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What went wrong?

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they are aristocrats

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I finally caved in and bought a pass because there were a bunch of boards where I wasn't allowed to make threads.

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tell that to the revolutionaries they'll butcher you

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Nobody hears the ticking clock more loudly than Joe Biden. All these shills, and their "It's Over" pronouncements wish to invoke reaction, and that's all.
But, in a Democracy, the voter's vote is the only power he has. When it is molested, the Democracy crumbles.
Too many MSM censors, too many doubt-weary and dysphoric souls wandering about...
But, the bridge between a cheated populace, and justice, by any means, necessary, is going to be built. And, the actual winner's name shall emerge.

>What has Joe to fear?
If he protests, what is it, exactly, which he is protesting?
>The Dominion Program means re-elections must be held.
>Observers must be permitted to observe.
>Laws must not be broken this time.

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idc who is President as long as we can say nigger on VIP

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well drumpfy lost, what now fellas?

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When are the political tards going to return to Twitter? I'm tired of seeing them leak out of their containment board. Say what you want about /mlp/ but at least those faggots know their place

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Like fine w(h)ine

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In light of recent developments, how about we get a filter for the word COPE?

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why don't you just cope?

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Thank you

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C O P E now wordfilters to "YWNBARW". Thank you for using 4chan!

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Guys I made a drawing, what do you think of it?

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nice drawing OP

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I RESPECT YOU MODS :) BUT PLEASE DONT BE TOO ITCHY :) Its the second time I buy passes :)

With all of my respect to the mods removing CP and sheeit. I believe that we 4channers are allowed to have fun on the internet even if it steps on the rules,

I respect your work mods, and jannies please be nice like 2008 :)

I mean I guess I posted a few off topic threads but my point is whats the point of 4chan without shitposting no need to be too strict put yourself in the 4channel sues :)

I love this website its the last true bit of the internet but it slowly degrading I miss the old 4chan please I know it might result in my ban and its ok but please guys be chill like you used to be

allow fun to be made here dont be like reddit and twitter I mean this is 4chan we have fun here dont forget why we all love this place. Please be more free

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hello frend

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did it work

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/vip/ is rightful Asukachad clay!

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asuka posting website

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not a bad idea, not a bad fucking idea

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Is there something you'd like to tell Asuka today?

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I really, really like this animated image!

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The Potato Eaters

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Wheatfield with Crows

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Big Chester

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Two Prostitutes

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Darkies in the Field

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Spoiler declaration: Biden wins! No kidding! He won 2nd place and we are so proud of him for participating!

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Identifying themselves as MAPs, minor attracted persons, the pedophile-dedicated accounts of soc media's largest corporate entities remain protected by the ceo class, simultaneously, right wing causes, and values are being forced off of these websites.
>clearly, this is a trend towards normalizing adult/child sexual relationships, while using the network of DC-based non profits, such as Brookings, as well as Aurora Aurora Borealis, to affect change in media, educational institutions, and in the laws.
>ACB's appt to the SCOTUS threatens this, as well as exposes the vast amount of cash, and other assets which clearly expose DC Think Tanks as the bodies responsible for affectng these changes
>activists have been, for the most part, removed from thr SCOTUS
>but DC has Fed judges, and District Court judges, all plotting the normalization of adukt child sex issues.

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Where the life is shit, shoot the breeze thread?

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Roommates suck ass; one is a fucking opinionated, domineering, nosy POS, and the other is a spineless coward who never defended me and always takes the other roommate's side. I can't until my lease is over.

>> No.102042

*wait until... fuck, I suck ass at typing when phone-posting.

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Sounds rough anon
I guess I'm just super stressed with work. Healthcare during a pandemic is a double-edged sword. Never got furloughed, but we're getting our asses handed to us.

And then of course, there's always relationship things to add more spice to the shit gumbo

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Living with roommates is a bitch, I'm so glad I don't have to go through that again.

Anyone ever gets fucking tired of wageslaving 8h a day? The real kind of tired where you can fix it only by NEETing it up for a few months like a kid on a summer break but your country is a thirld world shithole that doesn't give out neetbux so you're bound to wageslave until you die.
Fuck man, work days should be 5h tops. Even peasants didn't work this much.

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Take the rural pill anon

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assforce has no place on vee eye pee


but I do

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I'm the boss here. Change my mind.

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K boss

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Trips check out

What are your orders, Bauss?

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You can see more of it in this video:

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your ass is saggy and disgusting you dumb ho
this is what a proper ass looks like

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First of all, that's a fake you dumb basement dweller. Second, OP ass is not mine. Third, how is it saggy? Looks perky to me (but not big).

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top kek looks like I hit a nerve with this stinky bitch

first of all that ass is 100% real you delusional cunt, you would know if you ever did some exercise or stepped a foot in a gym you lazy pig

second of all keep coping that that is not a saggy ass, it's the saggiest, smallest, most embarassing backside I've ever witnessed on this board

never post yourself again sweety

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Kinda flat. She needs to hit the treadmill a bit more, build up some muscle tone. She's out of shape. Small is fine, as long as it's round, has a nice curve to it.

Nigger tier too big. Something is wrong with her, like a birth defect. Why does her spine curve in like that? Would not make babies with her weak gene having ass.

>> No.102001

>Something is wrong with her, like a birth defect. Why does her spine curve in like that?
Cope like the skinnyfat ugly pasty excuse of a woman that you are. She is obviously making a pose you brainded thing

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Spooky time boys!

>> No.101976

Testing tricks in options field! I doubt it'll work but that's alright.

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So, you're /vip/ cool.
Hell, you might even be an originalfag or oldfag.

But are you YeetScape cool?

>> No.101970

>Hell, you might even be an originalfag or oldfag.
I've started browsing 4chan when I was 13yo, but I could be defined cancer

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oonga boonga

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Is there any validity to this?

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What are YOU doing for Halloween, Anon?


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I also made this for you 4chan.


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Had to lower the volume. Enjoy!


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>he renews his pass

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based on what?

>> No.102854

what is it based on?

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Why is the mod on /a/ allowed to delete an existing thread>>210530416 so he can replace it with his own thread here>>210538517 even though OP of the deleted thread complied with the rules>>210538723.

He did the same thing before replacing this thread>>210448841 with own >>210450748 mere seconds after he pruned the existing one>>210457923

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?? ???

? ?

>> No.102921 [DELETED]

?? ?? ?? ???

? ?

>> No.102922 [DELETED]

?? ???? ???? ???

? ?

>> No.102923

?? ???? ???

? ?

>> No.102924

? ?

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So I just found out we can draw on /vip/.
Does any other board allow you to draw right from the reply window?

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Nice, anon

>> No.101748
Quoted By: >>101749

What other boards? It didn’t show up for me on /pol/ and /v/.

>> No.101749


>> No.101769

Also 4chan X can invoke the Tegaki applet on any board, but that is kind of cheating.

>> No.102932

Haha, peenis.

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