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Hilo latino /vip/

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hilo anime

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>pays $20 to get called a faggot
Did i cuck myself?

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You spent money supporting something you enjoy. Why do you think you've cucked yourself?

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Because i could of bought a crack rock 20

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Be happy for a year with a pass or be happy till you come down?

In my opinion happy for a year is a lot better than crack.

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You obviously haven't had crack

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Average Australian spider.

That is all

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Dis scary

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Best spider

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I don't like spiders

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Sucks for you

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Hier für dich Brudi

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>zwanzig jahre und noch keine oide

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>zwanzig jahre und noch keine oide

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Mirin's seed and sweet

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>You've been gifted a 4chan Pass!

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Fuck you I didn't want a fucking pass

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I was gifted a 4chan pass yesterday (:

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>give my friend $20 cash so he'll gift me a pass with $20 worth of ETH
>ETH goes up 50% in less than a month
who here /devilish/

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How do I give myself the little 4 leaf clover next to my name?
Old to 4chin new to pass

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No one tell her.

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In options type "since4pass" and hey presto you'll have the clover

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this is an awesome thread

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thank u

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cooldown test

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okay I'm out

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Having 4chas is so comfy.

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What is your favorite style of chicken nugget? I am personally a fan of the boot shaped nugget because it maximizes the amount of sauce per inch on the nugget

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Do you like bunnies, /vip/?

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my options are gone
did firefox do this?

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Yes. Some other websites were using it to inject malicious scripts into the context window so when somebody went to click "open link in new tab" it would be something else entirely.
You can still hide threads by using shift and then the left mouse button.

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noticed this as well but thought I hadn't needed to use the feature since switching from pale moon.
hope it comes back at some point

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check my since4pass /vip/

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>Identifying information
whatta hell???

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The real Anonymous were the friends we made along the way.

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me out of frame running away

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Finding fellow anons. is rare these days but not impossible!

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I can finally post on the best board on 4chan

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Congratulations compadre.

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How do you make the clover show up next to your post?

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In the options field type "since4pass"

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YF-Dai stood top in social presence among all the crypto projects in defi. And it continues to grow more.
join t.me/yfdaifinance

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Okay, wtf. Why can't I phonefag without getting spammed by those fucking bing ads? Literally can't do shit.

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Try using a real computer?

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You still don't use an apk to browse 4chan?

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i like the ads

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NFT20 is a brand new dex that provides liquidity for NFTs. NFT20 is a permissionless P2P protocol to tokenize NFTs and make them tradable on decentralized exchanges such as UniSwap.

It is the first mover and is now growing rapidly. It is only now starting to get attention, since the team focused first on providing a working platform. No marketing has been done yet.

Anyone with an NFT can create a new pool or add his NFT to an existing pool and get ERC20 Token derivatives of their NFTs in a permissionless way, those tokens can be transferred and traded on dexes right away.

SEE IT HERE : nft20.io

The native token for NFT20 is $MUSE. It was just voted to be the governance token for the NFT20 by the community. This project is flying under the radar for now, and the marketcap of $MUSE is only 1,5 million currently.

$Muse max supply is 1 million. There was no pre-sale or pre-mine. $Muse can be farmed by providing liquidity to different NFT20 token pairs. Only 500 $MUSE are issued per day.





There are no competitors with a similar product. The closest one is NFTX, which is an index fund for NFTs and is a 38 mil marketcap. NFT20, however, is an exchange for all NFTs and still only a marketcap of 1,5 mil. There are currently three NFT pools on NFT20 and more are on the way.

The team is ex consensus and have been extremely efficient and transparent in developing the protocol.

Discord - https://discord.gg/KJRV2ewbHs
Medium - https://verynifty.medium.com/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/niftymuseum
Telegram - https://t.me/verynifty

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post what you're reading, /vip/

Right now it's Harassment Architecture by Mike Ma and a few Murakami novels.

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I recommend Raising the Bar

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Hey Ive read this, its actually pretty interesting.

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Actually I'm quite comfortable.

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me too

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I need a job.
Neet bux is nice but it's about time to get out and meet people in the work place

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you must be so proud of yourself, huh

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i'm sure OP will answer you... someday

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can we get every since4pass year in this thread? even cooler if we get them in order.

2012 here. can I get a 2013?

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this was not worth $20

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All it takes is OP and this fella >>103707 to repost ITT.

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Awaiting the call

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