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Link: https://15.adelicenter.eu/contest-photo/488/

Hello everyone ..... I'm Davide and I kindly ask you for a little help! A simple Like on this photo with my brother and Deasy by clicking on it, press the button with your heart to vote.
Only and exclusively in order to win NOT A HOLIDAY, but a 3-week REHABILITATION CYCLE at my ADELI Medical Center rehabilitation healing center on the occasion of their 15 * year of activity.
From today until February 28th I ask you for a Like a day!
Together we can do it!

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your little brother is the real vip hope he gets better and fucks tons of chicks when hes older

i hope he fucks black chicks, white chicks, any kind of chick as long as shes hot

here's to your brother's health

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Did you won

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which one is your cousin and which one is u OP

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Re-read the OP

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