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last one got archived

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If anyone can find any more SylvAshe smut, I will forever be in your debt.

It's hard being in Rarepair Hell.

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so which gatekeeper is best?

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does anyone have acceses to an archive or something of EroHm's punishment camp?

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Hey guys, /tg/ tourist here. Can we have a high-quality fantasy art thread going, with orcs, trolls, ogres and what have you? Post whomever you wish to be mercilessly fucked by (and have healthy romantic relationships with later), but let's keep it more masculine and mature. Preferably solo and more erotic, but anything goes!

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If only you knew how good things really are

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What >>2709223 said for the most part.
It all comes down to If it is a snout. Otherwise you should be good so long as none of the butthurts find it and find something to complain about. For the best you may want to always make sure the characters appear over the age of 40 and have a height of at least 6'6" (about two meters) tall or they may try to flag all your stuff as shota to get you banned.

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Pigorcs and more humanoid werewolves are usually OK as long as they don't look like sparklewolf furryshit. Minotaurs might be OK? But definitely check that they look more humanoid and not animal or furry.

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They have snouts. They are monsters! But only at a first glance, right until you get a chance to know them better...

Generally, some fellas you usually encounter deep in a dungeon.

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new thread.
download in comment

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one of the best traits in this game is that you can max out multiple characters and then in the last day you save and watch the ending for each of them, so the number of playthroughs needed is just 2 or 3 and you can have 100% cg in the gallery instead of one playthrough per character as is the usual

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IT would be nice to cuck Thara desu

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I don’t think that CG is used anywhere in the game atm.

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Someone just extract the CG and save us time that we'd had to play this shit to get all of them

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the cgs have been out since day 1...

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This is the place to post your own OCs and even non OC art if you just want to show your skills and ask for help.

Constitutive criticism is encouraged,when asked for it.

>Feel free to talk about your OC's!
>CM is ok if you want to show off your art and OC's
>Requests are for the draw thread,not here

Last thread:

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Not very talkative, unless it is about art n stuff

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Wow this is great, do you have pixiv or twitter?

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Do you take request?

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Finally some tasty fucking food

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not bad! if you got a twitter I'll follow.

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Does anyone have pc link?

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>it's an order catalog

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In this video download the game


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^^^ don't fall for this, it's a scam.

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it worked for me, thanks

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It's a fake adf.ly link, check the address bar. You're probably the same guy who posted the scam link.

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I need more pics of this wonderful boy

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>looking jealously at Ren's cock while the other guy's dick is so big it's sticking out of the water

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please i just want to have some fucking long haired boys

preferably brunette and solo/straight with small girl with black hair :D

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Last one hit the bump limit
Previous threads:

Link to CGs and patreon rewards:

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Does anyone have the actual link? Pc or android pls

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Is there an android version?

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thanks, hopefully it doesnt get shoahed

New download link for PC version 2.1, expires in 7 days:

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nm, I didn't see you could change expiration date, I changed it to 14 days instead

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Hi, someone could gelp me ro get these Naruto nude 3d male models please if someone could share i would appreciate it, the artist is Gnin

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He is the artist if someone could share the Naruto ultra bundle pack i reallyyyy would appreciate it

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Please if someone have the pack share it pls

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Post dick pics first

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I bought an official copy of Dramatical Murder and am having trouble patching it. Did I fuck up? Are you unable to patch the bought version? If anyone knows what the problem is, let me know. Also, DmmD Thread

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unsure if you know but Jast Blue are going to be releasing an official english translation at some point in the future (and presumably an optional uncensor patch), it'll probably be on Steam aswell as DRM free. Same company is releasing Togainu no Chi Lost Blood tomorrow

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The old one died so I am reviving it

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Preferably pics of the pillars

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Just make this about his works

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Does anyone have the new patreon stuff?

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the characters are too good not to lewd

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Hate to break it to ya but shotas aren't allowed on this board

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Anyone got anything from this artist? Twitter was nuked, tag was Kara_Age

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I think the biggest difference between western and eastern media is that the west is preoccupied with pinups and spectacle while the east is all about drama.

There's a visual novel jam going on in March. The 5th year of NaNoRenO on itch.io. The turn out is usually fair, much higher than BaraJam. But I've notice a characteristic of a majority of entries feature external -non social- conflicts. That is they lack drama or any kind of emotional relativity.
A general impression would be a story about a character in a desolate environment and they're really stoic about their circumstances. Compared to a character on a plane full of hysterical people.

I see this in porn as well. Without mentioning any name, again, these are broad paint strokes. It's like the sex (in western media) is consensual, instinctual, maybe even accidental. Fundamental. Often ending in a sex positive one-night stand and a promise of a call back. The sex was good but there's nothing between the characters.
Which is very different from rape, fucking your best friend's dad, taboo incest, accidentally sending nudes to the wrong person resulting in black mail. Getting caught in public. You know. Drama.

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Quoted By: >>2708387


This is the first time someone says the reality of all in what we often like, follow, reblog, worship.
On my whole life haven't read something like this.
Kudos for you, for actually know what you are talking.


Nobody will read it, because and I think "you already know why".

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Like, it was better if they walk away with inflated egos and live off a diet of aphorisms like "judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree..."
But the thing is, they were able to climb the tree.

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Case and point

Here we have individuals that have imposed themselves in a topic. They're not here to contribute to the topic, they're here tear it apart. Because they think they're bigger than it. Like a Sadistic Kaiju.
At least that's what they want to do. But I'm sure you can see the fallacy of "I don't understand, but you're wrong" or "your point doesn't exist if I can't see it". Their motivation is an open book.

Have you ever looked at Macro Porn and wondered what was "sexy" about humping a building? This goes back to sadism and how sadists are often depicted with a mental disability. They desire to be part of society, and the thing framing society is civilization. The cities, the architecture. But sadly there's no niche for them. But making a big commotion generates the same attention. What they want is not to be ignored.

The lack of self-awareness compounds poor expression. Like the Ghostboy & Diablo comic fails to lay the ground work to make Diablo's Mitosis a significant event. My friend writing the Kaiju fiction fails outline the significance of a kaiju destroying his own reflect in a tower building. It has his face, but it's not his "point". Perhaps it's confirmation bias, or pretension, that takes the context of the story for granted.

We know Godzilla represents nuclear fallout because the story frames with dialogue of atomic bomb tests in the beginning.
We know Pacific Rim represent the threat of global warming, because that kaiju are categorized like hurricanes, getting bigger and more frequent.

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There's some verbal irony in identifying the "petit a" of a Macro Fetish.
But there's is challenges in laying the foundations of a Macro Fetish Drama that ends in a giant fuck everything up.

In Monsters Vs Aliens, the unity of action (Aristotle's Poetics) surrounding the giant woman is that it started with her wedding day. She was figuratively a big deal before she was a literal big deal.

How you'd spin that for an erotica drama is a challenge. If we assume the drama ends with a giant nutting over a city. How do you formulate the beginning? What is the framework? The "petit a"? If you're working with a sadistic character then that's easy. They want to be the "petit a", the candy
wrapper. The face on the billboard selling a product. Or more abstractly, the giant with their "produce" everywhere.

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Where are these from ?

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No, but they do mention male brothels exist. You get payed more if you swing both ways.

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dropping this here, i just LOVE cyclops boys and i wish that receptionist got more love

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By Burankoprn

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File: 718KiB, 924x1150, chrim_half_size.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Drew some Chrim stuff that is male focused

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Quoted By: >>2707568 >>2707571

this place is full of fags, i love it.

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>this place is full of fags
are you referring to /y/ or KoF?

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nice tits

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Read any good BL recently? Drop your recs and read along here!

Rec pastebin:

Seven Seas Licensing Survey:

Bonus questions:
>What do you think of female characters in BL? Who are the best and worst?

Previous thread:

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Quoted By: >>2709457

Ah shit, don't tell me that... I literally bought it last night... Going to read it now, will come back with opinions

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Quoted By: >>2709587 >>2709589

It starts off really great and funny, so I don't regret my purchase. Plus, I owe Fumikawa a few bucks from all the joy Kawaii Obaka-kun and her threesome manga have given me.

>> No.2709508

>Using a tiny font? Saying I love you? You gotta be more clear than that.
Redrawn dicks. What else

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I kind of agree with you, anon but... I loved it. It was one of the better things I've read recently. Even when it went into the misunderstandings plot... That scene where they're watching the movie holding hands, both of them knowing that they don't have friendly intentions? It felt very natural. The sexual tension was great. The only thing that was weird to me was how it had all felt very realistic until the sex, especially what with the point of view swapping between them in each chapter... But then they still went straight for the anal. I'd have preferred a blowjob attempt, frotting, basically a real-feeling teenage fumble. I'm not one of the "muh realism" fags usually but with this one the anal genuinely felt out of place to me.

Iida is also a big mood

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File: 140KiB, 677x678, Screenshot_20200226-214202_mh1582756597871_mr1582756960705.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I kind of agree with you, anon but... I loved it. It was one of the better things I've read recently. Even when it went into the misunderstandings plot... That scene where they're watching the movie holding hands, both of them knowing that they don't have friendly intentions? It felt very natural. The sexual tension was great. The only thing that was weird to me was how it had all felt very realistic until the sex, especially what with the point of view swapping between them in each chapter... But then they still went straight for the anal. I'd have preferred a blowjob attempt, frotting, basically a real-feeling teenage fumble. I'm not one of the "muh realism" fags usually but with this one the anal genuinely felt out of place to me.

Iida is also a big mood

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Read any good BL recently? Drop your recs and read along here!

Rec pastebin:

Seven Seas Licensing Survey:

Bonus questions:
>What do you think of female characters in BL? Who are the best and worst?

Previous thread:

>> No.2707288

Please reply to this post to ask for things to be added or removed from the rec pastebin!
>anime, VNs, and fan doujin are allowed

Also, the pastebin is starting to get VERY long.
>Have you ever used it?
>Would you like to see it split into multiple pastes?
>Do you have any other suggestions for reorganizing it?

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Does anyone have those Monthly Manful games from Humplex? And even better, did anyone back up the gaynovelist website that made them more engaging and customizable?

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Quoted By: >>2709537

I still remember this oldy web,it has pretty alot of em

>> No.2709533

huh well how about that. Figured he just disappeared off the face of the earth.

>> No.2709537

oh sorry u guys already posted that

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Quoted By: >>2709576

I did say I had trouble. You open Index.html in a browser that can handle Flash or won't otherwise block the content. Do tell me if you get it working, I tried Firefox, Edge, even Internet Explorer, nothing doing.

>> No.2709576

I tried Edge, Explorer and Chrom. in explorer and edge it gives me just gray screen. in chrom it wrote "loading..." but nothing happened

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Quoted By: >>2707397 >>2707407


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>> No.2707336

Worked on the second half of season 4 of RAM, you freaks are going to get a kick out of ep 406

>> No.2707363

I have to admit, that title is golden.

I swear I woke someone up from how hard I laughed at it.

>> No.2707397

>chest scars

this board isn't for straight porn, bud

>> No.2707405

Why would you read that shit if you're not even able to read the rules of /y/
transsexual fetishists can't read

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I know this shit is outside the board rules not even mentioning this isn't fucking /r/ and I know I'll hate it but I'm so curious about the fucking sauce as well

File: 145KiB, 850x626, 78E86310-A757-42E3-BE6D-46C426A5F1AD.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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Or money on patreon

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Thank for the salsa, anon.

>> No.2708570
Quoted By: >>2708801 >>2709254

There was none. OP is a fag.

>> No.2708801

That explains a lot.

>> No.2709254

The thread's premise is actually good because it's a way to discover other styles they might not know about. But I think most people don't really follow or know the artists of the pictures they like (or just don't care), so it would be hard for this to work

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yeah its only on privatter

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