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>Latest news
- Line-of-Sight Beta
- Elves whitewashed
- Crystal shit buffed
- Wildy Aviansies drop ecu keys and cooldown removed
- Smithing interfaces reworked, based ezscape left-click
- Zalcano tick retards get btfo, crystal imps have a spawn fixed, gauntlet is made easier for champs
- JMods respond to the outlash from Mod Gee's abomination, remodel polled, mix between the two added
- Song of the Elves released
- Warding fails, Twitter celebrates, Reddit melts down

>Communication & Info
Home World: 327
Clan Chat: framed
Website: https://osrs.game/
Wiki: https://osrs.wiki/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OldSchoolRS
Stat tracker: https://crystalmathlabs.com/tracker/

Gear: https://discord.gg/7KZHZ38
Skilling Methods: https://discord.gg/e2effBN
Ironman Methods: https://discord.gg/JNvajHZ
UIM Methods: https://discord.gg/Muutmsv

>I'm new, what should I do?

>DPS calculator

Previous thread: >>262684950

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new threads

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how safe is botting?

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just got scammed for 20m with divine attack pots.
now Im sad

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dont, i hate bots they ruined the economy

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nth for cute blue scarves

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I traded him for pots. Found out at ge they arent worth shit anymore. Basically im too brainlet for this game

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nice. you should give me money then, i will make it up for you.

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ok add me brah

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sure no problem. will pm you in a sec

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Gotta unlock bones to peaches today

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why not just use tablets?

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lmao diarylet

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>getting tricked into buying new items
>trading people at all post ge
very low iq

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zalcano "mvp" just means you get 3 drops right

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Because I want the lumby hard diary done

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I only ever played autistic 1 def 1/13 pray pures... Are mains fun? I imagine making gp would be alot easier... please respond

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yes but no. mpv drop table was changed because reddit and now being mvp you get extra 50k per drop or somethign dumb near that

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what are some low iq games I should play instead? o

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Classic wow

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yes but you still get 3 drops total right

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nah I cant handle that
just gonna play chess I guess

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You're moving in the wrong direction

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first offense is a 2 day ban and you keep your levels

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i cant fucking wait for classic wow so all these faggots that complain about how much they dont like the game can leave

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is anybody here actually gonna play classic wow
complaining about the game is something every community does

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I don't even want to sell stuff, I just want to 99 my mining

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I'm going to play a bit, but I'm not going to stop playing osrs.

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guy on pink shiert is right.

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'Ate pkers
'Ate incels
Love Mod Gee

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We like Ewolfe we like Ewolfe we like Ewolfe

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Only respond to this post if u have 99 farming and an infernal cape

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about 700m profit from these bad boys, i sold some of them for 30k each and sold the rest now. pm me 'Come' if you want merching tips. i've easily made over 20b from update merching alone

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>ive made 20bil
>cash stack under 500k

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that cash stack was from items i collect in the ge, i was clearing out my bank of junk. also i dont actually have 20b i lost most of it chinese staking

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i meet 50% of that requirement

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Okay, post a screenshot with your bank gold.

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yes but the extra drop is from a much lower value drop table. I don't believe it affects pet chance or unique drops since those are from the main drop table.

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i meet 0% of this requirement

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Yeah, that's right poorfag. That's probably all the money you have on your account! 500k!

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Absolutely fucking BASED
Where my runelite+ niggas at

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whats happened i cant do tob yet

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