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Imagine this scenario.
You are chilling somewhere (cafe, park, library, etc.) and you see a girl (completely looksmatched to you) eyeing you down. You hold eye contact with her for a while and she approaches you and you two start chatting.
After 5ish minutes she starts getting touchy, grabs your hand and tells you to come with her. She leads you to a bathroom/her car/any secluded area and begins making out with you and jerking you off a bit. She wants to go back to her place now to fuck.
What do you do? Accept or decline?

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Decline. I just met this bitch and she wants to drain my life force? nty

"Goodbye stupid whore, hope you find stability in your life & not in the form of fucking random guys you just met."

Then I'd go home and jerk off to loli porn.

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>Back off roastie I'm here with my boyfriend

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How's your experiment going, OP

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What does looksmatched mean? I've never seen that word before. My answer to your question depends on the definition of this word.

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I'm still in data collection stage, this is a rather slow board so it'll take a while.

Yes I should have clarified this, my bad.
By looksmatched I mean a person who is neither any better looking than you and neither any worse looking than you.
Imagine a girl/boy who is just as attractive (or just as ugly) as you are. As you can see this is quite subjective, but it has to be that way for the purpose of my experiment.

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>a person who is neither any better looking than you and neither any worse looking than you.
Oh, then no. I'm fairly ugly, but I get by with my winning personality. But if we're going off looks alone, the only girls I'd "looksmatch" with would be really low tier bitches, so I'd have no interest.

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Ironically, I'd have told that bitch to leave me alone long before she puts her hands anywhere near my penis

Unironically, fuck yeah I'd smash
I'm ugly as sin but sex is sex

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