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Is $5 on a $65 bill considered an acceptable tip?

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Why should I pay extra because somebody did their job as expected?

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Ayo hol' up
*smacks lips*
SO you be sayin we can just leave without tippin'???

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yeah, my retarded gf is a server, she says everyone in the restaurant will think ur an asshole but won't say anything, maybe some dumb comment on your way out.

you *could* be an "asshole" if you wanted and just leave, nobody will stop you

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On a related note, how much do you guys tip your landlord? I've been giving 5%, but my friends are telling me it should be 10. Is that right?

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tipping reinforces a failed market.

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>not tipping your shop-clerk
>not tipping your ISP
>not tipping your phone-company
>not tipping your electronics-online-shop
>not tipping your power company
>not tipping your landlord
>not tipping the IRS
>not tipping your gf/wife

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My impression is that a standard tip is 15 %, rounded up to the next dollar. 15 % of 65 $ is 9.75 $, which gets rounded up to 10 $.

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Honestly how much I tip is reflective of how I feel about the service. If you want more money then you're going to have to be really good at your Job. I've tipped 30 bucks for 10 dollar cab rides just because their cab story was good.

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Of course, literally 0% is good enough as a tip, hell i'd even go into the negatives if it wasn't a crime.

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I leave a 15% tip under an inverted glass of water. Make um work for that money

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