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Been gone from 4chan for a year pass sucks since4pass does not work any more and cool down timer takes longer WTF happened.

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since4pass still works like usual. In particular, it still doesn't work if you try to combine other options like sage or fortune with it.
Cooldown timers for /b/ and /pol/ have been doubled for everyone (i.e. from 8 to 15 seconds for pass users) since April 1st to reduce the number of captchas requested from Google since they started to charge for reCAPTCHA. /bant/ is not affected by that.

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Time to playtest lads


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4chan mods plz make a board for game devs

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idk if i want to renew my pass now
my isp is no longer range banned and nojs captcha works again.

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Then don't but you will be back someday

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you are only allowed to post in this thread with a tripcode

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you forgot your tripcode

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Fuck niggers.

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you are lucky you didn't use a trip for that one haha would get in trouble!

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Everything is a lie and I love drugs

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lol, saved

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How do you feel about armpits?

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Sometimes I wake up and think about how great it is to be a pitchad.

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A bit of hair is cute and nice

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only approve since it's Miku

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would the people with lungs infected by her pit odor get along with the foot pneumoniafags?

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1, 4, or 7 please

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rolling for 1

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Today's girl is Sejeong https://youtu.be/qmV2yjyEJxA

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Today's girl is Dajeong

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Today's girl is Ella

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Today's girl is Winter

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Today's girl is Eunseo

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Today's girl is Dayeon

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Not me. Up until a few days ago I used to storytime all the new comics/books/manga for /mlp/, and you better believe I got use of it for the 100+ image threads I'd do sometimes. Even for normal posting though I like it for the no captcha and range ban bypass.

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No. The sheer number of minutes of my life saved from not completing captchas, let alone eliminating the frustration they cause, has vastly exceeded the price.

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>number of minutes
Seriously. Minimum wage is $15 in some places. Have you spent an hour doing captchas? I bet you have. Reclaim that time.

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Not at all, capthcas are cancer and 20 buckaroos ain't a thingeroo

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Imagine having buyers remorse over a 20 dollar subscription for an entire year. Like I don't get this shit, like its not only incredibly generous but like its worth its weight in gold for posting behind VPNs and skipping that stupid captcha. It ain't perfect no, but if you like actually posting here like me its worth it. This shit does nothing for you if you're a lurker you have to actually engage with the boards to get your mileage out of it.

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can i contact a board admin to have an archived thread i made deleted? how?

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Threads on the archive can still be reported when they violate any rules.

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Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?

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it's bad

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heh gotem

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With all these new Video Games boards, why not make a one for video game porn?

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Splendid idea!

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imagine the potential

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>Wish my since4pass had a "Pass user since 2012" upon mouseover
>Will never EVER have a 4chan pass from 2012

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i re bought my first 4 passes i lost any chance

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i was like 2 late, still semi-regret not just doing it earlier

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I rebuy my passes every year using a different email and wallet to maintain a certain level of privacy and anonymity. I'll also never be able to live the dream OP.

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Well you've got me beat dude.

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Know the difference.

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anime with boobs?

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i miss /qa/
its all frogs and wojaks now

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lolis are life

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same would happen here if anyone actually posted

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>i miss /qa/
>its all frogs and wojaks now

>same would happen here if anyone actually posted

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Toko is beautiful.

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Which board has the best culture?

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Based? Based on what?

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easily /vg/, they know about our lord and saviour Totono

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/asp/ obviously

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My 4chan pass expires soon, why is there no way to pay with cash or credit card still?

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Why the fuck do I have to pay $5 in fees, why cant 4chan get its financial shit in order

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because its not a 4chan service. Is a third party taking care of BTC stuff for you. You pay the guy 5$

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Because leftist payment services dropped 4chan you retard.

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it's always the democrats, isn't it

>> No.101223

I doubt even if those payment services were more conservative that they'd even want to deal with 4chan. This site has been and always will we be an internet hellscape. Why I love it though....

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Just realised i can post on this board
Praise be to Celeste
Maybe i can recruit people for my cult here

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yeah me too now that you mention it.
Recruit me

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there ya go join this discord

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Hey anons, how do I fucking get that cute little clover icon to show off my 4Chan Pass?

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thanks anon

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Any Tokyo anons here?

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what are you going to do in tokyo?

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