Quoted By: >>262757494

You wait until you need to harm a human then change it.
You don't metagay and change it knowing human antags will spawn.
You don't leave it on and lethal a wizard infront of 5 borgs and wonder why they mad
You see there is a wizard then get cap to change it. Or RD but lets not pretend RD ever does its job

>> No.262746751
Quoted By: >>262746939

If you take the Lawgiver and try to fire it back at the HoS, congrats, you are getting beat to death with your own now-blown-off arm.

>> No.262746827
Quoted By: >>262746939

low rp shitter
ive been found with emags and ebow multiple times and always get out by being very poilite and sorry

>> No.262746939

>he doesnt intentionally blow up HOS's lawgiver as clown and laugh at his face
post logs or didnt happen, sec will usually borg your immediately when they find shit like this

>> No.262746961

>Put guy in medbay
>Look in beaker
>No beaker
>Go to fill beaker
>No plasma
>Go to find plasma
>Laws changed
>Kill the guy I was asking for plasma
>Get blown
>I just wanted to fucking heal the guy
>Some dude pours acid on my MMI

>> No.262747053

Yeah have fun losing an arm and being deaf for the next ten minutes, you sure showed em

>> No.262747087

The thinking man's special role is the pAI. Being supportive and helpful is comfy!

>> No.262747090
Quoted By: >>262747262

>Finding logs of everything shitters here say
No fuck off, I'll just play antag, get caught with this shit and RP my way out of it tomorrow. And dab on low RP brainlets like you

>> No.262747262

sure thing bub

>> No.262747349
Quoted By: >>262747496

>He thinks damage matters when cloning exists
>He thinks losing limbs matters when cloning exists
>He thinks even dying matters when cloning exists
The gun can't come back. I can. Infinitely. Effectively for free.

>> No.262747398

worth it

>> No.262747496
Quoted By: >>262747705

Ain’t gonna come back when I cremate your head dumbass

>> No.262747503

Also a skills system which means you can't build, repair, heal, read pill names, use HUDs, etc.
The basic marine has 0 across the board in all standard firearm proficiency too, despite that being his only job.

>> No.262747668
Quoted By: >>262747849

bay skills whenst've
bay has the right idea by mixing the RP into the gameplay and punishing people for trying to be master-of-all-trades shitters who'd rather bull people out of their way and do anything on their own than try and interact with other players
prove me wrong: protip, you can't

>> No.262747705
Quoted By: >>262747962

>Spawns as a diona
oh nooooooooooo how will I ever recover from this
my random named snowflake died :(((
>He thinks anything in the round matters

>> No.262747715
Quoted By: >>262748023

So, what, are all their coders full-time ayys now or something?

>> No.262747820
Quoted By: >>262747957

kys greyshit

kys redditor, fuck off and go back

nice samefagging diety now kys

>> No.262747837
Quoted By: >>262747949

>Thrown in Brig
>Have Compression Implant
Whats the one thing you keyhole up your keister?

>> No.262747849

the duality of man

>> No.262747949

copy of lusty xenomorph maid

>> No.262747957
Quoted By: >>262750186

>unironically using the /pol/ddit phrase 'kys' instead of typing it out like someone who isn't a nigger
No Anon, you are the plebbitor.

>> No.262747962
Quoted By: >>262749425

why do you even play then

>> No.262748023
Quoted By: >>262748152

They were always full time ayys. Marines have power, but its all in the snowflake roles. Smartgunner and spec got separated, so now there's more of them, there's a tank for running over grunts and the dropships can do bombing runs if you REALLY want to friendly fire. In the end though, you'll always end up with those guys dead and 70 grunts vs 40 ancient ayys (who now have aim assist, meaning if they click the general direction you're in they'll automatically hit you if you're in range)

>> No.262748152

God damn, guess I'm not going back there anytime soon.

>> No.262748705

I'm probably making it out to seem worse than it is. Honestly its better than the Apophis days when any marine win would result in nerfs, but they still haven't shaken a lot of his policies. It can be fun playing build-a-gun with their attachment system and wandering around building bases, but don't expect to kill a xeno every round.

>> No.262748779

Is there a way to hook up a mech to a sound system and have it play music like the jukebox?

>> No.262749425

Fo rfun

>> No.262749937

What an unironic faggot

>> No.262750129
File: 542KiB, 820x529, 1561327464983.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

What if instead of a skill points system, you can pay for "nanite body mods" a la System Shock?

>> No.262750186

I'd say ahelp it but the metaclub means you'll get banned, and not the greyshit.

No, the badmins hate fun.

>projecting this hard

>> No.262750223
Quoted By: >>262750887

Yes, but robotics has to develop them.

>> No.262750505

I'm paying a full antag token to the person who records a full reading of this

>> No.262750514

why not just
have a skill system
there's literally no argument against it that doesn't consist of
>skills r bad becuz uhhhhh, i wanna do all the things without any problem!!
enforcing maluses on players for doing things they didn't put points into on their character slot means they'll either have to power through RNG failures, or else let someone who did put skill points into the things they didn't do what they want for them
additionally, it would incentivize playing more than one character, since otherwise any time you'd want to play a different job, you'd have to constantly readjust your skill settings to play it competently
literally nobody with a brain would be against a skill system

>> No.262750570
Quoted By: >>262750806

But I do want to do everything. If I did not, I'd play bay. Go to bay friend.

>> No.262750806
File: 17KiB, 414x331, 1538289533742.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262750974

>literally admitting to being a shitter who doesn't want to interact with other people

>> No.262750817

You must go back, cancer

>> No.262750887

Ehhhhh, how bought like this:
>Nano mod vending machines already exist in the station
>basic loadout is extremely tame, stuff like an innate medbay hud mod or an implanted one way radio (so you can always HEAR general comms channel, even if your earpiece is removed, but can't talk into that channel without the earpiece). Absolutely nothing that would be robust, but minor conviences that replace what you probably have access to already but might not want to waste a body slot for or might at some point lose.
>anything else more useful than that is going to come from robotics nanite autism

Heck, that's another idea. Nanite farms in Xenobio. You farm nanite swarm clouds like slimes, waiting until they mature and then you bottle them and turn them into a mod at robotics.

I don't want a standard skill system because it's too meta. Better it be used to expand the options for an existing job, like mutations did for genetics.

>> No.262750967
Quoted By: >>262751247

>skills r gud bcuz uhh... greyshirt did my job better than me
If you go for a skill system you end up with a situation like CM has, where all the doctors are so dumb they had to automate surgery, but noone who actually could operate can because the job they picked roundstart will never be able to understand what a health analyser does.

>> No.262750974

Yes. GO back to bay.

>> No.262751247
Quoted By: >>262755901

Or, alternatively, ONLY those who selected Medical at roundstart can preform surgery - and someone who wants a jobchange from HOP or is just helping put people back together after a bomb or whatever simply can't because 'u got no skillz'. Which then leads to situations like an inexperienced medbay nurse that doesn't know how to do surgery leaves people with broken bones and burst appendixes, while an experienced medbay player who just happened to role bartender that round can do nothing but watch from the sidelines and maybe walk the new medbay player through the surgery.

Encouraging people to learn/teach is one thing, FORCING them to learn/teach is another entirely.

>> No.262751479
Quoted By: >>262751751

But if you add in an enforced skill system with harsh penalties, you end up punishing a lot of general purpose/low skilled jobs, like Janitor, Clown, Mine, Librarian and so on.
It'd make playing as them a chore because they'll either have to entirely rely on others to help them with things like making chemicals or constructing machinery, or risk something detrimental happening to them because they're apparently too stupid to know how to wire things or don't know how to operate a chem machine.

>> No.262751751

Isn't that kind of the point? Why would a librarian, a guy hired to tend to the library, know how to build a complex machine? Those jobs would need to be reworked to function within the new system.

>> No.262751770

Can we have scotland next?

>> No.262751930
Quoted By: >>262752418

What if my librarian character was a security officer before the current shift? What then? Should skills be permanently attached to characters, or reset after every round?

>> No.262752038

Hey hey people, sseth here, bay is gay and skill systems are bad

>> No.262752272

What if they want to rennovate the library to add in coffee dispensers and neon flooring, and no one is willing to help? Should they just put up and shut up and just place copies of WGW on the bookshelves for an hour until the shuttle comes?
Being able to do everything allows people's gimmicks and ideas to flourish, and adding in skill points severely limits that.

>> No.262752396
Quoted By: >>262756005

It's your job, so yes you should just shut up and fill bookshelves. Don't like it? Don't play librarian.

In fact, librarian should jsut be flat out removed.

>> No.262752418

You know, that's actually a good point. I think it'd be more interesting if you had to actually build a character rather than just resetting it every round, but that would annoy people who enjoy randomizing their character every round.

>> No.262752451
Quoted By: >>262752482

What is the point of a skill system? We're going to have a lot more fun than not without it

>> No.262752476
Quoted By: >>262755069

>Now marines can't open pill bottles because that would be powergaming, I am not joking that's what they did

That was implemented before apothis or whatever the pedo owner's name was had been ousted by the community, IIRC.

>> No.262752482

It's more realistic.

>> No.262752561

That is also a very good point. To be honest, I don't think a skill point system would work at all with jobs like librarian, lawyer and IAA. The game would have to be redesigned from the ground up to make such a system fun for the roleplay jobs.

>> No.262752593

and you'd rather sacrifice the countless opportunities that can be had just to make the game more "realistic"?

>> No.262752656

That's what High RP is all about.

>> No.262752810
Quoted By: >>262752868

after all this time we're still touching this subject?

>> No.262752868

>all this time
/vg/station is High RP now. Where have you been for the past few months?

>> No.262752910
Quoted By: >>262756005

Guy made an mistake, okay? When he does it a second time then give him the boot

>> No.262753006

Someone coming in to surgery to cut up their friend when there's already a doctor on board is not an "opportunity", it's just stealing fun from whoever decides to actually do their job. I don't think a complete overhaul is necessary, but some aspects of the game need anti-assistant bullshit such as surgery (much greater fuck-up chance).

>> No.262753145
File: 83KiB, 771x865, skillso.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>CM kiddies who think they know what anyone means when the word 'skill system' comes into play
/me does a 360 and walks away.
do they literally just fucking call 'no you can't do that unless you're X job' a skill system?
pic related is the skills system most people are referring to when they ask for a skills system, not whatever retarded shit colonial memes came up with, that shit isn't even SS13 and nobody with any taste plays it
>implying /vg/ hasn't always been high RP
lite RP minimum
m i n i m u m
there's absolutely no rules against playing it like it's bay without all the rules, and 9 times out of 10, the people who do are far more fun to play with than the people who try and play like it's hippie

>> No.262753353
Quoted By: >>262753696

What's wrong with the skills system? You haven't made a single argument.

>> No.262753417

yeah, that's what I'd like as a skill system, actually. Roboticists, for example, could specialize in one of the three fields. If you invested hard in to mechs, you'd be a better pilot and building them would be cheaper. Investing in cyborgs would give you more options for customizing them, etc. I think it'd be fun!

>> No.262753420

Xenos are also much more lacks regarding metagaming and RP standards. It's okay for xenos to rush the self destruct device once they hijack a dropship, but building defenses around the SD as a marine is a no no until ordered to do so by command, and they can't issue that order until xenos are coming to the ship or already on it, I think. The game is really no fun at all as just a generic grunt anymore, the only fun to be had as marines is as unique classes because you either get to some autism (engineer or doctor) or maybe actually score a few kills (specialist or smartgunner). You're just cannon fodder as a grunt. Maybe purposefully harming your own side by arresting marines for stupid shit as an MP is fun too, I've never played as one, but it seems like doing your job just increases the odds of you getting fucking owned 45 minutes later.

I don't quite remember but I also think picking up a gun as a non combat role is bannable, even if xenos are onboard. Considering marines can't open pill bottles now I wouldn't be surprised if they made it so surgeons somehow have 0 idea how to use a firearm since I last played.

>> No.262753696
File: 41KiB, 448x635, 1497630423077.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

learn to reading comprehension before you open your mouth, son, trust me; thinking before speaking will help you a lot in the adult world
or, if you're too dense for insults to make you think about what exactly you just shat out of your mouth, where in that post did you ever get the impression that i was against having a skills system that wasn't CM's retarded bullshit?
were you dropped on your head as a child? repeatedly?

>> No.262753902
File: 4KiB, 256x256, september guy.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>still no september guy t-shirts
What do we even have coders for?

>> No.262753936
Quoted By: >>262754152

Coders are too busy wasting their time with the Ling rework.

>> No.262754152
Quoted By: >>262755625

>wasting time
>ling rework
someone wasn't online when the snow map was debuted. The changeling bus made that round so much god damn fun. Ling rework now!

>> No.262754189
Quoted By: >>262755545

was it some guy who wanted these added. to what. what are they. i could add them prolly but id need details on which vendor and what theyre called or described like

>> No.262754297

code it yourself

>> No.262754473

What spessgirls are petite?

>> No.262754512
Quoted By: >>262759206

>Fun, unique experience of playing an invicible mass murderer as the concious person who is in control until it sees someone else, unable to live in peace with others regardless of intentions, forced into self-exile or embracing the urges, GONE
thanks c*ders

>> No.262754938
Quoted By: >>262755091

>Invest in borgs
>No one wants to be borged
>Hmm I will do mechs
>Sorry kiddo you didn't click this sheet before joining to say nanotransen hired a roboticist only good at 1/3rd of his job so you can only make clarkes
fuck off to bay

>> No.262755069
Quoted By: >>262755824

My absolute favourite was marines were killing aliens with chem bombs, so they removed research. then they switched to killing them with the weakass default grenades, so they made marines scream when pulling the pin and a giant red ! appear on grenades so aliens can see and walk away before they explode. So then marines started cooking the grenades to blow on landing, 1sec flashbang style. So they responded by randomising grenade timers and making grenade launchers have a random chance to misfire. The lengths they went to just to stop marines having a reliable source of heavy damage is extreme.

>> No.262755091

I agree, anon. Borgs are gay and people who play them are bad people. Mechs are way more fun.

>> No.262755543
Quoted By: >>262755724

There's no way to make someone magically a better pilot, what you'd be doing is making everyone who didn't spawn with that alt title have arbitrary restrictions.

>> No.262755545
File: 621KiB, 1155x1155, september-guy-skull-im-either-angry-sarcastic-t-shirt-vivianstorescom_1024x1024@2x.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.262755625
File: 256KiB, 800x800, Oh Shit I'm Sorry.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

As far as I'm concerned, Ling is a complete failure. If Ling 2 or 3 or whatever is gong to happen, then we need the following:
>replace monkeyform (which is nothing but a "GUESS WHAT LING CONFIRMED" button) with Norris Head Eject, where your head is launched off your body and becomes a Norris sprite that then needs to go off and kill something small like a mouse or dog or whatever in order to gain mass to get the rest of the body back. Monkeyform doesn't help you escape and is easily stunned/killed. A Norris eject form would be nimbler than the monkey mob, and be unstunnable.
>give Horrorform more health and damage resistance, but deal far less damage; especially to crew wearing armor. It should be something you pull out when you're cornered and need to tank your way out of a situation, not last minute yackety sax on the shuttle.
>steal bits of identity on the fly, much like a diona. Grab a bit of blood from someone, and you can do something like mimic their voice for a little while once you activate that ability. This allows for tactics like sowing confusion over radio, without risking giving someone a full succ that let's you steal their identity completely.
>some sort of anti-mech/borg ability. Secborgs pretty much eat lings for breakfast, with only the presumption of a suspected ling's humanity holding the borg back from just validhunting on sight
>give virology a FINITE number of ling detection test kits, which have the possibility for false positives. Thus they don't hold up in "court" (you cannot execute someone based on the test alone), but you can remove suspicion from human crew who are tested negative. So false positives are possible, but false negatives are NEVER possible. Furthermore, just as how Chaplain is the rival to the Vamp, Virologist becomes the enemy of the Ling.
>deathsting is cheap, and some counter to it should be available in chemistry. Not a permenant counter, or even a complete one, just something that gives you time.

>> No.262755674
Quoted By: >>262756667

>not three wendigo moon

>> No.262755724

>still insisting that skill systems must be, and only be, shit-tier CM skills which are tied to job titles instead of user choices
did you not even look at the image that went with >>262753145
are you seriously that fucking stupid?

>> No.262755824
Quoted By: >>262756424

Eventually, Marines will be nerfed to the point where they can't manually fire guns. I don't know how people put up with it, it's pretty much just a tentacle rape server.

>> No.262755901

This, its actually discouraging teaching, as a new player either has to take a full doctor jobslot and hope that he doesn't stop someone who actually knows joining as one too, or join as assistant and get a job change- oh wait now he has no skills and will arbitrarily fumble every step so there's no way to learn.

>> No.262756005

>cult still not removed
>c****s working on making ling mode even more cancerous instead, under the guise of a """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""rework"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

kys retard

You absolutely must go back, cancer

t. metaclub apologist

>> No.262756136
Quoted By: >>262757028

Nu-Cult is glorious.

>> No.262756424

meanwhile on the xeno side
>armour added, xenos that have armour basically have a second life bar
>xenos without armour have a chance to dodge bullets instead, meaning there is no downside whichever you pick
>xenos weren't capturing enough so every facehugger creates 4 xenos
>aliens STILL don't bother capturing so in addition to this they randomly spawn larvae out of the ground whenever the queen goes into egg laying mode

>> No.262756564
File: 1017KiB, 500x207, 1564278536751.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>all those lore violating buffs
It's like these faggots have never watched the movies.

>> No.262756656
Quoted By: >>262757028

have sex

>> No.262756667
File: 2KiB, 128x128, 3shirt.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.262756684
Quoted By: >>262756967

Worst of all, they removed reverse chestbursting. you are now permastunned when you get vored so you can't knife your way out like a badass.

>> No.262756967
Quoted By: >>262758097

I bet if they had Bishop androids, they'd have them be facehuggable too. And then they'd remove all the differences between them and humans, make them unable to kill xenos, and then finally make them secret agents who's job it is to help infect marine squads with huggers "for science".

>> No.262757028


>> No.262757206
File: 13KiB, 948x132, FrankDoesIt.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

What a round.

>> No.262757369
Quoted By: >>262757802

my finest hour

>> No.262757447

galaxy brain engineer

>> No.262757494
Quoted By: >>262757528

>You wait until you need to harm a human then change it.
Yeah fuck off, part of the captains roundstart tasks is to change the ai laws to something that works better.

>> No.262757528

t metagaming shitter

>> No.262757802
Quoted By: >>262757930

the fuck happened?

>> No.262757872
File: 243KiB, 540x721, 1395165728142.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Rule 5. No powergaming - Powergaming includes performing actions outside your assigned job or chosen character’s abilities. Your skills or RP background before the round do not matter - a standard marine with "a brother in Engineering" does not know how to hack an airlock.
Knowing how to play the game is bannable.
>Rule 6. No Metagaming or Metacommunication
>Examples: Welding vents before seeing the aliens use them or before they've boarded the ship. Building defenses on the ship before a hostile force is en route.
>Aliens slashing powered devices such as APCs, cameras, and lights.
Funny how the Aliens know how electrical systems work before they see humans use them... I guess that's just instinct. :^)
>Rule 16. Battlefield Execution - Whitelisted Commanders are allowed to instantly kill any player at any time if the player fulfills the conditions found in Marine Law. Excessive or poorly-reasoned battlefield executions (such as BEing MPs over a valid arrest) may end with the Commander being removed from the whitelist.
Remember when the United States Colonial Marines officer executed his own soldiers in the second Alien movie like he was a commissar in Stalingrad? Yeah, that was my favorite scene.
>Rule 17. Mutinies must be Adminhelped by a chosen leader stating the reasoning and the players directly involved. There must be at least 5 members with MPs not eligible to mutiny.
WEEEEEEEEW. So if an officer is being a shitter to a squad of only four people, they can't do anything about it because big daddy in the sky didn't give them permission. MEDIUM RP THOUGH.
>Roleplay Standards
>Marines: All personnel employed by the USCM are mentally stable and physically fit for duty. They would not desert their post or go against the USCM without a good reason. (...) The USCM only know about things that are human in origin.
"Is this going to be a standup fight, sir, or another bughunt?"
Somebody ban Hudson for meta.

>> No.262757930

i tried to do a try hard niggawatt shard, several fuckups along the way, delammed at the end, deadchat laughed at me

>> No.262758097
File: 2MiB, 1988x3056, RCO006_1471470075.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262758273

they have synths, they're a whitelisted RP role that can't do combat. Fuck that give me combat synth squads.

>> No.262758257
Quoted By: >>262758367

Man, I really like Alien, but all those rules make that server seem kinda lame.

>> No.262758273
Quoted By: >>262758894

I actually wouldn't want synth combat squads, but instead synths as support who can kill aliens in order to fulfill whatever law 1 equivalent they're operating under.
>Law 1: Your mission must succeed. Protecting those who are assets to your mission is vital for mission success.
That's very Weyland Yutani.

>> No.262758367
Quoted By: >>262759229

The rules are actually intentionally vague, the server itself is NOTHING but a fetish den for people who want to masturbate to watching chestbursters pop out of marines. No different from a vore server, and idiots who play Marines are just enabling the xeno side's fetish.

>> No.262758493

Completely fine
>xenos on the shuttle up not even trying to disguise the fact that they know the layout of the ship they've never been to before, discussing breaking out through engineering and taking the ladder to stop the pods evac
>marines push into the place the aliens are retreating too early

>> No.262758894
Quoted By: >>262759317

>not wanting a group of 5-10 creepy silent combat synths who only talk through binary chat, occasionally relaying information through their designated squad leader
>not wanting to see them advancing on a ravager despite being dismembered
>not wanting to be slightly creeped out by them knowing that WY could upload a order at any moment and they'd turn on your squad without a second thought

>> No.262759065

Good god this server needs to be expunged

>> No.262759206

If you think that leave a down vote and comment on the PR
Don't just complain in the thread.

And that goes triple for anti black Market people, make your voices heard before the worst cancer to ever grace this server gets worse.

>> No.262759229

I was convinced apophis could only get hard by watching last stands get overrun or something by his balancing but I guess he sure showed us.

>> No.262759317

It's just a power fantasy but for marines. I know it's present in the comics, and maybe it could be a special bus to give the marines one last chance to retake their ship if the admins believed in fair play and not just ensuring the xenos win as much as possible; but the original setup of a squad of Marines and their support android going into space Vietnam populated by swarms of xenomorphs is really what the goal should ultimately be. Both sides should take lots of casualties and need to be allowed to use every available tool in order to win; and nobody should be running around as a whitelist only class. Anything involving whitelists is cancer, with the only valid exception being /vg/'s bunker.

>> No.262759671

It wouldn't be any worse of a power fantasy than playing spec really. Xenos are pretty much immune to small arms fire, and even with the benefits being a synth would give a combat squad a ravager would still one hit decapitate 50% of the time.

>> No.262759674
File: 120KiB, 400x300, RADIO WAVES THAT WON'T BEHAVE.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262759850

>Sealab Station never
>Outpost 13 station never

>> No.262759724

I wouldn't mind a hos whitelist to be honest
But I am afraid it could lead to a slippery slope of MUH IMPARTIAL OBSERVER fags demanding an ai whitelist so only their preferred playstyle of Ai becomes allowed, especially since some of those fuckers are on the admin team.

>> No.262759850
Quoted By: >>262759924


>> No.262759924
Quoted By: >>262761650

That does have submarines, and I can appreciate that heavily, but does it have pod 6? No.

>> No.262759996

whitelist for a role like HoS could be cool, but its ultimately a judgement call for individuals and whether they prefer only having a HoS every once in a while, or having a HoS more often but they being a little better

>> No.262760415

The problem with whitelisted heads, especially HOS, is that heads are fucking necessary and whitelisting them makes them rarer. I main sec, and there is NOTHING more vital to me than having an HOS and Warden around to unlock armory. Not because I want guns as fast as possible, or because I think regular sec officers should have armory access; but rather when the decision needs to be made to break out lethals for ops, cult, revs, or bleb (especially bleb), I want armory open as soon as fucking possible. That is literally what the purpose of HOS and Warden is as far as I'm concerned. Yeah, HOS is supposed to be my boss and Warden is supposed to be brig's tardwrangler and my eye in the sky on cameras; but those are small concerns compared to holding the keys to armory.

Too many shifts I've played where I'm screaming for HOP or Captain to open armory because warden and HOS never showed up or are KIA/MIA. You don't need to know space law or even be robust to play HOS, you just need to know when shit hits the fan and it's time for lethals to be handed out.

>> No.262760841
Quoted By: >>262761634

I don't like whitelists, as the criteria for getting whitelisted seldom reflects what makes you good in the role. A hrp server will have you write a short story of your characters life in the role, but then when it comes to actually being both robust and a leader it proves jack shit

>> No.262761634
Quoted By: >>262765397

And the other problem with whitelists is that you can be dewhitlisted over the pettiest things. Make an admin angry without breaking any rules they could ban you for?
>I think you need a break from HOS for a while. Reapply for the whitelist when you've learned how to show some respect. :^)
Move to an apartment where the internet connection is shit, and you get embarassingly robusted by clown?
>I don't know why you were made HOS, but whatever the reason it was clearly undeserved. Dewhitelisted.
Have to demote a captain, who is probably also on a different whitelist, because he's trying to implement space communism and provoke a deathsquad for shits and giggles?
>Yeah, the requirements for the Captain role's whitelist are much more stringent than the requirements for the HOS role, so you're in no position to question who can or cannot be captain - only the admin in charge of the whitelist is. Enjoy being dewhitelisted for your troubles, I guess.

And then there'd be people whitelisted because they chummy'd up to the admins on discord or whatever. It's a giant can of worms.

>> No.262761650
Quoted By: >>262761754

Sealab doesn't have a pod 6 anymore either

>> No.262761754
File: 2MiB, 480x360, 1537130543089.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Good. Pod Six were jerks.

>> No.262763501

Whitelists for station roles arent part of vg full stop. If that was the server you were interested in you made a mistake playing here and there are others to indulge.

>> No.262764805

i have 1000 iq and think cult is a net negative in its current form.
the only time ive ever gotten a player feedback/ban request is because i pissed off a dude by arresting them as they swoosed by a cult base, searched them, confirmed them as a cultist, & killed them. i dont blame them for being upset by that but i do think that theres a lot of cognitive dissonance around how the gamemode should be played and why people think its good.
its like we want it to be a very rushed gamemode like revs or blob in terms of response time but also want the veneer of something slower with some more RP when these two sentiments are pretty contradictory

>> No.262765397

>the requirements for the Captain role's whitelist are much more stringent than the requirements for the HOS role
I don't support whitelist but I feel like if we did have them captain should be less stringent than hos simply because we don't really get shitter captains on this server.

>> No.262767362
Quoted By: >>262769614

If anything needs a whitelist it's assistants, make it only open to new players or those who prove they can actually assist.
Make the whitelist requirement kick in after about 50 hours of playing.

>> No.262767797

>recently posted
>gigantic vomit pile of logs with no trimming or formatting
>guise why hasn't something been done NOW
you are retarded, and if you're actually doris this is unrelated but you're a far shittier person to have to put up with than that guy from my experience

>> No.262768060
Quoted By: >>262769442

i think part of the problem with cult is it's an uninteractive deathmarch to the round end screen because both cultist and noncultist players feel like they can't afford to stop the validtrain to say a few words or have a gimmick

>> No.262769346
File: 597KiB, 953x954, dreamseeker_2019-08-17_00-59-40.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

what even happened

>> No.262769352
Quoted By: >>262769671

Fucking revs

>> No.262769356


>> No.262769415
File: 11KiB, 211x246, whatthefug.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>that round

>> No.262769438
File: 9KiB, 338x339, 0043 - XGL7Ex6.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>sonix still not perma'd
>robosperg still not perma'd
>cult still hasn't been removed

>> No.262769442
File: 47KiB, 472x344, robotnik_phones_obama_and_shouts_racial_slurs_at_him.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

this pretty much
it goes against everything that makes this game good because instead of having opportunities to do anything interesting at all, it incentivizes being the shittiest, silent-shuffliest person you can be
cultist? better not speak a fucking word or take your time doing something fun, gotta get those jecties done, and if you do anything suspicious at all you'll end up fucking your buddies over, so the only appropriate thing to do is wordlessly convert people to hit your conversion objective, then do the sec yourself and hope the crew is too retarded to find/take out the bloodstones before you can do the magic dance
security? you better fucking believe you're gonna learn the meaning of the word 'field execution', and the status quo of 'everyone hates your guts no matter what you do' gets ten times worse because no matter what you do, your actions will result in a large amount of quick and incredibly un-fun deaths, either because you become the fucking pain train, get your shit together, and code-blue randomsearch+implant every last person you see and slice cult heads off in the middle of the halls, or you try and be merciful even when the cult isn't, because you just want people to have fun, but then you end up letting the cult get its grubby c laws all over everything, and inevitably they summon, do the magic dance, and everyone who didn't get converted/boxed gets to sit through Deity rubbing himself off to his edgy goth red and black sonic OC for five minutes
cult is the fucking worst goddamn gamemode, and the fact that deity doesn't understand that baffles me
it's the same problem with revs: you've got explicit jecties that you basically are told 'do it or get dingdong antagbanned', and so inevitably, you either have the choice of trying to have some fun and getting shat on for it, or getting it overwith as quick as possible so you can reroll for a less shitty mode, except now it's mixed all day every day
tldr; Fuck you Deity.

>> No.262769447

Fucking faggot

>> No.262769596
Quoted By: >>262769816

How did the singulo get released?

>> No.262769614
File: 238KiB, 800x424, 1377292504968.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Really, assistants should be split into two different jobs:
>Intern, actual assistants who assist or try to. They can go to HOP and request an armband that gives them automatic basic access to a given sector - with the intent being that they're there to learn or help out. If you fuck up as an assistant, the assumption should be that it was because you were new, or at least RPing as crew who is new, and not because you're just a shitter. No whitelist required.
>Slacker/Hobo/Malcontent/Assistant, pick one of those titles on arrival. This is the 'I am here to greytide within reason' job. HOP is obligated to treat them like an assistant, give them access if they ask for it and claim they want to help, but by picking this job you are acknowledging yourself as a wild card who is not new or inexperienced and will not try to fall back on such excuses. Maybe whitelist, or just the potential to be jobbanned.

This is almost certainly a controversial opinion, but I really feel that the worst part about being a new player is the fact that the Assistant role is permenantly stained by greytiders. And that isn't to say that I feel antipathy towards greytiding assistants, but rather pity for the new player who will be unfairly treated as one just because his uniform is grey. Looking back on my few shifts as HOP, I realize I pretty much refuse Assistants any access upgrades based on prejudice alone; which is completely unfair. Glad I haven't been HOP in a long while, maybe that's the wrong role for me. But some real "I'm legitimately new and want to learn" non-greyshirt role would mitigate that kind of bias significantly. It'd be a change no more disruptive than the split between clown and mime. Similar role, but one has a rigid gimmick. Interns are like the mime to the clown's greyshirt, only it's not a gimmick it's an actual need to be taught how to play.

>> No.262769671

Another shit game mode, cult lite™. I always, always go out of my way to drag down and destroy those rounds too.


>> No.262769687

You could make the same exact argument about nuke ops though.

>> No.262769816
Quoted By: >>262772668

>How did the singulo get released?
Because the spineless badmins won't stop molesting 6 year old boys long enough to do the right thing and permaban robosperg, why else?

>> No.262769861

I want to fuck Anne Hiro in the ass, and then in her smelly pussy without cleaning off first

>> No.262770161

the likelihood of getting your teammates to agree to a gimmick is much higher in nukeops for a few reasons, the first being that you're all off-site for your planning or lack thereof

and nuke ops going loud is more tolerable than cult in any phase

>> No.262770183

Nukies doesn't have the same feel though, they can't convert other players like cult/rev does and they have an objective everybody knows, getting the fucking disk, allowing the station to come together to oppose them.

>> No.262770271

apparently citadel's porting the dynamic mode

>> No.262770335
Quoted By: >>262778208

Good for them

>> No.262770398

I'd argue that Flukeops actually at least has the fucking potential to be a good gamemode. Neither of the others do.
Flukeops doesn't wear any thin guise of 'RP', nor does it actively incentivize silent shuffling; it can be silentshuffled, but most people don't unless they get spoawned in as loneops.
The fact that they have a large amount of gear to start with, the knowledge that anyone who sees them WILL try and kill them without question no matter what, and free reign to go about accomplishing their objectives as they please gives them breathing room to do stupid shit like pizza delivery ops or cakeops. This is in contrast to both cult and revs, which pretty much demand sticking to a straight, set formula no matter what you want to do, because at the end of the day, you HAVE to do X thing; as a rev, you HAVE to murder the heads, and generally, any attempts at doing so creatively will be stifled by your own side being impatient jerkoffs who just want the shitty experience to be over. Meanwhile, cult is even stricter, because it's a fucking checklist of shit you have to do; you HAVE to jerk off in maint converting people and building black rock things for your toys, you HAVE to sacrifice some schmuck, you HAVE to spread the blood, and you HAVE to do the magic dance. None of these activities has any actual leeway in how it's done, because they're all, ironically, incredibly stupid-simple activities; how do you put a fun gimmick to wandering around chemspraying blood everywhere, or kidnapping some guy and shanking him on an edgy looking table? How do you put a gimmick on raping people in maint without security busting down your door for being an obvious book club?
It's all about the fact that at the end of the day, Nukies advantage in doing gimmicks is that they're heavily armed, have exactly one single objective that can be approached from multiple different avenues, and don't have to futz about playing silent-shuffler for an hour.

>> No.262770439

No. No, you couldn't.

>> No.262770578

>silent shuffler
Is this some new, cancerous buzzword that shitters are trying to force like a bad meme? It has no meaning.

>> No.262770710

As always, regular traitor is the most fun antag role.

>> No.262771087

i use it to identify people who say nothing and just try to 'win' objectives like they matter

it hurts to see a clown wordlessly kill and dump some guy then literally hide in the engineering escape pod locker until someone calls the shuttle for something unrelated, which i saw recently happen as an observer

>> No.262771701

silent shuffler absolutely has a meaning, and >>262771087
is spot-fucking on about what it means
it's the kind of fucking shitheel who plays spacemens to win; the kind of faggot who does his jecties and hides for the rest of the round while tabbed out, waiting to leave so he can get his texties
it also applies to a lot of non-antags as well, the kind of players who sit around doing nothing except running around hunting for antags or doing autism-jobs and never saying a word to another person, the kind of person who sees the TG chatwheel with 'are you valid' 'where are the valids' 'this guy is valid' 'i am not valid' and thinks
>yeah, I'd dig that as a feature
because that's all they see this game as, is a game to win at by making people fall over
they're not here to share fun with other people; they're here to have fun at other people's expense, and the idea of roleplaying or saying anything that doesnt relate to killing people/finding out who they can kill doesn't even pass their minds
shitters like
>bomber harris
and other people like them are perfect examples of silent shufflers who play to have their own fun at everyone else's expense, and don't interact with other players beyond asking questions to figure out who's valid, or making demands of people to give them validhunting gear

>> No.262772217
Quoted By: >>262772635

Losing can be fun.

>> No.262772635

ERP can be fun.

>> No.262772668
Quoted By: >>262773595

Do you feel antagonised?

>> No.262773595

i only feel antagonized when vrakk bends me over and reams me with his thick blue vox (male) cock

>> No.262773678
Quoted By: >>262773853

I wish that were me

>> No.262773853
File: 43KiB, 613x613, pfffffAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.262773902
Quoted By: >>262774315


>> No.262774315
File: 70KiB, 281x316, 1357066305126.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

that's why it's antagonizing you fools

>> No.262774346
File: 1MiB, 966x1037, 1523947164779.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262794980

>> No.262774347
Quoted By: >>262794980

Maybe their version won't get neutered like ours has been

>> No.262774845
Quoted By: >>262775009

When will roundstart AI be permanently removed?

>> No.262775009

Why can't I connect to the server
When will all people who believe the ai should be some sort of impartial observer be deadmined

>> No.262775208

redpill me on medbay autism

>> No.262775962

I haven't seen Accipitermaris in quite some time. However he may just play US hours now.

>> No.262776062

Based Garfield poster

>> No.262776962
Quoted By: >>262777315

Cult is one of most frustrating antags to play against. So many goddamn second chances on cultists, while being caught as a sec off is a permanent -1 on the crew's side.
The worst might be the phase where you need to search and destroy the fucking bloodstones
You don't know where they are (but they do), you don't know who's a cultist and who isn't, and if you call the ERT it will take them longer to suit up than for the cult to spray the blood
Not counting things like pale body, meme swords, and juggerdashs

It's a very asymmetrical deathmatch. It's ridiculously forgiving for cultists and ridiculously frustrating for anyone else. And it seems that it was indented to be that way. See shuttle rubberbranding removal "debate"

>> No.262776995

Silent shuffler has been used for years to describe jobbies before jobbie existed as a term.

>> No.262777315
Quoted By: >>262778106

Cult is like our version of colonial marines. Cultists get a billion things in their favor while the rest of the crew just has to grit their teeth.

>> No.262778106
Quoted By: >>262778421

Fighting cult is fun, though, and they don't always win.

>> No.262778208
File: 115KiB, 500x229, 1532857930988.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262778409

Idea: Cult is turned into a 5 man starting "Squad" ala nuke ops, with the goal of hitting the station, converting if they get a chance and generally being loud about summoning their god.
They get a starting area to plan and suit up, get their religious items and gimmicks in order and then assault in like a boarding torpedo or some shit. There goes the "Silent Shuffle" argument because then the cult has to fight and like was stated >>262770335 This anon is right in that Nuke Ops is a better desired kind of antag because there is no mystery. You see and you kill. Catbeast is fun because it's see and kill. It's a little mindless sure. If an antags goal is to end the round, they might as well be off station threats with prep bases and announcements to say when they arrive.

>> No.262778409
Quoted By: >>262778715

Nah I don’t see that as fun, just turning another antag into new cops. The entire idea of a cult is that it’s an interior threat, people succumbing to a harmful ideology. I just think a lot of the shit cults get to be made powerful is much TOO powerful. I think it should stay as a conversion antag, possibly with a conversion cap (Narsie’s power is spread too thin?). Maybe have a cap increase with each act, and the cult has to decide with to raise the cap and go to the next act or something.

>> No.262778421
Quoted By: >>262778447

Fighting cult isn't very fun
Needing to be at 100% alertness and powergaming like a madman just to prevent the station from being vored isn't fun

>> No.262778447

Or you could just patrol maint on a regular basis. Like a sec officer should.

>> No.262778659
Quoted By: >>262778839

>invisible stun runes
>papers that instantly stun and mute you long enough to be converted (through your implant) if you get slapped by them
>the countless bullshit cultists can summon to further tip the scale (shades, juggs, armor, swords)

And that’s just ignoring the fact that they can grab tasers and eguns like anyone else. Patrolling maint by yourself is a death wish vs a cult.

>> No.262778678

I'm not sure if you even fuckin play sec
I remember a round in which I happened unto a petty crime, chased into maint, finally hailed the lad, was about to tell them to go to brig and then we both got stunpapered
That's the name of the game, but it really does encourage to always sidestep from people in maintenance and stuff like that

>> No.262778715
File: 260KiB, 469x499, 1557113323850.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Getting conversions is hard tho man, people just box. They don't want to be cult, they want to fight cult. Ratvar has the right idea as being a threat the crew had to stop, but had subversive elements. (ie coming onto the station to robomeme, weakening the crew for the tower defense part)
All nar-sie is just a sneaky game of paper tag. You hit them and they fall, you drag them and you convert, lather and repeat... It's boring in all honesty, a mite repetitive. If only there were more gods, more things to do. Not just this boring blood shit that never goes anywhere and serves no purpose but to piss off everyone involved with how needlessly onesided it all is.

>> No.262778839
File: 482KiB, 2000x916, 1544849901986.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I don't mind. There's worse shit out there, like vamps glaring you before you can even say hello, thralling you, and then telling you to forget everything you saw and just go back to patrolling.

>> No.262778865

>talking about ratvar tower defense

Refugee spotted. That tower defense ratvar mode is bullshit, and the worst possible version of what it means to play a spess. Old ratvar might have just been a blood cult clone but at least it wasn’t that tower garbage.

>> No.262779073

But /tg/ removed rattybar long ago. I'm just a person who wishes to see cult turned into something not so maddening for everyone involved

>> No.262779234

Cult could do with some more varied objectives

>> No.262779341
File: 59KiB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>TG refugees trying to tell people how they should run their server
what's that word all the hip kids throw around to describe things they don't like?

>> No.262779390

People boxing count towards the "convert" objectie for some reason
If people would rather box than being cult it says volumes about the mode t b h

>> No.262779694

>Haven't played SS13 in years
>Friend out of the blue wants to get back into SS13 for some reason or another
>Pick assistant
>Try to remember the basics such as using the hotkeys instead of clicking on everything
>Meander aimlessly for a full 40 minute round
>Remember why I dropped the game
They decided to try /tg/ station servers first, but I'm not sure that matters. Years ago and now here in the present my games seem to amount to me either doing nothing or being a victim to someone else. Always felt like if you didn't have malevolent intentions or power gaming in mind then you're just ... waiting for something to happen.

My preferred jobs back in the day were Engy, Borg, and Roboticist and at the very least I'll concede that for the last they had round long goals and things to do while the others had massive amounts of down time.

>> No.262780279
Quoted By: >>262781206

That's why gimmicks are a thing, I guess. My favorite for a while was constructing brand new rooms as Engi for one purpose or another, like a second Bar or an entire complex if the rest of the department wanted to join in and the shift was slow.

>> No.262780569
Quoted By: >>262781206

>Always felt like if you didn't have malevolent intentions or power gaming in mind then you're just ... waiting for something to happen.
My attitude is more or less that you kind of have to make your own fun. I'm not saying "be an asshole," but if you're not the minmaxing type, coming up with a little gimmick every couple of rounds goes a long way. Hell, failing that, try Chaplain a couple of rounds, I'm sure someone would rope you into their shenanigans.

>> No.262781206
Quoted By: >>262781625

Interesting ideas but I'm not sure how long they would retain their novelty. Gives me the idea that I should try out some occupations I rarely touch or even set everything to random and try to RP a different experience each time. Problem is I'm still finding my footing and the learning curve for even basic classes is pretty steep if you don't have about 10 relevant wiki pages open.

>> No.262781625
Quoted By: >>262781982

I wouldn't worry so much about learning all the hotkeys instantly. Just learn a few at a time and work up to it.
But yeah, check out some more roles, see what clicks. Don't worry so much about being good at it the first time, just about everyone I've seen is pretty accommodating when you tell them you're trying to get the hang of it. Hell, I've had people drop what they're doing to give me a hand and tell me where I was making mistakes.

>> No.262781982

Oh yeah, and it will probably help if you tell people you want to try a new role in OOC before round start, give them the opportunity to expect someone that needs mentoring.

>> No.262782487

I never use hotkeys.

>> No.262782586

never used 'em, never will
arrowkeys gang WW@?
hotkeys are for powergaming, no-RP dorks who can't walk and talk
no hotkeys and no animations with the classic UI is the only way to play this game

>> No.262782624
Quoted By: >>262782649

Not even Ctrl-click?

>> No.262782649
File: 335KiB, 910x906, 1561331091744.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262782713

>keeps demanding markerbus
You do know that got removed, right?

Okay, yeah, I do use that.

>> No.262782713
File: 992KiB, 245x245, 6ba84116868f6f8a8914f397aa5ff290a790309e_hq.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262782780

>The marker got removed
Well damn. There goes Unitology.

>> No.262782772
Quoted By: >>262782904

we don't grow on trees, leading anything is hard as fuck to do

>> No.262782780
File: 282KiB, 1755x1779, a7fjrip.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262782886

>he needs adminbus objects that got lost in the coder shuffle two years ago to do a chaplian gimmick

>> No.262782886
Quoted By: >>262782950

No, but it sold the gimmick for there to actually be a big red marker from which the shit began to happen. Not one of those weird alien artifacts like the force gem.
Why was it removed? Far as i knew it did not do anything unless given power, thus making it nice Adminbus material.

>> No.262782903
File: 431KiB, 801x1396, 1477291592200.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>strong leadership
>good teamwork
>reliable updates over comms
>warden actually calling out shit he sees on camera
It's enough to make a man want to patrol Deff Maint.

>> No.262782904

bruh playing hos is fun as fuck, i love leading a ragtag group of dumbass red shirts, it’s basically the only reason i play

>> No.262782905

Rule 0 festus.

>> No.262782948
Quoted By: >>262782990

Fun fact, CM got a cease and desist from whoever owns the Aliens IP, and now whatever corporation is in the game no longer has the name Weyland-Yutani

>> No.262782950
Quoted By: >>262782981

It was removed because it wasn't being used anymore. What do you think the coders are? Horders?

>> No.262782981

Blah blah improve not remove

>> No.262782990

I suppose that would have been Fox at the time, but it's Disney now that owns it. Scary to think about. Maybe the Mouse would be interested in the server's use of its new IP?

>> No.262783063
Quoted By: >>262783117

Improve what? It existed, it never showed up during rounds because bussing in xenos was not only the standard at the time but xenos were actually playable unlike necromorph mobs, and in all honesty Dead Space is an old ass game now and there's no point in beating a long dead horse. Move on.

>> No.262783093

>improve something hogging up resources

>> No.262783117
File: 148KiB, 407x339, 281.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>This man is this upset

>> No.262783252

>seeing that
>not ban requesting it
such actions are both worth an antag bag, and a clown ban
cause that's just fucking disgraceful

>> No.262783317
File: 129KiB, 1000x1000, 1555341060023.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Upset? Over what? The fact your pathetic gibsmedat prayers will never be answered because the badmins are tired of your shit already? Imagine being THAT MUCH OF AN AUTISTIC CUNT that not only did the badmins throw numerous rods at the station to end the round as quickly as possible, not only did death squad get called in to kill you and you alone, but you couldn't even stutter your way through the shuttle request with Centcomm. "Ummm... y-yeah... I... I completed my objectives and... umm... please end the round..."


>> No.262783504

>not realizing the message was for the syndicate not for central.
I mean if you want to just be an assumptive ass thats on you mate. Also shit gets answered all the times, even have conversations with the gods in round. If they did not want it i would be banned or shitposted out of rounds like fat nazi was. Stay mad mate. The fact you respond to goading shows how much you care over trivialities.

>> No.262783531

Well that message didn't go to fucking syndicate, it went to central. That's who receives those fucking shuttle call requests. So you just gave the enemy the heads up you were syndie.

>> No.262783583
Quoted By: >>262784005

And i got a deathsquad called on me for it, which brought people back into the round to have fun.
Getting merced by santas was sweet.

>> No.262783634
Quoted By: >>262783697

you are aware that you need to emag the comms console to send messages to the syndicate, right?

>> No.262783697
Quoted By: >>262783839

Yeah which is what got shit thrown at the station, i figured since it was hacked, if i did a shuttle call it would be to my boss. I was wrong and ate deathsquad for it.
Learn something everyday.

>> No.262783839

Too bad there is no way to call for syndicate extraction. You call the shuttle it's for centcomm, your cocky "Mission accomplished" message only served to oust you to the enemy.

>> No.262784005
File: 6KiB, 200x200, kefka.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262784831

Do you feel antagonized, Anons?

>> No.262784287


>> No.262784831
File: 448KiB, 450x292, 1378436299634.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>death by suicide before murder spree begins

>> No.262785081

It's absolutely disgusting
>clock cult exists
>everyone has a jolly good time because it has unique mechanics
>c*ders think the game needs a rework
>they turn it into base defense where 30 minutes into the game portals across the station appear and the crew has to get past wallspam and long hallways to destroy a big portal
>clockcult is disabled from rotation
It's been a thing for TG to piss on gamemodes that people took their time to work on
>Hippie immigrant tries to remove gang on TG's side because he couldn't shill removal on Hippie
>merged by some retard, quickly reverted
>people proceed to buff gangs and make it overpowered as fuck, gangsters all have access to their own uplinks that include guns and C4, there is a turret object that burst fires some projectiles and you could unwrench it and drag the turret with someone manning it before it was nerfed
>second gang removal PR worked
Did you know they removed Hive Mind from rotation because of redditors bitching?

>> No.262785480

>doing anything on the basis of reddit's opinion
Fucking why?

>> No.262785587

those capital letters signify more than a detachment from chan culture, anon

>> No.262786580
Quoted By: >>262786684

The playerbase IS reddit, the newfags displaced the oldfags so hard the new onions-consuming host cut ties with the board, and the server is just TG, but they insist on being called /tg/ for some reason when the real /tg/, d20station, died.
One way of finding newfags and refugees is to observe how they mention the server, as TG or /tg/

>> No.262786684

It's not like /vg/ is not guilty of the exact same crime of making something too strong and then removing the entire feature instead of reverting the buffs
By which I am of course refering to Ling
Maybe d20 station wouldn't have died if they didn't have an admin who liked to bait sec into killing him and then bwoink them over it

>> No.262787705
Quoted By: >>262788701

>>xenos weren't capturing enough so every facehugger creates 4 xenos
>>aliens STILL don't bother capturing so in addition to this they randomly spawn larvae out of the ground whenever the queen goes into egg laying mode

No fucking way. This has to be some hold over from when apop was in charge. That faggot was adamant about xenos and marines having a 70/30 win/loss rate, which is why all that ever happens is marines get nerfed into the fucking ground and xenos get buffed so hard any clueless retard can effortlessly kill half a squad on their own.

>> No.262788634

Ling was removed after being untouched for around five years.

>> No.262788701
Quoted By: >>262789989

Remember when they first made it impossible for murrrines to shoot through grilles, beacuse IT'S TOO META AND POWERGAE to make electrified grilles to be able to shoot through it as humans

>> No.262789617

I never understood it either
>people are angry about deathsting
>they remove ling from rotation
>then they remove deathsting
and it's not any different from a hypospray of cyanide or chloral

>> No.262789989

I miss prison canteen rage cages.

>> No.262790383

>tfw remembering the time i got ahelped for meta because i patrolled maint as sec and walked on a cultist converting a dude in a maint hall
i recognize that people who think cult is good will say "just get good bro" to critiques of its design however they all seem to flip flop to "please stop powergaming against us" when you actually do get good or gain a foothold against them. if they were at least honest i wouldnt mind as much (which isnt to say that other cliques dont do this as well)

>> No.262790920
File: 128KiB, 1404x794, sperg.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Here's your threadly reminder that robosperg is an actual subhuman.

>> No.262791342

We should talk about players we like instead of ones we don’t. I personally laugh whenever I see Ragnar Thunderfist’s name. How about you anons? Feel free to share anything in particular. I like hearing good things.

>> No.262791463
Quoted By: >>262792664

>you will never make people sperg about you just by acting like a dick
Why even exist

>> No.262792285

My wife skylar!

>> No.262792664

>acting like a dick
That's where you fucked up, you have to act like a mentally challenged 12y old who believes they are superior in any way,

>> No.262792667
Quoted By: >>262792765

peter is pretty good, last time I saw him he took care of the whole medbay and robusted a tator hos (who had evil jedi bundle) by shooting him with some sleep juice. Peter's a good boi

>> No.262792765
Quoted By: >>262794029

Syringe gun should have actual meaningful access reqs or just plain be removed. One of the least fun items in the game. Literally nothing you can do if someone pulls it out and you don't instantly react because it disables all defensive mechanics

>> No.262792896

but y

>> No.262793346
File: 1MiB, 1637x1088, 1564033361602.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262795283


What is the easiest way to game Xenoarch?
I was told I should get close to site, spam 100cm pick twice, and whatever remains I should spam the 1cm brush on. Any other tips?

>> No.262794029

you can say it about all the one hit stun times in the game, flashes, stunprods, eguns, tasers

>> No.262794312
Quoted By: >>262794873

Not him but those should be kneecapped too, but nothing will get done because doctors complain about muh greyshirts if they don't have an overpowered chem injector that knocks people for minutes with one syringe and security complain about muh criminals if they don't have easy stuns whose counters are scarce, at this point we should just port the stamina system from Goon or TG and base most of our stuns on that and remove syringe gun because we have harmsyringe

>> No.262794785

No those don't turn off blink and similar.
Sleep is overpowered in melee and should never have been not only allowed as a ranged option anyone in medby can load up roundstart but even put in a rapid fire version for sci

>> No.262794808

I think max meteor is pretty cool. I don't really know many other captain players though due to the hours I play so there is not much to compare him against
It's always super obvious when he rolls antag though because it's the only time he gets out his antique laser and captains spacesuit without good reason

>> No.262794873

but anons, you can't port anything from tg even if a lot of their features are good and would work here BECAUSE ITS TG REEEE and people will sperg out like Luddites at the mere mention of anything getting ported from there. On a similar note, polaris's melee fighting system is really fun an robust. I played some years ago on a polaris based serb and you can do things like joint locks (upgrades into joint break where you can break someone's knees) head butting, smashing them against tables and slitting throats (good damage by using a knife on the mouth in a joint lock)

>> No.262794980


go back, cancer

>> No.262795019
Quoted By: >>262795307

God I am so fucking sick of people that scream that anything that comes from TG must be bad

>> No.262795062

If they do a better job than us we can port their port.
This is the power of humanity

>> No.262795283

scan the remains, it beeps if there is an artifact inside

>> No.262795307
Quoted By: >>262795565

There's a lot of great and fun things in TG, but due to the validhunting nature of their playerbase (not saying we dont have validhunters, but tg is far worse than us in that regard) a lot of those things they have are powergamed and metagamed too much. Take their mining for example, powergamy miners who never do actual mining will rush and kill the ashdrake just to get the loot. Lavaland has a few cool features and their general mining and research system is more advanced. Another thing I always liked about tg is their ghost roles, where you could spawn as ashliggers or some other random thingy in the lavaland. If we implemented things like this here we'd possibly be able to control it better nad crack down on people who tried to metagame those

Playing as ash liggers was always a blast, fighting off the mobs on the lavaland with sticks and stones, trading with the miners, spawning more liggers. It was like a completely different experience

>> No.262795469
Quoted By: >>262795801

Apparently TG has a different RND system, how does that work? surely it has to be better than our checklist

>> No.262795565
Quoted By: >>262796046

aaaaaaaand you lost me
lavaland niggers never want anything other than something that turns a comfy, calm job with fun toys into ADHD mob combat snoozefests

>> No.262795801
Quoted By: >>262795845

you literally just wait and need to decide what to unlock

>> No.262795845

Sounds shit but still better than a checklist

>> No.262796046
Quoted By: >>262796743

you're assuming wrong then, I enjoyed doing mining and fight off the monsters and I never cared about the loot and megafauna. You're assuming everyone who likes lavaland must be a powerhungry shitter who just wants most op loot

>> No.262796496

go back

>> No.262796743
Quoted By: >>262797495

>I enjoy clicking on slow simple mobs with my rapid fire infinite ammo duel wield guns and ability to fully heal by killing the weakest mob infinitely summoned by a tentacle or using my magic fix it injector that has god tier healing

>> No.262797379

>Xenoarch finds magical auto cloner rock
>Just leaves it off station where most of the crew can't interact with it
I don't get what the point of doing xenoarch is if you do this

>> No.262797480

I was too busy playing with my firebird

>> No.262797495
Quoted By: >>262797573

full heal and rapid fire guns are already on vg too so I dunno what's your problem is, you complain about something just because it's from tg?

>> No.262797573
Quoted By: >>262797757

I'm not sure what kind of issues you need to have to think me saying tg mining sucks means I think vg mining is good
They are both fighting enemies who can only harm you if you actively fuck up with no real risk of perma-death outside of traitors since you can autoclone/bring a gps

>> No.262797603
Quoted By: >>262797691

>magical cloning rock
you mean
>rock that you touch and when you die - any ghost can click it and posess your new body, but it has 50% less HP every time

>> No.262797686

join and ready up for fun!

>> No.262797691

That is what I said yes. If hp gets too low just switch race or get properly cloned.

>> No.262797757

>not liking mining

>> No.262797781
Quoted By: >>262797921

We're getting Lavaland SOON bros

>> No.262797827
File: 48KiB, 186x205, 1517929766973.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Liking mining

>> No.262797921
Quoted By: >>262798063

We're literally never going to get lavaland, and with good reason.

>> No.262798063

That isn't what diety said on the discord.

>> No.262798991


>> No.262799216

>d**ty once again forcing more cancer and unwanted shit upon the server
News of their suicide, when?

>> No.262799735

I know you're lying, so I'm going to ask you to post the logs so everyone else knows too

>> No.262799810

>Hunter ruins yet another round


>> No.262799864
Quoted By: >>262799918

At least it was fast and not ye olde murderbone with recalling 14:25 station time

>> No.262799918

I just wanted to fuckin Xenoarch

>> No.262799947

what happened? I wanted to join but then I saw this meme message
"Round Duration: 0h 18m
The station is currently undergoing evacuation procedures"
so I decided not to join this round

>> No.262800034

He got the contronsionist jumpsuit, killed our only sec officer, got the spare and called the shuttle.

>> No.262800123


that's literally all he does famalamalam

>> No.262800171
Quoted By: >>262801283

more like
>pops out of vent
>shoots you with e-bow
>brains you with magboots
>pops back into vent, crawls to his next victim

>> No.262800374
Quoted By: >>262800559

>lowpop murderbone

ah yes, true kino

>> No.262800559

the only way to play the game

>> No.262801283

It was the worst station anyways. Xenobio is 4 pens. 4. Awful.

>> No.262801351


>> No.262803632

bee station is just a public hub downstream of tg

>> No.262804073

hunter fisher is ruining another round, dont join

>> No.262804361


I for one have a persistent dislike of silent round depopulators :tm:
Several people have pointed out that an admin ruling would be a lot better than a code-based band-aid. I agree. Please discuss the matter here.

>> No.262804415


>> No.262804551
Quoted By: >>262804701

>he's not against antag freedom
Why not?

Antag freedom: murderboners, silent depopulaters, round removers, singuloosers, speed runners
Antag standards: fun antags with skilled gimmick execution and the ability to help shape the narrative of a round into a memorable experience

>> No.262804701
Quoted By: >>262805127

I'm reaching for consensus and I for one don't mind a murderbone from time to time if it's well-crafted
What I do mind is when it becomes routine and "murderbone" becomes synonymous with "antagonism"

>> No.262805127

I'm all for whatever curtails the likes of robosperg and their associated degenerate ilk.

>> No.262805547

So we're gonna ban Viollet Hill, Anne Hiro and Hunter FIsher right?

>> No.262805771

I believe putting a leash on antags in any way is detrimental to the overall server experience. Everyone knows that getting perma removed from a round is terrible and it sucks, but I’d take it anyday over admins breathing down your neck and bwoinking antags if they step out of bounds. Like for example lings on YOG get bwoinked if they kill someone who wasn’t their target and the admin tells the ling “why didn’t you use a dna sting to extract the dna? HUH!?”
Singuloosing, perma removal and silent depopulators are just a side effect we have to deal with for the price of absolute antag freedom, if we limit what they can and can not do we’re getting closer to admin hand holding territory akin to HRP serbs. Not saying hrp are terrible, but just the admin limiting tators is a bad aspect of it.

>> No.262805776

What is the point? They will eventually be made admins just like all the other shitters on the server.

>> No.262805781

Returning to the round on the same character should be harder, not easier.

>> No.262805923
Quoted By: >>262806026

im up for banning these shitters desu, this just makes the server less popular

>> No.262806017

someone making an antag ban request for saul when?

>> No.262806026

>remove antag freedom
And thus, we get turned into para.

Do you feel antagonized?

>> No.262806068

Just play the sandbox server

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