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I love KPOP very true we all agree.

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heeeeeyyyy /vip/, /biz/tard here, got banned posting an "off-topic" reply on an "off-topic" thread, nice logic you fuckin jannies
either way, made some money, bought a pass with crypto, struggling to make it this bullrun currently but all good, feel free to ask shit if you like
just have a small story to share, maybe the chick i'm talking about will know who she is
i never used 4chan, i only knew of it, also kekd at the "4chan hacker", some /pol/ related videos & internet historian memes, good shit
but like i said, generally never used this, only joined in these last months because i needed /biz/ to have an edge over the crypto market, most of the board is garbage, but weaponised autism is no joke
but soon after i lurked and posted here and there, i finally saw it, the "kek", "top kek", shit actually gave me flashbacks
this bitch i knew irl used to say these words, "top kek", i asked her what does it mean? its just like "lol or lul", well why dont you use those? she said it just sounds more fun kek
only years later now i'm realizing this chick was a 4channer, fucking hell, this seriously explains a lot
this bitch has some serious depression issues, low-esteem kind of issues, which really fits the board's "tits with timestamp or gtfo" mentality
i get why, but im guessing as a woman you need to swallow the red pill to browse this place, this bitch obviously didnt

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she was the most manipulative bitch i have ever known, its unreal, i wasnt interested in getting together with her, but after some chatting and shit she grew on me, and ngl i also wanted some ass, but once it was clear i liked her shit just became so odd, how do you suck someones finger off and then when they ask you later "so we're together now right?" she says no im not really looking for a relationship, im like huh alright, then days after even a kiss in public gets me a "wtf" reaction like what the fuck
the worst thing is that at some point i realized this bitch was only receiving and never giving, you know when you do small-time favors for someone that you really dont mind, but at some point when you're asking them for one they just dont give back, it really took me months to notice and i hate myself for it
anyways, just a pointless story, clearly broke up with the bitch, she's still a doomer making someone elses life miserable probably, bottom line is stay happy faggots, this bitch had a grim outlook on life and will probably die as an unhappy mediocre nobody, dont be that, do more things you love

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Since /vip/ is a Christian board let's read the entire Bible this year (the KJV version, of course.)

Today, 1/1/2021, we start with Matthew 1, then Genesis 1, 2, and 3.

For context, the book of Matthew presents Jesus as the messiah and savior of all of humanity and the beginning serves as a transition from the Old Testament to the New.

Genesis is a book of beginnings that introduces central themes of the Bible, such as creation and redemption.

Catch up for tomorrow's chapters, and God bless.

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Today, 3/04/21, we'll read Mark 9:1-29 and Numbers 31, 32 & 33.

All things are possible for those that believe in Him.

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Today we will read Mark 9:30-50 and finish up Numbers with 34, 35 & 36.

Reading Mark 9:42 it makes very clear to us that The Lord forbids the harming of young and innocent children Absolutely. Don't fall into the treachery of subverters who attempt to slander Him and His Word by returning to this true and honest fact.

May the Lord lead you toward all the answers you need.

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Today we read Mark 10:1-31 and begin Deuteronomy with chapters 1 & 2.

With God all things are possible.

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Today, 3/07/21, we will read Mark 10:32-52 and Deuteronomy 3 & 4.

May The Lord grant you the power to see through things with eyes unclouded. God bless.

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Keep up the good work OP, I'm a little slow (a page of each book currently in progress) but your guidance is helpful.

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Boys and girl be cute

that is all

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just don't start with that pan shit

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Pan w5f is that?

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are you a roastie?

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Pan was made up by the LGBTQQAODP+ to sell more pride flags

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Posting this thread on December 32th, 2020.
Let's see if we can keep it up a whole year.

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Should we post when it gets the page 2 or page 3?

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Eye will see to it

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Post your motorcycle

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Very cool motorcycle!
Love, /qa]

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Don't have a mortorcycle but getting a license as soon as lockdown is over, nice bike anon!

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Very cool.

Bumping for great justice.

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habby new year /vip/ :DDD

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No u

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This board is so dead, there are posts from last year on it! Oh, wait...

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kot id

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are you sure

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happy new year cumlords

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The mods are pedophobic.

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Oh, you bought a pass?

You must be very wealthy.

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What's the point of 4chan passes if I can get banned for 5-30 days on a whim?
Also why the fuck can't my ISP create threads on some boards? namely /pol/ /v/ /b/ /biz/ ?

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I'm not sure if shadow banning is a thing but it's possibly because you've used a phone to connect to the internet and someone else has abused that IP address in those boards.

As far as bans are concerned: Sure drunk posting to strangers can be fun but is it really worth risking a ban. So long as you abide by the rules of the website banning shouldn't be a problem.

At any rate, welcome to VIP. How long will you be staying?

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Because Ur a cunt

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Passes are based

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4chan passes are for paranoid schizophrenics like me :)

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You want a sip

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Was going through the attic for hours so it dirty as fuck up there

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Dosent seem to have one

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Is it alcoholic?

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Dangerous cognitohazard.
Do not open

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can it be less than 7 days please that's kind of a long time. can we do like 2 or 3 days instead

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Never understood people replying to curses. If you truly think memes have even the slightest chance to influence the real world, why not make your own that benefits you? "Replies to this post raise the price of my chosen shitcoin" seems like a valid strategy.

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If you guys had $300,000 what would you spend it on?

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Land. When the apocalypse comes only landholders won't be cannibals like in the cities.

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Meme money kys other ten6

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Only on 4chan passes.

>> No.103159

Stay poor faggot.

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moar passu

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can someone tell me what this button is/does ?

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How can you stand to phonepost with a pass? Doesn't the IP change from moving from cell tower to tower disturb it?

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You must have a strange provider if that is the case. Most of them route connections through centralized PoPs, leading to pretty stable mobile IP addresses. So stable in fact that you have to disconnect the underlying wireless connection by airplane mode or rebooting to re-dial your internet connection.
As far as I remember, some Americans did have problems with their ISP kicking them around between different IPs on 3G and 4G, but since the former is falling out of use, this is no longer a problem.

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american here idk about this. my mobile ip changes practically every time i use data. i just lurk until im back on wifi

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it makes you instantly cum

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I have a BBC

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Like four inches... four and a half when I'm super excited.

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i dont have one...

>> No.103113

>i dont have one...
lol gay

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Oy Vey!

Hello! My name is Abby and I'm a fucking whore bitch and literally My only friend that cared about me confessed his feelings for me then I fucked myself by telling this literal looser named Aiden!

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tits or gtfo

>> No.103106

Thanks for venting.
who are theses people and why should we care?

>> No.104117

Aiden is fucking Abby and you're alone

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>> No.103085


>> No.103086

do black/ethnik girls count?

>> No.103101

Slept with: 20
Killed: 0
Met through 4chan: 0

I guess I'm a pretty normal guy.

>> No.103116

Only 4 :(

>> No.103142

I'd like to speak to my lawyer now

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The other option is "don't do that" and allow people to spam /jp/, a relatively slow board, and kill its core userbase.

a) make a board just for vtubers
b) make a board just for the generals that have clogged /jp/ for the last several years

/jp/ is not a general board. There shouldn't be idol generals and vtuber generals anyway. If /v/ got a /vg/ because of general spam, do that for /jp/ as well to maintain a normal community.

Merry Christmas.

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>/bant/ is the Touhou board

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Quoted By: >>103942

Why are you posting this here? The mods never look at this board..

>> No.103942

Or do they?

>> No.103994

we did it reddit

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