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useless edition
previous thread: >>262718105

>READ the pastebins BEFORE asking stupid questions
GENERAL FAQ: http://pastebin.com/wyz3Ye1g
Additional FAQ, SERIOUSLY, READ THIS ONE: http://pastebin.com/GHStmm22

>How to join Warbros NFA or the Alliance: https://files.catbox.moe/vg3f0b.png
>Warbrethren Alliance clans: https://git.io/fjl18

>Notable links
Wiki: http://warframe.wikia.com
Alerts and other timers: https://tenno.tools/
Buying and Selling items: https://warframe.market
Farming Prime parts: https://tenno.zone/
Riven Prices/Riven Calculator and other utilities: https://semlar.com/
Tridolon Guide: https://pastebin.com/PFFRBqkP
Droptables by DE (probably rigged): https://forums.warframe.com/topic/809777-warframe-drop-rates-data/
DPS calculator and weapon build planner: https://github.com/GottFaust/WWDC/releases/
DPS calculator and build planner No.2: http://warframe-builder.com/ (frames, weapons and companions)
Top guns: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mdgJUyNrsHWRMveKwFrpdMJQWyyEGE4Wpo34e8BzE74/
Frames and Modding: https://pastebin.com/D8Ckdz0c
Warframe General Neo: https://discord.gg/B6BKK8T
Shitposting Filters: https://git.io/vMhaS
Warframe General Booru: https://wfg.booru.org/index.php
CURRENT UPDATE: Augment Tweaks (Update 25.6.0)
> https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1118825-augment-tweaks-update-2560/
> https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1108021-wukong-prime-update-2530/
/wfg/ OP pastebin, if it's not like this one report it and make a proper one: http://pastebin.com/iAgtMahh

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Reminder that Steve ruins everything he touches

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zimzamblini is right

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blinanon was right

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Based subscribe to quality shay

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Based and cringepilled

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i dont get what the problem is here, sure some frames are "stiff" in their "meta" builds but i have multiple builds on most of them depending for the task i want to do or playstyle i feel like using
if you're mad about the mod system you just need to find another hobby or go for a walk

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That's not the issue here at all. The issue is the response to criticism.

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>serration, nothing wrong with me
>split chamber, nothing wrong with me
>vital sense, nothing wrong with me
>point strike, nothing wrong with me
>element, something's got to give
>element, something's got to give
>riven, something's got to give

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Give me a yikes, I need this.

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I'm fucking ded, I needed that laugh, thanks anon

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Join warriorbrothers

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Now I'm not saying Zamboni was right.
However I'm saying Zamboni was right.

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Why dont you suck Zambonis cock?

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Because I'm already getting fucked by the game and I'm bad at multitasking.

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Why dont you just quit?

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Post yours.

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Higgus :^)
I have. Several times to play other games. I just finished a bender of rogue-lites and I've reinstalled to see what's going on.
Short answer is: a whole lot of nothing. Wisp somehow isn't shit. Hildryn looks like a tranny who forgot to actually try to look like a girl. I don't know what's going on with Baruuk but I never see them in gameplay. And this nightwave thing looks like the most tedious shit I could imagine. Is any of that stuff in the reward pool even worth it?

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got a god roll baza riven and considering dropping serration and split chamber for 2 vigilante mods. So the "mandatory" aren't so mandatory after all.

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i need my daily dose

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you build all your weapons like this you are no where near optimal on any of them i can assure you of that

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is the ferocity mod so cheap cause the sahasa is useless overall?
i mean it has a drop chance of 0.01% and it only costs 4 plat on market...what's up with that?

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>do kuva flood
>kat buffs
>kat buffs a second time
>kat buffs a THIRD TIME
>19,328 kuva
Holy fuck the stars aligned.

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Enjoy your trade ban.

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bro....use your sentinels gun as stat stick for vigilantes and go wild with baza cause serration is mandatory....

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see you in 2035, anon

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Join polymer farm recruit cause i blew a shitload of it in solo dojo craft
get in mission
first minute havent passed by and we were searching for the dead end room with the water
kill a random add as i was bullet jumping
condition overload
marked it for the rest
they all wanted to leave in 5 mins and redo mission just so nothing wrong happens and lose it

is this a bad thing to do?

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Fuck no that's not a bad idea. This game has incredibly janky coding, getting a drop like that is definitely a reason to extract.

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Hell no
I lost the only smoking body drop I've ever got because some dumbfuck didn't want to jump to extraction 40 minutes in.

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man, i really want that shocking ephemera one...but even if a get it, it need 100k circuits and i play a year and i have 100k circuits,
which means it is a needed material and you probably spent more than you realize so you dont end up having much

i fear that if i get the drop im gonna fuck myself and spent the circuits.....

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man...i would love to have market discounts on pc....75% off in boosters?
i would perma had all of them constantly...
50 plat for 30 days worth of boost?
give them to me all x2....

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because you're given that mod when you get the dog.

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funny how little duck only talks to you in tater mode even though she and every other person in fortuna is a robot

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Since grineer can clone meat/flesh, are they essentially cannibals? You don't really see a lot of plants or anything on their ships and they burn down that one forest in the silver grove quest instead of harvesting what they can.

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i know they have their heads at cock height but are warframes really too inhuman for her?

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Warframes can’t even speak I’m pretty sure.

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I dont want to jack off cats anymore.

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how does every single vendor that existed pre-taters know what you want?

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You are scary :(

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>300 shields/740 health
>656 energy with quick thinking
>Still get oneshot by an unforeseen enemy without QT activating.

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> cause the sahasa is useless overall?
dogs are useless overall
dogs are worse than even the most worthless sentinel

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get fucked lmao

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QT stopped activating against damage that would still have eaten through it anyway a long time ago because shitters complained about getting revived with 0 energy.

>> No.262801904

What the fuck hit me so hard that it got through about 3k effective HP?

>> No.262801985

It was the great zamboni

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A big bombard or one of Arlo's infested dorks maybe.

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Worm isn't being facetious when she threatens to eat her workers anon. With the supply issues they always have, it'd honestly surprise me if they didn't utilize a Resyk program to make use of their dead to feed the surviving troops.

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Here's how to fix dogs; give them health regen and the ability to have a chance to revive themselves, call it adrenaline or something

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Lore is literally slapped together as they go along with this fucking games, i advice for your own sanity not to get invested into it. For example = valkyr gersemi lore, literally a gaping hole in the lore they didnt even bother to patch

>> No.262802326

give them a random 1% chance to fetch a rare resource every 3 minutes.

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I like when they actively try to retcon something only to make it worse than if they had just ignored the conflict entirely.

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FUCK Bombards, FUCK Lanka faggots, FUCK toxic ancients and FUCK corpus shotgunners.

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what have they retconned?

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Quoted By: >>262803295

5 years of ranged nullies and a couple months of melee ones and we’re still complacent with getting one shot by a sniper unit that’s immune to abilities and bullets

>> No.262803271

Braton origin (works out in a very roundabout way though)
Sentinels (no one really cares but it's there)
an argument can be made for the contents of the defense pods that works for both sides
Valkyr's a mess too but even DE is tired of that topic coming up

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you know how you make dogs better?
innate 50m enemy and loot radar (cause they can fucking smell far)
innate crate smashing (cause they are fucking dogs)
run faster so they have some short of evade mechanic to not get hit as much (cause they are fucking 4 legged animals)
increase base damage so bite and maul mods have some fucking use
rework fetch to work as the vacuum cause i have caught the game when i literally was standing next to a drop to not get it until the kubrow came closer

and that's it, at least i will feel like i have a fucking companion and not dragging a dead weight....

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And a friendly reminder that all criticism will be met with autistic screeching, both from the company and the whiteknights in the community.

>> No.262803332

It’s okay because all the other guys are jokes so you gotta pay attention to the nullies and that’s good gameplay by definition.

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>Imagine still complaining about nullifiers

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I play Gara so nullies aren’t a problem the game is fine. Just use operators man the game is fine. If there’s any solution to your problem in any way the game is fine.

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Get a job.

>> No.262803598

have sex

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Was splitting Ballas in half at the crotch when they made him a sentient really necessary?

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the frost corpus capture target that you get on t4 is the worst

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Yes. Sentient are infertile after all.

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were kek drives necessary?
were 2 loading screen phases in exploiter orb fight necessary?
was giving us a weapon like paracesis that we have nothing to use it on so early necessary?
are constant releases of "new" warframes with the shame content to play them in necessary?

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Probably a corpus grenade.
>doing tater alert
>level 8 corpus
>throws a grenade
>curious, because they fuck me up in ESO, I stand on top of it
>800 overshields gone
A level 8 enemy being able to do 800 damage is just ridiculous. I knew they were bullshit, because my Saryn Prime died from one with 1k health, maximum overshields AND blocking in an early ESO round. One chucked a nade at the portal spawn point just as the zone finished as we rushed in to wait for it to spawn, and we ALL died. Including an Inaros, but that Inaros didn't even have max vitality, so I doubt they had a good build. Grineer nades hurt, but are survivable at least.

>> No.262804113

I fucking hate the parascoliosis.
>claims to be an anti-sentient weapon
>all sentients can either fly constantly, have iframes when youd have an opportunity to melee it, or have weak points that need precise aim to destroy
What the fuck is the actual use of this thing? Its more of an anti-everything except sentient sword.

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Plot device.

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fuck off Steve

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cant think of any retcons but the lore has huge GAPING HOLES
>dude the tenno went to sleep after the betrayal of the orokin
>but also harrow didnt get on an escape pod from the zariman so he existed in the void
>but he had his own warframe somehow?
>but he never went to sleep, lotus never helped him either
just harrow himself is chronologically broken, playing through the game right now and watching alad v go from enemy to friend to infested to banging lotus is an absolute chronological clusterfuck
the lore is fucked up in so many ways, and guess what the future bring? duviri fucking timetravel bullshit aww fuck yeah more consistency explained away by MAGIC TIME TRAVEL N SHIT LOL
warframe lore is in the shitter since starchildren its just been one contradiction after another

>> No.262804783

>banging lotus
Wait what?

>> No.262804832

Moving patient zero after the whole literal gameplay-gating was so goddamn stupid. Like there's 'important information and continuity that only exists in temporary events that we refuse to bring back in any way but will continue to reference' stupid and then there's 'we know this canonically takes place well before second dream but we're going to move it to a junction that comes along after you complete second dream since lol infested'

>> No.262804892

Aren’t your neurons firing on every cylinder dealing with these interesting enemies? It’s a good thing we don’t have to rework the clearly broken combat if we make every new enemy immune to all game mechanics and quite literally warp in to existence randomly around your squad! Shoot them anon! Do it! Just don’t stop for three seconds or it’ll come back haha!

>> No.262804943

>enemies can throw stupid high DPS grenades which are clearly one of the best weapons in existence
>10o can't

>> No.262805339
Quoted By: >>262805580

My main issue aside from the ridiculous damage is the fact that there's no clear indicator and their AoE can hit through objects. Most games like this have a grenade indicator so I don't get the excuse other than laziness.

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File: 102KiB, 1000x1000, 93066AC7-3969-417B-A61A-9E13222E1F66.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

The only thing I am sure that you can assure someone else about is how much a supponent fag you are and the way you suck at life in general

>> No.262805580

>game has thrown weapons
>even thrown weapons that explode
>enemies can throw grenades
>players can't have grenades to carry into a mission because reasons

Most of the time you can hear a very faint sort of ticking sound as they get ready to explode, but its easily lost in the sound of gunfire or melee swings.
It is just super retarded that its one sides for enemy units only.

>> No.262805767

lmao dude just shoot them in mid-air

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hi guys how do I open this ball thing to get the treasure inside?

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So I cleared the starchart, made a bunch of prime shit, top tier weapons, rivens, etc. Max rep with fortuna, cetus, quills, etc.

3 months and I'm done. There is literally no content I can't stream through easily.

How does anyone keep playing this? It's just a collectathon and I just got MR12. Do you just enjoy the pointless gear grind?

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Quoted By: >>262806078

see a little bit into the meta future
>shoot sentient with kitgun
>sentient immune to your kitguns damage
>hit it once with paracesis to remove the resistance
>shoot it with kit again

your content for the future will literally be

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There are buttons on the floor

>> No.262806050

Pressure plate in the middle of the room.
Or just use Vacuum + AoE weapon and succ the stuff through the orb

>> No.262806078

Parasceseses doesn't remove immunity though

>> No.262806084

Circle pad in the middle of the room opens it.
Use something with AOE damage to destroy all containers inside both of them before you open it.

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