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Is orange man really that bad???

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hes done good bits and bad bits, but now that Hillary isnt running i think hes outlived his usefulness.

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>really that bad
Define "bad". There's no objective standard for "good" and "bad". It depends on what your goals and values are. There are plenty of people who think Trump does very well, among them people who simply find the demented chaos highly entertaining (myself included; thankfully I'm not a burger), people who want America's decline accelerated, people who would gladly abandon constructively achieving policy goals as long as "the other side" is suffering (sado populism along the lines of "u mad, bro?"), people who profit off of Trump, etc, etc.

I wouldn't even say the divide runs along party lines or ideological differences. Plenty of far left people love Trump as their personification of evil. It drives people towards their camp and they would rather have a second Trump term than help elect a centrist moderate to replace him. Sorta like Alex Jones said on election day 2016 that Trump winning was the worst thing that could have happened to him. His livelyhood depended on people hating the Democrats in power.

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I wouldn't say he's the best president but he's probably 3rd or 2nd worse considering Andrew Jackson and Richard Nixon still exist.

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doesn't matter, 200 years from now people will still talk about him just because he was potus.
most epic troll in the history of mankind.

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no hes just surrounded by bad people, you know who im talking about

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300k starting lmao

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>be me getting take out at the Chinese Buffet (BBQ pork rib, buttered shrimp and cream cheese wontons and a root beer)
>Chinese woman who runs the place asks "you want fork?"
>I say "no, this is finger food"
>She laughs hysterically

I'm in love now, /pol/. No woman has ever laughed at anything I've said. What should I do?

Oh, and THumP Trump in 2020

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Damn it. Wrong board.

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You should start stalking her.

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These new Assassin's Creed games are getting a little too close to home. I get crab rangoon everytime.

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Are you there, Lain?

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i can't believe they killed arisu

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Alice, weeb.

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i meant the imageboard but ok retard

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pls pots on [s4s]

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sorry gang, i'm working a bunch of shifts in a row so I can buy a laptop... more oc afterwards...

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Gutsybird is infinitely based for making that comic.

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yuh uh uh i got money i got money i got money
yuh uh uh i got money i got money i got money
*grabs dick*
yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo

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What's the point of this board?

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A fancy esfores for rich and important people

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Shitposting with class.

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Because you touch yourself at night.

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For rich anons to laugh at poorfags

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>Very important Posts
>Nobody can see them

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what do you mean?

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Peasants can see our posts but they can't respond to them, watch this.

Hey poorfags reading this, you're all gay and there's nothing you can do about it.

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no u

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Hello there.

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best mid
best boy

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Veigar has very cute ears!

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this is an very important post, this is the strongest vampire

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No shit dude.

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Kaiki is better

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hey now thats unfair

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I'm anonymous, and I approve of this message.

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What are some savage ways to break up another couple? I promise I have good reason. Social engineering?

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>What are some savage ways to break up another couple?
Encourage their love and wait until one of them dies of sickness or old age.

I'm not really joking. Having seen my mother bury my father in her 40s after he died of cancer - about as savage as it gets. People can't handle random chance. They think it's unfair and start resenting people who have better luck. Seemingly no reason will always be more savage than anything you can engineer.

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When do you since4pass, /vip/? What is the situation where it's appropriate?

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Anons where do u get bitcoins for paypal

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I bought them with paypal in localbitcoins.com

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This is usually when I do it.

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how do you show your pass?

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since4pass, RTFM

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No tricks in the options field this year?
Why the fuck not?

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we didn't get our treats, now it's time for us to roll out the tricks

I'll stop at CVS on the way to work to buy TP

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4chan is so boring now.

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I want to gift a 4chan pass to some anon. I can get his email.

Will that person know my email when I gift him said pass?

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Consult 4chan Customer Service.

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for reals

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they will not see your email

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No but also why?

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Baby maybe bokura wa
Sunshine Kiz

Baby maybe bokura wa
Sunshine KIZ!

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at last

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How do I set up the archive for 4chanX to use? It works on my work PC but not on my home PC so I assume it's just a case of pointing it to the right archive site?

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>work PC

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works automagically.

>work pc
what kind of work is that?

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Many workplaces that focus around office-related PC work have some kind of agreement that allows for minor private use of telephony and internet (that is, as long as it doesn't interfere with regular operations).
In my case, the network admins also like to browse /g/.

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Is this site trustworthy to renew my pass?

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Why does the Yellow Jew mandate buttcoin or other crypto?

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It's not his decision, the credit card jews don't want to do business with him because 4chan scary.

>> No.96485

There are other companies he could use. passget.site was able to do it.

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Yes. Used this to renew my pass. I'm not jumping through the hoops necessary to use crypto garbage.
>mfw passes are fucking broken atm too

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they are asking for it by offering a service related to a banned company by the payment processor, just saying

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What does /vip/ think of Nickelback?

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just because it became a meme to hate them 20 years ago doesnt mean they're not bad

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Not my kind of music.

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I apologize if the question is dumb. So I remember seeing 4chan pass users having the clover icon next to their posts - how do you do this?

t. pass owner

>> No.94121

since4pass in the options field

>> No.94130

there are like 20 threads open, search the catalog ffs

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How do I renew my pass with a credit card. I don't want this streak to end.

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why am i unable to renew with paypal again

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paypal is an evil company that has been unsupported by 4chan for a decade

>> No.95970

it's also haram and non-free.

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this post did not age well

>> No.96675

well, it was posted before wuflu even existed (probably), can't blame.

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Do you think Sonic looks good like this?

>> No.94084 [DELETED]

add eyelashes

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