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You faggots gave me a one month ban for "replying to pedoshit" which is way to harsh and unfair. I didn't ask for moar or any pedo shit like that, I just ironically posting a coomer. I know you cunts are short on cash with the shitty ads and PayPal black listing you. So I'm not renewing my pass and I'm going to start using an ad block
fuck you faggots
fuck you

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baby yoda?

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Haven't enjoyed watching something Star Wars related since the Clone Wars show.

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Indeed. Mandalorian is the best thing to happen to Star Wars in a long time.


And the original music by Ludwig is incredible, Glover is blessed to have worked with him.


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wow nice thread

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ankarin~ is very important, thank you fellow very important poster

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fuck niggers
fuck kikes

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based & importantpilled

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Looking at the /vip/ stats, if I make a thread, it will likely stay up for years before archiving. It's my goal to keep this thread alive until the sun devours the earth.

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wow good job copying my thread you fucking faggot. lurk more


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You can work on keeping your own thread alive. In fact, there is probably enough space for every returning poster on /vip/. My favorite is >>93796.

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ok sorry I yelled at you

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It's a Christmas miracle! Let's all be friends!

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time to

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xplay thread

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Newfags don't remember.

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Do I still have the computer AIDS?

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fuck jannies and fuck trannies

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It works.

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baka desu

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bad test.

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Did it work?

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I have recently contemplated just how utterly fucked I am.
In my teens I used to be a healthy young man who frequented the gym and had ideals he lived by, ambition and a dream of success but all of that faded away over the years.
These days I am an idle and lonely piece of shit who only goes out to go grocery shopping and lives off of government funds which will be cut off in less than a year and I have no plans beyond that whatsoever. I waste my entire day shitposting on 4chan, watching Youtube videos and masturbating. Occasionally force myself to play video games too. Of course I don't have to mention that I have zero friends.
I have thought about suicide but to me it seems very illogical to kill myself so I never seriously considered it. Maybe that means I am not genuinely depressed or suffering and just lying to myself about it I'm not really sure. I do think I am a very optimistic person and I have made a million attempts to get myself out of this ditch but nothing I tried bore fruit. And exactly due to all those attempts to break myself out of this state of mind even following attempt seems like an empty lie that doesn't mean anything anyway.
I can't even follow the baby workout program I have set-up for myself which consists of a few push-ups and sit-ups and some minor cardio. It feels like every muscle in my body is numb and can't do anything. I have no one to help me. I suppose the real tragedy is though that I don't even mind living like this but exactly that indifference to everything is what has ruined my life. Not to mention that soon I will not be able to continue this lifestyle, neither financially nor am I confident I will survive for long. I just don't understand how I have ended up like this, caring about absolutely nothing and nobody. It's like my entire life is taking place in an empty dark movie theater and I am watching the movie of life while being completely disinterested in it yet I have nothing better to do so here I am.
What do you think?

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Within me is the realization that I am in a very deep place and that there is no quick way out of it. I have a goal but no will to reach for it. So I must force myself, not force myself climbing out of the hole with all my might and inevitable running out of strength falling back to my doom but to build a staircase step by step wich I can feasibly climb. Improve myself in incremental steps and become the person I want to be through a small but consistent and dedicated effort, through habit building and an honest confrontation with myself and who I am. I will try to make the first step towards a life I will not regret now.

I think I'll keep you updated on how things are going in the coming weeks. With a new decade starting soon it's an appropriate time to turn myself around.

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>With a new decade starting soon it's an appropriate time to turn myself around.
If you don't start now the passing of a year is as insignificant as the passing of a minute. A decade an hour. A lifetime a day. Time is warped for you. You have to feel the stress of each passing second in order to make it count. If you don't you're just waiting to die.

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You are completely right. What you posted really resonated with me because I know it's true. The last two years in particular have passed by so fast and I have no idea what I did in that time.

Starting January I am going to start frequenting the gym again and try to stay in good physical shape. I think that is important for a healthy mind as well. Already signed up and ready to go so I'm just waiting for the agreement to start.

And starting today, right now, I am going to pursue a goal I've had for the longest time. Something I have dreamed about for ages but could never get the energy to go after.

Happy Christmas by the way. I have spent a lot on Christmas presents this year and will spend the time with my family. I often feel like a bit of an outsider at family gatherings not only because I rarely talk to anyone of them but also because there is a slight language barrier (which I will work on lowering in the coming years as well). A man cut off from his family is definitely one that will that have a time that much harder to attain happiness and live a life without regrets..

I have also had a couple business ideas that would be doable for me from my room within the near future but I need to acquire some tools and set some foundations first. My life starts now!

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I have started working out and expanding the fields I work on myself in, engaging in some real skill building. I am still far from where I would like to be but I think am making progress.
Hope to keep improving myself and reach a point where I can be proud of myself.

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Challenge yourself

Hit the weights
Take a shower
Seek a therapist
Get a hobby
Ride a skateboard
Go to a brothel
Take a walk
Play an instrument
Pet a cat

Anything man, just do any activity in which you are not sitting in a room contemplating and you will feel better.

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Me on the left
My waifu on the right

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Sup fool
You wanna talk some shit?
Call me, talk some shit, bitch.

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Check these singles

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Any based anons from Maldives whoms't'd've acsended with a pass?

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welcome to hell

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I have ascended.

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Was wondering why we have lost the ability to post Archive links ?


I can't seem to post them. It says, the system thinks this is spam.

http://archive(delete this space ->) .ph/DBrG8

Can't post that url

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Dunno never used /v/. On /pol/ we are using links to pages that constantly get taken down and really need access to archive.is and archive.ph

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For the moment, the best you can do is to attach a note to always look up the link on the archive, or link to the Internet Wayback Machine instead. The latter does not censor content, but is prone to content takedowns in case they're excluded from archiving via robots.txt.

Test: https://archive.today/0vvlD

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less storage costs for hiro

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this is /vip/, no one cares dude

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mindfuck me

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DMT is far superior to LSD because you don't have to strap in for a 14 hour trip. Also the visuals from DMT are amazing and mindblowing while LSD visuals are mild and simply distortions of regular sensory information.

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>uss liberty
google dancing isralies

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you're a fucking idiot

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you must have done some bunk acid then, i couldn't even see reality at points during my trip.

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Not my best nut but enjoyable 7/10

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Because /b/ already exists and we needed a random SFW board.

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no clue.

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Because a pay to post board shouldn’t just be another /b/ or /trash/

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Best girl in front page.

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Why is she wearing a flower bra?

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She looks cuter that way. Though a normal one would suit her just as well.

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For me it's Fish monsters.

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It wouldn't be the strangest thing to happen.

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Aye, Vip how shit is my YouTube channel?

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It's great, I succscribed

Please subscribe to me, thanks

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Yo it's OP, what should I do for a video?

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i am so lonely...

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me too but then i realise how much i hate having my time taken by other people so i just go do something i like

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/vip/ has a long way to go before it's as cool as [s4s]. we don't even have our own official anime series.

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[s4s] is gonna get cooler ann cooler
beliebe id!

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How's that evil verified doomsday prophecy coming along?

>> No.96283

If I saw this beautiful face walking down the street I would sperg out. I would rather meet this faggot than any celebrity

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>pay 20 dollars
>still have to see cuck porn ads
Based Hiroshimoot.

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they're personalized to your interests~

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Why aren't you using uBlock+? I have it installed on both my PC and my phone, so phoneposting isn't an excuse.

If that was true, why don't I see lolicon ads when turning off my adblock?

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Install Brave Browser

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