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Know the difference.

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anime with boobs?

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i miss /qa/
its all frogs and wojaks now

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lolis are life

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same would happen here if anyone actually posted

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>i miss /qa/
>its all frogs and wojaks now

>same would happen here if anyone actually posted

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Toko is beautiful.

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Which board has the best culture?

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Based? Based on what?

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easily /vg/, they know about our lord and saviour Totono

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/asp/ obviously

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My 4chan pass expires soon, why is there no way to pay with cash or credit card still?

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Why the fuck do I have to pay $5 in fees, why cant 4chan get its financial shit in order

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because its not a 4chan service. Is a third party taking care of BTC stuff for you. You pay the guy 5$

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Because leftist payment services dropped 4chan you retard.

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it's always the democrats, isn't it

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I doubt even if those payment services were more conservative that they'd even want to deal with 4chan. This site has been and always will we be an internet hellscape. Why I love it though....

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Just realised i can post on this board
Praise be to Celeste
Maybe i can recruit people for my cult here

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yeah me too now that you mention it.
Recruit me

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there ya go join this discord

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Hey anons, how do I fucking get that cute little clover icon to show off my 4Chan Pass?

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thanks anon

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Any Tokyo anons here?

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what are you going to do in tokyo?

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Buy gold or die old

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No you buy guns ammo and cigarettes you be rich when world ends

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akari piss bricks

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penis vagina buttsex over 9000 roody poo the people's champions

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Test. Test.

Holding gold for the past 10 years is same as holding cash

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star wars3/4
annie hall 1/4
these 3 next

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Chuck norris is cool 3/4

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Disturbing 0/4

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Jews 1/4

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they don't make a lot of movies with fasscists as heroes.

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Someone told me I can only make 3 threads, and I belived them but what if they lied?

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fuck you buon

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unless It's because I have differen't ip, not my fault it changed.

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/vip/ really should be 3 threads per pass ID instead of IP to keep the quality of threads high.

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/vip/ is property of...

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umu nug

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>thanks bro, but I will stick to weed

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My pass is expiring and I don't want to buy btc

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This type of thread gets posted way too much here.

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guess you have to get a life then

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Who the fuck even moderates /vip/. Of all the boards you could choose to become a janny...

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>My pass is expiring
You never passed to begin with

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Well you either pay up or lose the privileges it's for you to decide

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How fucking dead is this board? Last post/thread was made yesterday Jesus Christ. Did I really spend $20 for this?

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You're free not to use it. Virtually nobody who bought or extended a pass after November 2016 did it exclusively to post on /vip/, but because of some of the (currently) 72 boards which are faster. (This also begs the question how many pass posters are there on /po/, since captchas are probably a minor nuisance to them.)

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So what are the perks of having 4chan pass aside from not having to do captchas?

My experience seems to be negative, being banned 2x now within a month compared to never before buying the pass. It seems the mods keep tabs on me more now that I have it. Or maybe because I just post more?

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>posting from p.4chan.org
Cross that one off the list lol

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What's p.4chan? I don't think I've ever heard of it

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That's the [Mobile] link at the top.
It's something that Hiro made which remotely resembles a progressive web application (PWA), because it's unlikely an official 4chan app will ever get on the standard app stores. It has been in an unfinished state for years (no tripcodes, no flags, no clovers) and only pass users can actually post through it.

>> No.102349

Or not, if that anon is correct. Probably broke along the way. I never used it for more than lurking, either.

>> No.102361

So people with rangebanned isps can post I guess

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Everyone loves Yeji. Very true.

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Eunha is the best

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hello brothers

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So true brother

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good afternoon brothers

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dab thread, show me your best or consider yourself dabbed on.

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i dont even remember posting that, sorry

>> No.101625

no worries

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We are very smart people.

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You know how Sachiko has never returned to the front page of 4chan? Well, she lives here now.

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Sachiko on world news!

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how do I get the clover to appear?

>> No.103419

type sneed

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File: 2MiB, 1200x1697, __koshimizu_sachiko_and_himekawa_yuki_idolmaster_and_1_more_drawn_by_gojarun__fd56ce3866e84dc3366269a313a9a9d6.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

creampie the kong

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Oh boo hoo did he delete your bullshit?

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bow chiky wow wow pop chiky pop

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/vip/ trusts no journalist

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You willingly give way too much info about yourself: Namefag, tripfag, and poorfag.

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Quoted By: >>104042

>Holden !p7BXm6sCwo

>> No.104042

Post history or it didn't happen.

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>> No.104064 [SPOILER]
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Sam Hyde is a brilliant comedian. Might subscribe to him and Frank Hassle (the guy who confronted boogie). A lot funnier than anything else I can find.

>video related

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Just make a fucking NSFW Video Games board you stupid gook Jew, it'll fix everything.

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Quoted By: >>100190

this is not >>>/qa/

>> No.100190
Quoted By: >>100191

dafuq is u quoting me pussyassboi?

>> No.100191
Quoted By: >>100192

because you're shitting up /vip/ like a braindead monkey

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Oh yeah? And u got somethin against le based monke??!

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Based, we should make 4chan gay harem club already.

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