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How many 4chan passes do you have? I have 3.

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You can switch after 15 minutes

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First one thanks to my linkies

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I think like four. Didn't realize you could renew them until 2017 or so.

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Just the one.

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I have no time at work
"smart" phones are useless for internet

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I do not enjoy 'connection error'.

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when do you get it

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Go back there.

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make me nerd

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>You are using a 4chan Pass.

Why yes, I do.

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totally nerd

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I spent 20 dollars for being universally banned.

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They go get banned dummy.

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what did you do

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shit happens

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>"dindu nuffin"

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Gotta stop posting ponies, anon.

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How do you show your 4chan pass next to name help

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Sent you a PM

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you could have asked this on an existing thread

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/vip/ is so slow I could use it as cloud storage

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Have sex

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I'd post to a chan/cloud storage general. /csg/

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good idea

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Post alternatives to court hire

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sounds too complicated
not here to change anything anyway

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Honestly this.

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i came here to murder a thread

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Does that make you feel like a big man?

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for you

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how do you do that
i might want to do the same

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and soon your thread will die

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Well done soldier.

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Ojamajo wa~!

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Go back there.

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I keep forgetting this board is a place. I was only reminded of it while reading Molester Man after a friend told me to finish it.
Did Hiro really just take the VIP shit from 2ch and bring it over here? Or is VIP a different board over there?

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Why did hiromoot get rid of purchasing a pass via debit card?

It took me like an hour and was a huge pain in my ass to renew my pass with this cryptocurrency bullshit

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holy shit, what the fuck....that could have saved me so much wasted time

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4channel.org/pass just redirects me to 4chan

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after the redirect, add the 'nel' back into the address bar

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holy shit

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based retard bro

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Do you?

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Why is s-o-y boy filtered

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we should be immune to censorship

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i dont understand

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It sort of made sense at the time although now it doesn't seem like that much of an outsider word.

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Because of obnoxious frogposting retards like yourself spamming it. It's a fucking stupid meaningless buzzword and the site is better off without it. Only underage retards who invaded from reddit would think otherwise.

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I would like to request the creation of a board dedicated to religion and spirituality.

I know that /x/ Paranormal exists already, but that's really not the same thing. Paranormal vs Religion is like the difference between Anime and Cartoons.

I think there is enough interest in religion that it deserves its own board. People often discuss religion on /pol/ as well, when it really doesn't belong there.

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Take this thead back to >>>/qa/
And read this while you're at it >>>/his/27939

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imagine the smell

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What's /vip/ listening to?

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I've been listening to the FLCL soundtrack just for the hell of it

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skylarking by xtc, one of my favorite albums from an extremely underrated band

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Lacuna Coil - Black Anima. I was hoping for Comalies 2.0 but I got something very sad. Still good as fuck tho

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>Post 20 dollars
>Site still goes down

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buy another pass

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Most of the time I forget this board even exists.

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We feel the same way about you.

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This board is so dormant that I don't think I will miss out any info if I'm away for a few days

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perfect place to throw away your broken heart

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>he hasn't renewed his pass yet

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you can only renew it within seven days before expiring.

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i get a new one every time

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I made this from the Cats (2019) Official Trailer.
You're welcome.

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I just got a 4chan pass, now what?

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And that's a good thing.

>> No.92041

Some of it is good and some of it is bad but overall this is a great board.

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>Posting nostalgic things from the old days of 4chan.
I miss /z/. why couldn't this be /z/?

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You should become frens with /me/ on YouTube

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shitpost time!!

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>use VPN with pass
>still have to click on captchas

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If you're using extensions of any kind to automatically destroy cookies, be sure to whitelist the Cloudflare __cfduid cookie at least on *.4channel.org and *.4chan.org so you're safe from their CAPTCHAs for a few hours.
Fun fact: This cookie is transmitted to 4chan's backend servers and may be used to catch careless ban evaders.

The only real solution is to switch VPNs when their address range stays too tainted from too many spammers and malware triggering all kinds of honeypots.

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very helpful

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Hey /vip/ can you post your favorite tomboys and where they’re from? I need to intake more media with tomboys please and thank you.

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so gay

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