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Should I buy a 4chan pass?

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Only losers buy passes.

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it's a free site. why would you PAY?!

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Don't buy one. I didn't and I'm so much happier for it.

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Then how are you posting in /vip/?

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No legit person who holds the same beliefs of the likes of resetera would be able to stomach the free-expression cesspit that is this site and any post that expresses similar views is simply pretending to be an SJW for (you)s. Such posts should be treated as trolling/extremely low quality posts and be deleted as a result.

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just passing thru

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moot changed it to start from page 1 rather than page 0 before he fucked off. I assume 10 page boards were changed after.

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go back

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I wonder how long we can keep you locked up?

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I was going to buy another pass because one of my other passes was banned but I don't get any PayPal option when I'm trying to buy one just "Pay with Difital Currency"

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How many times are we gonna have this same thread?

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Nobody tell OP.

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8 chan shutting down was the worst thing that could of happened for this site in a long time.

The containment board has be closed and those schizo faggots are spamming everyboard.


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>could of
stopped reading right there

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>"gif" png image
>could of
>le orange man meme
I think this might be the single worst /vip/ thread ever created.

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keep sucking that orange man dick.

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I miss 4+4 chan. Is this place next?

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we don't want you

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if you say stuff like "we" you don't belong here either

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Fuck off 8nigger.

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>implying samefag

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Fuck off

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>Taking shower
>clean ass like I normally do with luffa
>luffa is completely covered in shit

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what's disgusting is that you're posting shitty millenial facebook gifs from tenor and thinking it's acceptable

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literally the first image after I googled "that's disgusting"

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>No new boards created in 2 years.
I understand that it's expensive to increase server capacity, so just replace /mlp/.
Does anyone even still watch that shit? They'd be more at home on reddit anyway.

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I want a highly moderated board for general discussion. Where low-effort posters are given no mercy.

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There's a website for that; iot starts with an r and ends with a t.

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wew imagine actually replying to a tripfag

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Would you say it's Very Important?

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Apart from a few enclaves, that websites thrives on nothing but low-effort posts

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slowest board on the site go

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What are your top 5 most used boards?

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your life has no value if you still use /r9k/, /mu/, /qa/, /adv/, /v/, /b/, /d/ or /aco/

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/w/, /c/, /cm/, /vp/, and /gd/.
/w/ is super underrated and /c/ and /cm/ are very pleasant and friendly. /vp/ is pretty much the worst board I browse full of underages and people who can't reply to anything without buzzwords, but I love pokemon and when it comes down to it appreciation threads for specific characters and Pokemon are fun to be in.

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/tv/, /pol/, /bant/, /news/, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>/vip/.

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/pol/ /g/ /a/ /v/ and /jp/

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/vip/, should I renew? :(

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Pre-cruptocurrency required, I'd say no, but now that PayPal is accepted, I say yes.

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it's actually not worth it

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Too late I was this one >>92984

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Im honestly not sure if i should renew my pass or not.

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So I think basic income for humans is the only way to evade capitalism eating itself.

I built a prototype basic income system here:


Click the header to read the system specs

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I don't care. No matter how much reddit spacing you use.

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Is a tennis ball yellow or green?

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... blue asphalt reflects light into it.

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neon yellow

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They are yellow
Think about grass and sunflowers

how do people place tennis balls color in color to grass?
yes, there's a little fluorescent green in the mix, but it's fucking yellow

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To bump or not to bump?

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I wouldn't know what I would do if it all came down. My whole life revolves around this place and it's not like I'll suddenly get social IRL. should I just call it a night and go nose down?

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They can't shut all of them down. More will always pop up to take the place of the fallen.

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They are harder to remove then you think. Enter darknets.

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Can we please get the Flag of Imperial Japan added to the /pol/ flag options?

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fuck off to >>>/qa/

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Nice thread

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Are you stalking me?

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How the fuck did cum-brain get filtered when cope, seethe, and have sex have been shitting up the entire site for months? I've never even seen someone say this new one until my friend told me it was already filtered.
Mods do your fucking jobs, instead of filtering some dumb shit nobody has ever said how about filtering bullshit that literally exists to waste posts on obnoxious garbage.

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I always thought gamer would become the filter for "incel"

>> No.92791

They could always just filter both to it. Actually that might even be better because then you legitimately wouldn't know what someone was trying to say.

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cumbrain cumb-brain incel have sex seethe cope dilate

>> No.92904

It's about a year old but wasn't taken all that seriously on /pol/
It caught on with the kiddies on /v/ and they added it their list of shit to fling at each other

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Why don't you understand Neon Genesis Evangelion?

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Now that the dust has settled what does /vip/ think of Chernobyl memes?

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>there's a man

>> No.93831

I wish they were more popular.

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They're pretty fuckin' dead.

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jesus looks like solid snake

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the N-word

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I'm trying to log into 4chan and I keep getting this message with an error text: "Connection Error. Please make sure both 4chan.org and 4channel.org domains are whitelisted if you are using a script blocker."

I can obviously log into 4channel, but not 4chan. I saw a fix that was posted a few months ago going to 4channel.com/auth or something like that but it hasn't worked. Any fixes?

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Never mind. Based jannies/mods helped me fix it. Have a benis.

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How'd you do it?

Having the same problem

>> No.92916

Nvm, figured it out, was Brave browser's adblocking. Have to turn it off for 4chan.

Fucking Eich

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I'm making my own Custom illuminati NWO Cards:

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They never take down porn on the blue boards and I made one "fuck niggers" thread on /v/ and those faggots gave me a 3 day site wide ban.

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Dumb frogposter

>> No.92797

because the mods are fucking gay

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>I made one "fuck niggers" thread on /v/ and those faggots gave me a 3 day site wide ban.
Good, your thread was off-topic and a waste of space. Also porn is deleted off of blue boards, /v/ is just such a shitshow mods have given up.

>> No.92810

Dumb frogposter

>> No.93075

This thread was moved to >>>/qa/2921955

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